Can we all agree that anime is the only medium left untouched by western cuckery?

Can we all agree that anime is the only medium left untouched by western cuckery?

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Anime is inherently degenerate regardless of content

For once a >leaf makes sense

Watch Jin-Roh, if you think that.
There are diamonds in the rough within the medium.

Let the shit posting commence.

1. Normal person
>learn obediently
>survive or die (repeat until the latter)

2. Jews
>born in rich family
>educated by jews
>enslave sheeps
>reproduce and preserve wealth (repeat from the beginning)

3. Gifted genetics (You presumably)
>born with high IQ
>educated by jews
>work everyday for money
>no dreams
>buy expensive toys
>get bored of them
>browse Sup Forums
>anime or suicide

Kys if you watch anime

Brief reminder if you browse Sup Forums but dislike animu you're a degenerate


>all these low life cucks who don't watch anime and complain about it despite being on Sup Forums

It's like going to and getting butthurt people talk about halo

JoJo is good. Most of the rest is shit.

my fucking sides

pretending Jojo is good is the oldest meme in the book


Jojo is the Sweden of anime.


t. anime onlys
part 7 jojo is easily one of the best mangas ever made

>not appreciating Clannad

Fuck yeah Steel Ball Run was so fucking gud.

>Can we all agree that anime is the only medium left untouched by western cuckery?
No, because the localization industry, like in gaming, is filled with leftist SJW who want to push their politics in anime.
To the point of not even translating the show and making shit up.

Even the anime for Battle Tendies was fucking gureto. DiU is worst arc.

I said most. Never been able to watch it though because I cannot stand the art style.

Can I be honest, I'm only 6 episodes into Clannad and I can tell its going to be good but it seems like its going to be a bit of a slow climb to a rewarding story towards the end? Am I correct? Then AS is apparently great

arent there literal cuck animes this season? Like Kuzu no Honkai where a guy lets his girlfriend sleep around?

Fuck you weeb faggot

The part where the guy with the muscles beat up the guy with the muscles really boggled my noggin and made me question existence.

>gifted genetics
yeah fuck no
more like sperg supreme

it starts off kinda boring but is pretty good once they finally introduce kira
Battle tendency is one of my favorite parts but DiU is still above part 1 and Stardust crusaders imo

It's good. You get over the art style after a few episodes. If you do decide to watch it, you really should continue and finish the second season. It's fantastic and very pro traditional family values.

Kira is a good villain, and I won't say I dislike it in comparison to other manga, but in terms of jojo, it's my least favorite.

part 2 and 7 were the best
they've had the most fun narrative and characters to boot
>two important characters killed off by fucking rocks

It's just the Japanese version of cartoons, like cartoons are the Western version of anime. A style, more so than a lifestyle.
It's a bit weird that anime holds such international fame, but considering the latest themes it isn't surprising that even natsocs like it.

>t. Haven't actually seen an anime since DBZ

Anime is white and based

I wish they'd stop adapting American films into silly Asian cartoons. Ohh look I run with my arms behind my back like a weirdo catching pokemen with my airbending waifu...

Anime is responsible for the growing effeminazation of white men, thus it is a Jewish tactic.

No because pic related was the most degenerate shit I've watched.

Everyone laugh at this plebbitor cuck forgetting where he is. Anime would only be sliding on a place like your homeland plebbit.

>like cartoons are the Western version of anime.
Yes but modern cartoons are degenerate trash that tries to make every boy into a transgender. Cartoons have been taken over by jews and it shows.

Anime is still just as always, just with a lower drawing quality due to digital age.

the cucking begins

t.newfags with reddit accounts

I'll let this slide for sitting on Yuri on Ice.


Jin roh
Ghost in the shell

Otherwise it's mostly trash

>best girl

>dissing educative cartoons


If there's anything more pure and good than anime, then I want to see it. Seriously. Show it to me.


i honestly don't care for anime as a whole.
cowboy bebop is ok though, thats about it.

fuck of reddit


this one is canadian and not anime.



Everyone bullies Ursula.

Fujoshi created their own lewd content rather than trying to take lewd content away from males. This went on for long enough that real studios made content targeted specifically at them rather than forcing female ideals into male targeted shows. You don't have to like it, but it is a good example of how things should work compared to what happens in the west. I get cute girls doing yuri things, they get gay sports, and everyone can be happy.

Daily reminder that Anime started as American made propaganda meant to demoralize the once proud japanese and brainwash them to be sympathetic to the western cause hence why anime characters look more white than asian.

Naming it "Yuri on Ice" was completely misleading though.

Not true:

Anime can be educative too.

>how the imperialist japs portrayed white people at 1:10:30

Every time.

Best Waifu coming through cucks.

wtf I love anime now

While for American cartoons from the same time period, we gave the characters actual military ranks.

Say what you want about the nips, they can write a love story.

To be fair fujoshi stuff is decently cute.
I'm glad their games are around so I can get more Code;Realize.


It showcases impedance and isolation for the the whole series, with an ridiculously oblique resolution. Wraps up the characters in a (((psychoanalysis))) backdrop. Shinji is one awkward handjob away from becoming a ladyboy slave. Uses some Christian symbols completely for aesthetics.

I liked the show as a teenager, but "western cuckery" has its hands all over the series.

i come to anime related thread only to see the cute girls images

>tfw I've conditioned and trained my clingy gf to be like yuno.
It's the best feeling tbqh, all these low tests cucks complaining about 'clingy' gf don't see gold when its right in front of them.

Don't forget Madoka.

bro, shinji was looking for someone to cling onto since everyone fucking left him. Depression does strange shit to people.


legend of the galactic heroes is bretty good as well

it's all moe shit now.

>anything other than misato
>best girl
Althoug I'm not gonna lie I started out hating rei but she really grew on me after I watched the show for the first time

brief reminder that this the pinnacle of thinking man's anime for sophisticated intelligent people like myself and key is cute

can you give me a quick rundown on netorare?

Not all of it is bad.

That pic triggers me.

Would she kill for you? Would she reset the universe to have one more night with you?



I use exhentai all the time faggot


yes it is

moe ruined anime

I get that. Believe me, as a kid it was refreshing to watch an anime that had an unlucky and pathetic main character that I could actually relate to, instead of the gary stus that appeared in every other mech/shounen series at the time.

It's best not to muck about in that frame of mind however, and I wouldn't recommend the series to anyone that is actually lonely or feels worthless.

moe's been around since the 80s and it's not an artstyle.


oh, that's fucked up yo

Evangion isn't good because Anno decided to throw in some Freudian allegories with some useless Judeo Christian imagery, it is good because it subverts many of the tropes seen in the anime (especially mech and haram) that was coming out before its release. But because this subversion has become more and more mainstream as anime has matured as a genre and made evangelion look less special for doing so. It's not redpilled per say, I just put it on the list because I thought it was good

Is this an actual show?

There is literally nothing wrong with a cute girl (salaryman) wanting to defend the Empire against disgusting Dacians and NotFrance.

Anime sucks

(However Evangelion is good)

>and I wouldn't recommend the series to anyone that is actually lonely or feels worthless.
Don't watch NHK then.

Madoka is normie trash

She threatened to kill my sister when I spent some time with her. She is VERY protective of me to the point were I cannot really hang out with other women for legitimate fear for their their safety. But I don't want to anyway.

The only downside is that she would probably kill me if I ever decided to bail.

No decent Battletech cartoon in the same vein as LoGH ever, despite there being so much material and time periods to cover. Also no Exosquad ever again because everyone is homos.

but it wasn't the driving force behind anime until the late 2000's. it use to just be one or two "very special episodes" now it's entire sires.

there are few jewels but the are tarnished with the taint of moe.

>moe ruined anime

So much this. Pic related was one of my favorites growing up and it is extremely redpilled. He fights niggers until they fucking explode. You won't see shit like that nowadays. It's all autistic girly moeshit.

Can I get a quick rundown on this? I remember watching one or two episodes many years ago. The shy girl gets hospitalized and the mc starts fucking the genki blue haired one, I'm guessing.

Yeah I get that man, but this thread is more about western modernity and its influence on anime than what some good anime are. Obviously Eva was a really big deal at the time and still important as a historical context.

There are good and bad anime shows, however Japan as a society is currently more RedPilled than the west and this leaks into their media from time to time, which makes Anime more enticing to the average channer than Jew-run American television.


Would have though it was Jormungand from the face, but it looks like it's an original. nazi

You take that back. Homura is a Goddess.