ITT: Horseshoe theory

ITT: Horseshoe theory

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>Red and green are the same because they are colours.
Ky retard

Thanks OP. Just reminded me that the Warhammer Total War is on humble bundle right now.

>colours aren't the same thing

Islam wasn't too kind to that piece of shit peninsula.

day of the rake

Warhammer 40k is just memeing.
Lord of the Rings is shit though.

>Lord of the Rings is shit though.

Holy fuck, just range ban AUstralians. You guys are terrible at shitposting now.

To be fair, Warhammer gets injected into the topic for all boards as fun shitpost.

I never seen someone on Sup Forums use LOTR.

>what is a metafora.
By the way.
>6.00$ have been deposited in your bank account.

Warhammer sucks

Battletech is better.

Stupid, dumb, bogan scum!

Do you even know what colours are?

>Not knowing what a metafora is.
>changing the topic.
Is the horseshoe theory ridiculous, yes or no, no other option.


Except that never happens

Kek, saved

>tfw he doesn't even have a Battletech folder
What sort of rock are you living under to believe Battletech is in any way better?

trash for children
patrician material for high brow adults only

I've never seen anyone do this here but I see the first one all the time

oh shit, now I know this too.

Thanks for the thread OP.

it's under the monthly subs

only city people should be allowed to vote

But I've never used either. I don't even know what warhammer 3000 is.


ive literally only seen history references here

Leafs should be banned. People that post in their threads and don't sage should be shot.

its true though

t. Assembly of the Plebs

>not 'moving' to russia for all year discounts