Proudly made in america by immigrants"

What did they mean by this ?


It's an act of defiance against Trump who is staunchly anti-immigrant.

It is a warning that that technology is compromised. Discontinue use.

They meant "Fuck white people."

More IMMIGRATION IS THE BEST THING EVER being shoved down our throats for no reason. I really don't get it. Can't we just have our own country? Why does the entire western world have to be a "melting pot" of third worlders

It's progressive to abuse third-world labor at the expense of (white) American citizens

Why does every single fucking company suddenly feel the need to shove their political views down my throat? I don't give a fuck who you support, it has literally nothing to do with your product and it's obnoxious as fuck.

Proudly made in America by immigrants so we could pay them less.

>H1-B Visas

This is why all those CS majors, whom were promised by their professors a 60k job right out of college, are now barely making 45k, thanks to the dilution of their industry by poos, chinks, and slavs

Don't we know this? America is an immigrant country.

I don't think they're against trump, trump doesn't hate immigrants.

It's literally brainwashing. If you force an opinion on people for long enough eventually they will accept it as their own.

TIL immigrants = illegal immigrants

>Proudly made with exploiting H1B Visas for cheap labor

Why didn't they make it in their country of origin instead? Do they hate brown people so much they can't live among them?

They're proud of their slave labor.

Wow, I made $64k starting out of college back in 08 and that wasn't much then

What program is this?

H-1B was invented because poo in loo won't negotiate salary and will take whatever they can get.

It is also the reason why so many code bases are beyond fucked.

Because you are coincidentally in an area of banks.
You'd be sneaking to China if economy was good over there


I only know because Scott Adams used it for comfy coffee streams during the election.

What even is this program?

butt-hurt virtue-signaling immigrants deserve to be sent back

Banks? I maybe visit the bank like once every 6 months or something. Did you mean to say "good economy"? But besides that, no one has the right to go to a country because it's "better." And we have no obligation to take anyone in and give them free shit

Unless you meant (((banks)))

The immigrants don't give a shit about this. They just want tech jobs. The companies push this shit so they can import slave labor.

Yeah, but for the people who usually go into CS, that's good money for insullar people, who don't go out much.

Even in 2008, there was still the prospect of growth. But not anymore. IT is pretty stunted as an industry, right now