French Election Thread

Be honest Sup Forums, what are the chances of this woman uncucking France?

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Not gonna happen.

0\10^10000 as the retards from the normal right wing will vote for the libtard if she is against them

None whatsoever.

It's a lock

Fillon said that France is no supposed to be multicultural.

Now the medias are mad.

Don Fillon is the man.

Fillon is falling
The left is divided hardcore
A year ago I'd have told you she already lost
But today she got a shot

>what are the chances of this woman uncucking France?

Literally none. She won't win the first round, and the FN is so corrupt the party is basically done.

France today:

See how much of the lyrics you can decipher.

Don't listen to the retards here, there is a chance. Not a yuge chance but she still has a shot, she only needs to git gud

>Concern trolling

>Don Fillon is the man.

No, he's going to resign from his candidacy because of all the scandals around his wife's "job" at the parliament

The mudslime flags show enough.

Fuck off, this stupid cunt will lose and France will stay liberal and intelligent, instead of conservative and retarded.

she has a shot anybody who said otherwise including the french dont know what theyre taling about.

she has about 25% chance of winning

Je vote FN

She's a proven coal burner, though that will probably only improve her voter turnout

She will win the First Round

The second round though, I'd give it a 25% because seriously, what the fuck is wrong with your shit France

Remember all those times Trump had a 1% chance to win?


I never thought Brexit or Trump would happen, but here we are. Don't let us down, Frenchbros.


She won't win. The FN is done and Fillon is done. The next president of France will be Macron aka France's Trudeau.

It's happening. Don't listen to polls, papers, MSM. When she wins expect riots, expect attacks, it'll get personal too. Be prepared op

Don't worry Sean McGuinness.

Penelope Fillon will do a fine Welsh first lady.

no he won't.

>this is what white people in France are voting for


Pick one. Women are programmed to cuck men and by extension society

The French have never gotten freedom right. It is always a perversion of freedom, a fake revolution.

I don't even like Le Pen but she represents a more honest enlightenment and course-correction than the French have ever made before.

Sadly, I don't think it's in them. They will cuck out like always.

You know when Hitler invaded you had French commies working on behalf of the Nazis and subjugating their own citizens, because they thought it was better to help Uncle Joe's friend at the time. And then after the war the communists were still a sizable political party for many years. That's how fucked and screwed up the French are. The nation is totally fucked forever because of it.

communists were a sizable political party everywhere in Europe bar the UK in the decade following the post-war.

>posting already debunked shit

Petite pute. VoilĂ  ce qu'il t'attend.

Well I thought Trump would get raped by Clinton but he won by a large margin. So who knows.

African Muslim niggers living on the streets in Paris in plague proportions Intelligent?


I hope the coalition doesn't happen.
I want Le pen to grab power in France and start deporting mudslimes, that would be fucking amazing.

I'm ready for Hollande 2.0 tbqh.

Can't wait for the gay scandals to break out senpai


France history started in 496 with the baptem of Clovis.

A few important parts of French History:

-Charles Martel hunts mohametans.
-Charlemagne hunts pagans
-Division between his grand children.
-Henry IV
-1789 ?
-Napoleon's return in 1815
-Bismarck: muh Alsace-Lorraine.
-Africa adventures and "Entente Cordiale"
-Nicolas Hulot: The house is on fire while we look at the lake or something along these lines.

Fucking retard lmao

>700 years gap between charlemagne and Henri IV (conveniently forgetting Marignan)
>Louis XV instead of Louis XIV

If Le Pen does not win this time, it's over forever

Louis XV personality created a pivotal moment.

Louis XIV just wanted to watch the stars and shit.
Ah and brush his teeth.


France was "saved" by a woman.
Then they killed her to avoid getting cucked.

>She wins first round and then is blocked
>Geert wins and also gets cucked
>Germany finds someone worse than Merkel

Europe is fucked

Get on your plebbit accounts and upboat this. We're gonna counteract the dislike spam lads.

See you in another timeline, old friend.

odds are 9/4 according to books

Not the Muslim ones no.

If singles, she will win.

This has been in some news outlets. How big a help is this to Le Pen ?

They can't stop us.

It is helpful. A lot of retired right wing people were about to vote Fillon.
In case of Le Pen / Macron scenario, they might go for Le Pen.

If homosexuality of Macron is proven (wikileaks say they have (bad) stuff about Macron, then his image of the perfect nice boy could crash.

Add another happening on top of this, and Le Pen might win.


Looks just like swedish "gangster" rap, just a bit better edited.

if singles she will not win