Liberal Hellhole Thread

Post about the liberal hellhole you live in and how much it sucks

>Austin, Texas - the liberal stronghold of Texas
>publicly called out for wearing a MAGA hat
>weekly antifa protests
>doxxing of anybody who claims to be alt-right or neo-con
>muslim safe spaces
>teachers continually shitting on Trump
>HIV capital of Texas
>everyone here worships beyonce, I fucking hate that bitch
>constant Palestine vs Israel conflict
>constant bitching about fucking statues of prominent historical figures because of Muh Slavery

As much as y'all shit on fraternities, they are honestly the last bastion of turning out people with conservative ideas. However, I can already feel the blue pill seeping into that culture, specifically started by the Jewish frats/srats.

Tbh I wouldn't even be mad if a meteor hit Austin dead center tomorrow. Would be worth it.

>Berkeley, California
>Can't tell anyone or they'll put me in the camps

>3+ colleges in close proximity
>black capitol of GA
>people can't fucking drive
Emory cancelled classes the day after the election. That school is full of fuckboys and skanks.

Surprised there was no rioting after Tom Brady fucked them in the bumbum.

>SJ, California
>Going to Uni in LA
>Tried to hide my power level gave up
People either hate or love me, mostly hate tho, but I do get a lot of people coming up to me saying that they agree with me and want to say it but are afraid.

>Ottawa, Ontario
>white suburbs full of government workers
>lazy quebeckers take our healthcare
>Somali ghettos everywhere
>More and more stabbings (guess who is responsible)
>kikes everywhere
>University full of pajeet,arab and asian international students who can't speak english
Everything is fine guys, diversity is our greatest strength

I live in the Bay area, CA, moved here for my job as a game artist. I've been wanting to move to Austin because at least it's in Texas. How depressing.

Thank God I went to A&M, they hate Trump but are still pretty conservative.

Are you on campus?
Sounds like you're on campus.

Austin is pretty much California lite. There's a reason why a fuckton of Califags enroll at UT.

Currently? No.

SF here. Rarely any riots, just pearl-clutchers and techies virtue signalling while draining their bank accounts on Chinatown illegal arms dealers. A less bombastic New York City really. More white adults and yet more Asian kids. Take a guess why.

I mostly deal in south and east Austin with a lot of friends in north Austin. I only see that shit sometimes downtown.
I have an old friend that joined Austin Red Guard. Already left though.
He's some spoiled hipster from an upper middle class family with a useless degree and no job living off his parents. I laughed at him every time he would go on libtard rants. Pretty representative of the group as a whole imo.
Most bars I frequent are usually void of SJWs.
I know the DIY music scene has been completely hijacked by rabid feminists.
But fuck that lazy ass music. They're fashionistas.
I wouldn't worry about it too much.
Most commiefornia fags are blue pilled normies.
Just steer clear of campus.

>St. John's, Newfoundland

We barely have any immigrants and the weather is miserable so our hardcore liberals aren't particularly vocal.

Washington State but not Seattle. I wish so bad it would fall into Puget Sound and take all its transported Californian faggots with it.

I go to the university of Ottawa. The amount of Asians that get in my way on a daily bases is astounding.

ya here at carleton it's full of arabs and pajeets,and they all have the same fuckboy haircut+outfit+attitude

>>everyone here worships beyonce, I fucking hate that bitch
I'm from Houston, where she's actually from, so it's worse but I actually prefer Houston, even though it's basically the LGBT capital of Texas and loads of minorities (really it's equal across almost ever ethnicity, just lots of equal diversity and that's not bad)

I lived in Austin in 2013 but moved back to Houston. Austin has hot girls and is beautiful but way too many commiefornias and hipster libcucks

I hear Dallas is nice, like DFW area. Never lived there but used to go almost every weekend when I was younger and it's definitely better than San Antonio

>live in North Carolina
>wear MAGA hat
>get high fives
>got a bj in a waffle house parking lot recently

feels good man

Exactly. They all wear Yeezys and tombs. The Asians here all have mushroom cuts (the popular ones at least, others have bad haircuts in general). It just gets annoying that they're always walking into you, not leaving a classroom when the lecture is done making everyone wait for them, and looking confused/anxious everywhere. A group of 9 of them crammed into an elevator I was in last week and it seemed like I had been teleported to a Chinese subway.

Local austinite here. Austin is actually the perfect place for Sup Forums trolls to live. Bait bitches all day and get to carry my nine, even on campus. Fucking love it.

Gig'em Brother

>Live in western PA only dems here are only dem because of muh unions.
>Nearest college is Pennstate and they tend to be pretty cool with free speech there was a protest with people on both sides just standing around. No antifa fag riots.

I believe you mean College station. A&M is truly gods country

Most of the "Keep Austin Weird" types are already priced out. KAW was never about politics, it was about how unique the city was, but you get a lot of commiefags who say haha its weird because its liberal in texas xD but now they are literally turning Austin into California. McMansion being thrown up everyone and people already struggling to stay to live there. California plates everywhere you go, fucking retards driving Kia Souls and Topochico fucking nuke this city from earth

t. fredericksbergian

>hear Dallas is nice, like DFW area

Dallasfag here, the entirety of South Dallas is nigger central, from Mesquite all the way south to Lancaster and Cedar Hill, all the way West to Grand Prairie. North Dallas, Fort Worth, and the Mid-Cities are nice, but niggers are rapidly expanding into Arlington and HEB.

I swear, niggers are the plague.

You boys think you're in deep, but I have you all beat.

I work for a three-letter news network in one of the most liberal cities in the country.

You've read my stories.

You might have even seen me on TV.

If I even imply that I'm a right-wing Trump voter who believes in the sanctity of the white race, I'll lose my job and probably get accosted in the streets by some collar-wearing BDSM lunatic that the shitlib camp is attracting these days.

>wearing a MAGA hat