>“As we know, there’s, since 2000, been a couple dozen suspicious deaths of journalists in Russia who came out against the government there,” Tur reminded the Senator before unscrupulously suggesting Trumps distaste for the media would escalate, “Donald Trump has made no secret about going after journalists and his distaste for any news that doesn’t agree with him here. Do you find that this is a dangerous path he is heading down?”


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It's funny because Hillary was the one having people killed.

That is the most loaded question I have heard this year and I spend a lot of time on kikebook.

Katy Tur's father is a ugly tranny. She has no father figure. Trump has spanked her in a couple interviews. Or at least the most notable one from Trump Tower.

Trump is her father figure. She hates it but it is true.

Her granny father is the same tranny that treatened to beat up are Benji Shapiro.


i think trump mind broke katy turd

Never forget

You know what the most shocking thing about these retards is, once you finally meet some of them? It's that they turn out to be so fucking stupid, that they actually believe a lot of the propaganda they're instructed to spew. They're way more like actors than journalists or analysts with any kind of expertise, or background requiring critical thought.

They're the pretty sority stacy or frat chad you knew growing up, who was dumb as dirt but popular because of who their family was, or because they were a nice piece of ass. This is what happens to them when they grow up: they become puppets for the propaganda theater, and never realize what role they play in the system. They believe in the propaganda more than the idiots at home watching them.

I wish a nigga would


yeah crazy

i would never advocate such a thing

journalists are decent moral human beings who aren't actually part of a massive propaganda network designed by the elites to control the thinking of the populace

The left has been in the business of murdering members of the right media since the dawn of dildos

They are nothing more than empty vessels making other people's noise. "Pretty" faces meant to influence and coerce people subconsciously into one calculated train of thought. Ever notice they always pick attractive young women who all look identical on all these networks?

>kill journalists
Fuck man, I wish.

>"Let's just make shit up" - Sup Forums

God I hope so

I wasn't aware a legitimate concern was now the same thing as insanity.

Must be nice believing in a leader who hates the first amendment


That's a funny way to spell Bannon.

>a couple dozen suspicious deaths

I remember only Politkovskaya. And it was back in 2006.

Tur has been telling lies the entire time.

>Ever notice they always pick attractive young women who all look identical on all these networks?
Yeah, there are cookie cutter types you start to notice after a while, for all the various demographics the network wants to influence. That's why the two bulldykes on MSNBC look like they were squeezed out of the same incubation chamber.

Business as usual then.

>greentexting quotes

Crazy liberal eyes

okey dokey. but where's the dead journalist?

Human trafficking rings (i.e. pizza-gate) are being busted all over right now and it would be shocking if some of the left's favorite reporters are connected.

This whole Nazi and coup narrative that the left are pushing is nothing more the preemptive damage control for when the liberal elite start being arrested. It's going to be a total shit show and Sup Forums will be hooting and hollering from the side lines.

>Killing Journalists

I fully support this policy.

Funny how the journalist profession has lost so much credibility over such a short period of time. It used to be the journalists that fought for the revelation of truth no matter the danger to them, now it's all about who can spin the best lies for a paycheck.

yes, absolutely, they belong in coffins.


We can only hope

>Katy Tur
>Taking this blonde bimbo seriously

Do you guys seriously think that this hottie was hired because of her expertise? She got her ass handed to her when she interviewed Trump in 2015 and has been butthurt ever since.

I'm really curious as to who actually believes them anymore after they made such fools of themselves in the election (aside from virtue signaling liberals on college campuses, and California).

I's just so transparent and obvious the damage control they're doing to try and vindicate themselves from this unsalvageable task of repairing their ruined reputations

Katy Tur hates Trump so much she despises him

>Calling him Donald Trump instead of President Trump

disrespectful bitch should be the first against the wall

>she probably browses Sup Forums


>Trump is her father figure.
she is obviously sexually obsessed with him
>many such cases!

Be nice


Nah she wants the D

Another insane media Jew projecting Jew "tyrant" fantasies and peddling them to the goyim.

her and many other journalists belong in coffins.

Tell that to Vince Foster. Have a (you)

One of the most beautiful love stories ever told

Not nice user

And it works. And they'll keep pushing further than this. Things will get much more ridiculous than this.

One day they'll make 1984 look like a joke.

See and Not a journalist, just a UN official.

>And it works
Does it? Didn't your government recently get exposed for being controlled by Shamans? I think the systems of control are crumbling due to rampant mental illness and low IQs in elite circles.

Isn't that the girl that did a loaded interview with him during the election?

>"Oh no he scolded me once on professionalism, he'll probably kill me down the line"

Of course he's going to kill journalists if they stick to these mental gymnastics and self fulfilling prophecies

>he doesn't know that his world view is artificial, and because of that, separated from his roots and history
>he doesn't know that in order to make man animal, all the separating conditions are systematically being erased
>he doesn't know that the rulers wanted to be immune to the change

They're shitting themselves. And going to be creating false flag accusations to prevent people from knowing about PIZZAGATE and the people involved being locked up for their pedo rings
Pedo rings!

We're not that lucky.

Katy turd in an oven would be big league ratings TV

>I'm a strong indepedent woman who can be just like a man!
>Oh my god this mean man attacked my integrity! I'm not going to take responsibilities for my poor ethics and instead victimize myself