I shilled for Trump but WTF is this shit?


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Whatever it is, it's fine by me

who cares

Take it up with trudeau, leaf

You wanted Refugees, you get them Canada. Be thankful these are from the US.

>From America

America isn't even a warzone???

Has anyone even actually confirmed that Manitoba exists?

Thanks canada


We need to get on that!

>Take it up with trudeau
This. If he isn't too busy

The big empty space between Alberta and Ontario? Nothing but Chugs who wont take kindly to competition for gibsmedats

the guy went from somalia or sudan or smth to brazil and went through like 20 countries before claiming asylum in canada

fucking send him BACK

I recommend building a wall. Have Mexico pay for it, they love paying for walls.

>2 dozen


>refugees fleeing america due to MSM fearmongering

Love Canada but your leftists annoy me with the whole 'oh were not as racist as they are in the states' even though you guys have like no negros...let those smug cunts learn from their own mistakes I say and add fuel towards ousting Trudeau.

Daily reminder to my fellow countrymen: ignore all posts with a leaf flag.

So many subhumans now, it's overwhelming.

>be purebred american nigger
>walk across the canadian border
>act retarded like you don't speak english
>get gibsmedats from cucknadia

Haha Trump is flushing the toilet of USAmerica into its hat.





these are "Passthrough" refugees

they get refugee status in the US, then migrate to canada for bonus gibsmedats

betcha they will still try to collect refugee assistance $ from the US while the canadians are sucking their cocks and helping mustafa mount canadian wives


Maybe you should build some sort of linear structure on the border?

i can't wait for the niggers and abos to start killing each other

Ontario excludes foreign welfare payments from income when getting welfare. They actively encourage people to do this so they will spend the foreign welfare money here.

wtf i love our media now

So not lena Dunham and co, then?



This is where they cross

Robbery and murder is up, we should probably call the cops

>"We are part of the Canadian people"

We wuz maples n canucks n sheit

Thank you Canada, best ally, for taking these people off our hands. It is truly appreciate.

There will be many more to come.


build a wall

hahahahaha, Trudeau even invited the illegal spics into Canada too! Now you'll be receiving anyone who can waddle across the northern border too, enjoy your influx of (former) basketball-Americans and Tumblrinas leafs!

apparently not getting welfare is enough to make you a refugee, liberals seem to think brown people have a human right to free money and medical care.

why are they waving their garbage ass flag when they abandoned their country

do they have an iq of like 70 or something?

Holy shit. Niggers voluntarily leaving the US? And as a bonus its triggering leafs?


HEADLINE of Drudge was "Refugees Self Deport"

At first I was all like Yeahhh!! .. and then I was all like, FUCK!!!



Trudy-poo should be full mast by now

You faggots asked for it. 10 FEET HIGHER

I actually just Googled your border fence, that's one impressive fence

This is fantastic!! Thanks for taking the burden, you fucking leafs.

lol, fuck you

>occupy democrats tier meme

I've got a great idea.

From now on, we just drive illegal immigrants to the northern border, point at the nearest Canadian town and tell them how to get there.

It'll be great. We can export cultural enrichment to Canada and they'll love every minute of it.

>even though you guys have like no negros

I can confirm, Canada is very white outside of shitskin disaster zones like Toronto, and our dindus mostly came though merit based immigration not as slaves

its the same effect as new England or Washington state, places that are very white and bombarded by (((holywood))) and (((msm))) multicult propaganda fall for it because they never have to experience living with subhumans


Fuck, the last time I went to Manitoba, the border guards called my place of work, to make sure I didn't plan on staying there.

Canada is below 70% white now
And most of these rural areas are fucking disasters of trash, drug abuse, no jobs, etc

They're illegal refugees. America denied their claims. They are fleeing cause they are illegal.
Good thing canadians love to pay. Its a privilege to be canadian eh?

I never wanted refugees fucking mudslim can go die in their own shithole i don't give a shit.


This. Enjoy it Canada you chose this.

Wow who coulda saw that comin'!

Yeah, I hear you. Hopefully they push it over the edge sooner rather than later until people get fed up.

Just throw them all at Nunavut. They'll have fun with the eskimos.

Yeah, that's why you're taking them in.

Sorry you got them I'd move down to the US but I bet you'd start voting leftist policies in to create more Canadian values.

Police your borders. Bitch at Trudont

They go to wherever the gibs are.


>wtf what are all these refugees doing here? I don't like this at all!

Germany II: Maple Boogaloo

Set them adrift

So any darkie that wants free gibs is now a 'refugee' in Canada?

Trump might have just solved the USA's negro problem.

Canada is a nation of immigrants.
You don't hate Canada, do you?

>hurr durr rural people suck

go fuck yourself you urbanite faggot, every small town has a few meth head failures, but you are delusional if you don't think 99% of the degeneracy in Ontario is in the GTA

These are refugee CHILDREN we will call the UN on you if you do not accept these people

How the fuck are we supposed to get Rosie Odonald over there??? I was thinking Semi Trailer but maybe a Garbage Truck would be more suitable. Would a Cargo Helecopter also be a possibility??

I'm reading the comments section and I can't believe my eyes. Almost every post is against letting them in, this is not something I would expect on the CBC.

Better Canada than the US, sorry leaf.

Wouldn't work mate, they may be letting refus in, but they have strict dairy cattle import laws

They're waking up. Mad Max for PM.

>countdown to 'Comments have been disabled on this article' begins

please warn me next time you post a picture of a rotting corpse

At least I can always move north if Southern Ontario gets too shit, chinks and nigs will never stray too far from the urban belts.

Only problem is that the further north you go the more abo camps start popping up.

No more mass african and middle eastern migration to the west

>mfw eventually Canada builds a wall and pays for it themselves, but its too late by then

"Time for a conservative candidate to declare...We're gonna build a wall and make the US pay for it"

Fucking kek...

But if you read the threads about Trump they still hate him for the Muslim ban... moral: everyone loves third-world barbarians except in their own backyard.



You fags should hurry up and build my wall in the south of Mexico before is too late.

everyones a refugee these days


thirty three thirty or fight!!

That's why I get as many hits in as I can quickly when commenting on the Cbc.ca. Still get about 15-20% of my posts deleted though.

We set down on this road together bros. Embrace the chaos user, it is the only path. Become the shitlord leafland needs right now.

Dude I've been calling this for months.

We are headed for a Europe 2.0 situation

>Trudeau meets with Soros after Trump wins the republican nomination
>Trudeau then meets with the President of Mexico and lifts visa requirements on Mexican nationals allowing for freer movement into Canada from the US

When the Americans start rounding up Mexicans million of them are going to head North to Canada.

We're basically fucked if we don't remove Trudeau ASAP

Is funny how everyone thought that Mexicans were going to flood Canada when in fact is niggers from murica going for the gibs.

they are problem

>our dindus mostly came though merit based immigration
No, most came as refugees.

Good. We will gladly take western Canada into our fold. We can use the refugees to feed hungry wildlife across the tundra.

You don't like like illegals crossing your border? Join the club.

Looks like US you will need a second wall

OP forgot that trump is only president of united states and not the entire continent of america

"act" retarded

Give Trudeau a break; he's still recovering from being dissected alive by this kid: