Why does the left and SJWs hate meritocracy?

Why does the left and SJWs hate meritocracy?

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because in an ethical world they cant compete

Because their only marketable skill is being outraged at absolutely nothing at the drop of a hat

Because they can't do shit themselves.

because they have no merit

as opposed to...? you're not implying conservatives are for meritocracy

Because smoking weed isn't a merit.

Because losing feels bad.

how much are (((they))) paying you, shill?

meritocracy is the ruling principle of the liberal bolshevik brainwashing college institutions, they get all the brightest kids and grind their braincells degree after degree until they are good democrat goys.

They fail to understand that poor people are generally poor of their own volition.

Granted, it really is a lack of opportunity for some these days, job market is shrinking fast. Some midwest rural hick would probably have a really tough time making his way to college.

Not ghetto niggers though, they have no excuse.

Because unless there is something to complain about, they cease to exist.

because it's a myth

They have different definitions of "merit"..basically they don't count being a rich kid who has had everything handed to you in life as "merit" they also don't count using military force and subversion to destroy other nations a "merit" either
Really compels contemplation

It is the complete opposite, the left wing believes in meritocracy as long as everyone has the same opportunities since the day they are born.

If two kids are being raised with equal opportunities in life and only one of them strives and achieves his goal the other one does not deserve anything for he had as much chance to make a living as the other one.

Yet if two women want to become actresses but only one of them comes from a wealthy family with a lot of connections then there are no equal opportunities for success.

middle-class elitism

>left and meritocracy are not compatible

>as long as everyone has the same opportunities since the day they are born.
And since this is absolutely impossible to achieve without literally cloning all humans from the same person and putting them all in a blank slate society, it's useless to think of it this way

>be a skilled tradesman
>unfortunately live in the south
>work 50-60 hrs per week
>my wages are still borderline poverty
And before you say I should have just gone to college for IT or some shit--people like me are absolutely necessary for a functioning society. There is a huge shortfall in skilled workers and if the deportations start it will be even worse. Industrial systems cannot be assembled and maintained by unskilled idiots either, it takes years to develop a craft. So why should I have to struggle to provide for myself and my family so much? my work is skilled and necessary but it doesn't have merit? Fuck that.

Wrong, the left only cares about equal outcome, not equal oppurtunity, which is why they claw and drag down anyone more successful than they are.
The only way to avoid this is to devote yourself to their cult fully, mind body and soul.

So how come affirmative actions benefits wealthy blacks over poor whites?

If this was really about equal opportunity, policies should take income into account, yet they're all race-based.

You're full of shit.

>why do commies and liberal arts majors hate organizations where contributions matters?


pick one

>You're full of shit.
Not me, the false "left wing" that does not believe in equal opportunity.

I work an extremely blue collar job for shit wages myself. I do think it's absurd that jobs supporting infrastructure aren't paid half as much as worthless fluff jobs like social media marketers and garbage like that.

Hopefully we'll get a tax plan that allows our employers to sweeten the deal and raise wages to where people would actually want to study and do more blue collar work for a living. As for me, I'm looking for the next ride out of town

Strict meritocracy reveals differences between groups. It also leaves one's success or failure up solely to the individual. It's incompatible with leftist ideology which holds all groups to be inherently equal in capability and thus has no way to explain away discrepancies in achievement when the playing field is truly level.

One of the reasons why Singapore is so ridiculously successful is because it's an incredibly strict meritocracy combined with the fact that they have accepted the proposition that people *aren't* equal, and they don't try to make them equal through redistribution. They just make sure everyone has a fair shot and the resources they need, should they decide to take advantage of them.

semi related, founding father of Singapore:

>It is the complete opposite, the left wing believes in meritocracy as long as everyone has the same opportunities since the day they are born.
And the only way to gauge whether it is, is by the results. So you must uplift the underperforming (incapable or unwilling) while hamstringing the "overperforming" groups until their results are equal. Not only is it unjust, discriminating against individuals for the sake of balancing groups' aggregate performance, it's not in the least meritocratic, and it's the polar opposite of what's economic when you divert resources from the people with the greatest potential towards those with the least.

It is on every level both morally wrong and stupid.

When leftists think about the world, they think about it like a landscape they are running their hand over and feeling.

In their thoughts, they want nothing to stand out. Nothing must stand out in the landscape, their mental thoughts must be entirely smooth.

Gender divisions stand out. Sex divisions stand out. Age divisions stand out. Any difference stands out. They want spiritual, ethereal, physical, complete "equality" - in the sense of uniformity.

Something will have to be done. Around half of my coworkers are undocumented from Mexico etc. they get around it by working through temp agencies. Anyway there aren't a lot of solid white men doing the work, and it is because they're not even offering a living wage. Either way I'm proud of what I do and I like it; I just think it should be valued more by the idiots who are completely dependent upon it.

Without a shitload of illegals, those social media marketers would have to push up your salary to get someone to do your job.

because they can't get gud

Came to post this.
Well done.

because they are unable to perform and want to level the playing field so they always win. this is why they hate sports, they cannot compete. they are excessive humans that are unfit for life.

Because in a meritocracy they would be forced to work and improve themselves.

Also, they know that genetics play a major part in how someone turns out. Its them admitting that humans are inherently different and that nature is unfair and unequal.

Form a union. That's what they are for.

If your job is really as important as you think it is and you actually aren't getting paid enough then force your employers to pay you more or threaten to quit en masse.

If you don't want to do that one of two things will happen. 1. Your employer will hire someone else proving you actually aren't that valuable
2. They will cave in and reduce the profits they pocket


They're marxists and want the same rewards as everyone else without putting the effort in to attain them.

The leftists would say that a meritocracy is only fair if people are competing on equal grounds, which they deny is currently happening.

For example, you could imagine if college admissions were solely based on SAT scores.

In liberal goggles:

>white student
>two doting PhD parents with infinite resources and free time
>no worries or struggles
>private SAT tutor + prep course
>scores 2100

>black student
>broken home
>mom never even finished high school
>no money for tutors
>surrounded by drugs and violence
>no free time to study, has to work sixteen jobs to help raise 15 half-siblings
>scores 2080 on SAT

Is it fair to admit the white student in this hypo because the SAT score was 20 points higher?

Actually if they did deport the illegals the down time created would be so bad that medium to large sized companies would lose their contracts and go bankrupt while big multinational companies from the North would come in and buy it up, I doubt they would offer a fair wage if the working man had little other choice. Deportation like this is anti free market. If no white people want to work why should we not be allowed to hire who we want? It's the north trying to cannibalize the south yet again. Don't think you would know much about that Norse bro.

Probably because of all the small loans of a million dollars.

Unions are bullshit political pawns. Besides the illegals would never join. A union of one man is kind of useless.

>Why does the left and SJWs hate meritocracy?

Why do Trumpfags say this and then support somebody like Devos?
Are they all massive hypocrites?

P-P-P-Plutocracy - do do doesn't exist.

Government education just leads to indoctrination just look at all the SJW's.

Why do neoliberal crony capitalists claim we're living in a meritocracy?


you didnt answer the question

If you can get replaced that easily you aren't that valuable.

Because they conceptualize themselves and everyone around them as products of their environment, rather than as independent beings with agency. They're seeking equality of outcome and not equality of opportunity because they're lazy and they assume that if their circumstances were different, they'd be ahead in life when in reality they'd still be the same pieces of shit they always were.

They mostly have a feminine perspective, very emotional and idealistic with undercurrents of utter ruthlessness. If you don't agree with them they'd gladly see you dead. They've been taught through public education that inclusivity and multiculturalism is moral good. It's like, people on the right just think leftists are wrong, whereas leftists think they are good and anyone right of them is evil. And that any actions taken against this perceived evil is justified.

Kind of their fault for basing their business model on illegal hiring practices

I do wish we could abolish minimum wage to make this a non-issue, but this would probably cause libshits to collectively lose their minds.


The thing is I can't. It is very difficult to replace me and yet wages aren't going up. I make a competitive wage for this region (around 45k before taxes) but that is not even a statistical "living wage". What's funny is I make more than a high school teacher down here and they have a really strong union.

You're assuming no one would want to work when the reality is white, documented workers just can't compete with dirt cheap Mexican labor. Why hire a teenager to clean pools for 10 bucks an hour and have to offer worker's comp and pay taxes on payroll when Jose will do it for 5 bucks, no taxes or benefits?

Abolishing the minimum wage would be Terrible; it would turn most of the us into a third world shit show. How is being a NEET you retard?
>muh law and order
People should be able to hire whoever they want. The policy of denying these people work visas is a way to make big companies even bigger and more powerful. The Trump doctrine is really the climax of Reperations. Fucking New York Kike lovin carpet bagged.

This, especially in tech fields. Why hire a white IT guy for your call center who knows what he's worth when you can literally wire people over to an Indian who you can pay less than a fifth of what you'd pay the white guy?

The Mexicans work for the same wages as me. Even with all the illegals there is around a 2 million man short fall in the mechanical trades alone. The reality is people have looked down on manual labor so long that white people are actually too pussy to do it. Cultural corporatism at work.

>black student

protection of personal interests

meritocracy means those who are most capable, prosper and rule

they are not the most capable, they are in fact the least capable

therefore, in order to protect their interests (being not starving to death for being shit at everything they do) they demand diversity quotas, affirmative action etc. etc.

>liberals have looked down on manual labor so long that they are actually too pussy to do it

Fixed that for you, bud. Why learn a trade or work landscaping when mommy and daddy will pay for you to go to sleep-away camp for adults for four years and study how having a pee-pee doesn't really mean you're a boy?

They're not. Leftist ideas are based on slave morality, the idea that the characteristics that make a person successful are "evil".

It does not matter how success is achieved. The fact that one group is successful and another is not is enough to justify leftist hatred of the successful group.

>The reality is people have looked down on manual labor so long that white people are actually too pussy to do it. Cultural corporatism at work.

And while a lot of this has to do with technological changes and the 'corporatization of America,' mass third-world immigration has encouraged this culture change.

We dont live in a meritocracy though

>Abolishing the minimum wage would be Terrible; it would turn most of the us into a third world shit show
I thought you were for free markets? Why do you support employers being forced to pay workers more than they're worth?
And on the other end, it creates inflation, cost of living increases and forces domestic workers out of a job. The only reason we even have it is because the government is hungry for more income tax.

>People should be able to hire whoever they want
Not if the people being hired are able to receive government benefits paid for by taxes that I'm paying and they aren't.


Because they have little merit

Because private schools generally have better standards and education than public schools. She supports those.

I said it was through liberal goggles

>Implying only liberals can be privileged shitheads
You're wrong

They just pick good little mind slaves and boost their scores with AA.
Most university students are not smart. They believe they are smart.

>you pay taxes
Yeah right kid.
>minimum wage causes inflation
Try again sweetie; inflation is determined by a lot of different market forces. Should we abolish all of them?

>illegals getting benefits
They actually don't. The temp service system side steps that by making them independent contractors. They can't even get their tax returns.
I actually work with these people and it's a lot different than you think. Papa trump is serving the oligarchs of infrastructure and industry and doing away with competition. NEETs like you and the rest of the alt right bag boys won't notice until it's too late.

Because they believe it to be just as unfair as an aristocracy.

Competition inherently produces unequal results.

You create your own merit.

Because it inevitably gets eroded and corrupted in the long run of imperialistic reality.

>Yeah right kid
I'm the first guy you started talking to in case you haven't checked the IDs

>inflation is determined by a lot of different market forces. Should we abolish all of them?
Don't deny that minimum wage is one of them. And yeah, we should probably get rid of the Fed while we're at it. That's one of the other big ones.

>The temp service system side steps that by making them independent contractors.
Most of them are likely doing this outside of the workplace. Probably using a fake social security and birth certificate to claim federal unemployment and healthcare.

white men win too much

Because they're worthless sacks of shit.

This, they get outcompeted HARD.


Cause they have shit merits