Post your shitty towns

Here's my shitty town of Cleveland, TN

no one wants to know your shitty life story you mustard fart


What If I praise KEK

Mustoe VA

Whitest Greatest Place in Virginia

300 dollars for 2 chicken biscuits? What the fuck.

Celina TN. At least we have Dale Hollow Lake and the 2nd oldest courthouse in the state.

And also tons of meth.

and the 96% white population is nice.

Xanax is really popular in Cleveland

Needs refugees

Jellying bigtime

It's not that shitty but has plenty of problems and i really don't like it that much here

still, i imagine there's plenty of worse places to be

Actual capital of TN reporting in.

You need refugees

Other than the drug problem (which is common in all of America) I think we're a top tier state. Though I wish we would give Memphis to Mississippi because that would eliminate like 90% of our minority population.

Really from the suburbs, but everyone within 50 miles just says they're from Orlando.

Fredericksburg VA


Yeah they'd last a few days before klansman started coming out of the woods and making them disappear. And the sheriff department would be helping. My mom is German and they dislike her. Imagine what would happen is non-white, non Christian foreigners showed up.

Hobart, Tasmania.

Poplarville MS


fbi pls go

Looks /comfy/ desu

My shitty town of Rorikstead, Skyrim

Some fucker jumped me and stole my horse the other day, bastard's probably halfway to Hammerfell by now.

Saw my first Mexican back in 2010

didn't like working with sheep and left

Lol that place looks like it belongs in a micro-machines set.

lakeland college fag here

I hate it here

Lacks somalians, good thing i know a fella that can send you a few thousands.

I'm fucking a redhead that goes to Randolph at the moment

Totally HillShill though

Even grass hates your town.

Neat a Burger Chef restaurant building

It can't be worse than pillhead towns like Elizabethton Tennessee desu. Personally I don't like most of East Tennessee and I have relatives in Knoxville and Kingsport.

from california now living in south carolina

It's alright I guess

At least its segregated as fuck

Charlotte, NC

looks really comfy

Akron, Ohio

looks alaskan
your internet must suck

Another pic

I don't live there anymore, but I grew up in the place where John Brown was tried. They also had a casino and a WAL-MART. The nearest movie theater was a 40+ minute drive away.

Lakeland girls are amazing sluts but are filled with crazy drama. Always use a burner phone.

From that one angle :P

East Tennessee is tons of liberals cucks thanks to UT (go Vols) and West Tennessee has too many black people. Upper Cumberland middle TN is where it's at for maximum /comfy/ You can buy land with no one around for dirt cheap.

Ann Arbor.

It's full of liberals, yuppies, and old people.

Has the largest handegg stadium in the world.

Cost of living that makes you think you're living in San Francisco.

Still better than any other city in this god-forsaken state.

Ugly fat cousin married a Chinese fellow there in Charlotte.

Tom La. Works for Bank of America. Regrets marring ugly fat white woman.

There is literally no jobs on my town.

Holy shit, I live in that town. I recognize everything.

Sounds like the typical North Carolina couple

I have friends from PR and its really heartbreaking to hear that there are ZERO jobs there for them and they're fucking STEM grads.

>Albuquerque, NM
>42% non-Hispanic White
>tons of spics
>tons of disgusting drunk Navajos (they are way worse than normal natives, they are the equivalent of Abbos)
>sucks but at least there is an enormous amount of outdoors surround us that only Whites seem to visit
>virtually no niggers either

I live down the street from some of those buildings.

What's a milk-drinker like you doing way out here?

Probably a redguard.

This looks like something out of X-Files.

Also, these are fucking APARTMENTS? It looks like a crappy motel.

This is 5 minutes away from me.

lets meetup famalam

hell yeah

Not exactly where I live, but it's close enough. Too many fucking beaners up here otherwise this is paradise

What the fuck are the odds...

Yo pals is the shit! (Btw I'm from Johnson City, TN)



>15% unemployment
>oil yuppies everywhere
>mayor is a gay muslim
>Toronto tier diversity
>retarded traffic and road design
>not enough trees

Basically a meme city



Clinton, TN

Pic is of the best thing that's ever happened here.

Kingman Az.
>Come for the meth, stay for the heroine. Actually,it's not that bad, just full of California rejects.

I love Breckinridge. I love all of CO for that matter.

Welcome to Pompano

Snowbirds to the left, jailbirds to the right

Northern VA is best. Hillniggers here are insufferable

863 meet up

>living in the suburban city jew

So what? I found this less than a mile away in Elgin.

woah no way bro, I go through cleveland once a month when I go to gatlinburg

-rural kentucky fag

Niggers stink!

Milwaukee here.

Good god the niggers are taking this place over. 15 years ago this was a white neighborhood with little to no crime. Now its mixed and we got niggers driving around breaking into houses, stealinh cars, robbing people, selling drugs across the street. Shame...


Exactly :^)

Tell us about CHARLES TOWNE RACES AND SLOTS. From the ads I gathered your town was basically Appalachian Las Vegas with everyone living the high life all the time.

does my town count as shitty Sup Forums?

Yeah Breck is comfy.

>Cleveland, TN

off topic but why do we keep recycling the same names over and over and over again? Is there a Cleveland, AR or a Cleveland, OR or a Cleveland, NM? for fuck's sake

Hill niggers like you are as rude as fucking Indians (cow worshiping street shitters) in VA

Nobody can come up with a creative name anymore

>San Fagcisco
The only thing even remotely redeemable about that shithole is that they have great seafood. Everything else is fucking horrible

You live in Barrow? I'll light a candle for you next mass

>Still better than any other city in this god-forsaken state.
yeah, nah.

Apart from living in a rural area i travel a lot

London, Ontario

fucking shithole

well its not THAT small of an area


I thought living in L.A was hell.....

mechanic/bodyshop on fire?

Another SC fag, Florence area
What area is this (obvious low country) looks comfy as fuck

This place was ok before all the white people left

That was over 60 years ago though

Wichita KS

why are you not a Hamiltonian desu?

Moscow, Idaho here, we have fields and maybe some trees.

Literally an hour away from the border, but still somehow 85% white.

Also hi FBI

I used to travel to Breckenridge all the time as a kid, it's my favorite town in the whole world. Seriously, I'd suck a million dicks to be able to live there.


Where mah metro Detroit niggers at??

True true

I work for a company with a plant there. Only one of our plants I haven't been to. Looks like I'm not missing much.

>2nd oldest courthouse in the state
Congratulations, You came in second in a contest no one gave a shit about