Do liberals really think that illegal immigrants and legal immigrants are the same?

Do liberals really think that illegal immigrants and legal immigrants are the same?

What liberals think and what reality shows are rarely the same, and often polar opposites

Liberals love to say "no person is illegal." They are that retarded.

They don't think, that's the problem.

fucking hell yes. my apeshit ginger social teacher preaches this shit at class the moment we step into it

Apparently neither do the white nationalists.

Answer me honestly - would you rather have an illegal immigrant from Ireland or a legal immigrant from say iraq ?

Doesn't really matter what they think or say.
>They will be suppressed soon enough

they are the same - they're both a problem


You were so close.

>legal from Iraq has been vetted, determined to be a net positive and is limited to a select few
>illegal has no vetting and is basically guaranteed to be a drain on resources

You mean immigrants and illegal aliens. "illegal immigrant" is an oxymoron.

No. Liberals do not believe this. You can, however, pick any topic you please, and find someone who believes the opposite and defends it stupidly and irrationally.

Asking "do liberals believe X" and then congratulating yourselves for convincing yourselves that we do? It's like when liberals convince themselves that conservatives all believe that the museum of creation is basically Mecca to you people. I mean you're a conservative, and I've seen facebook posts from conservatives who believe that Earth is ten thousand years old and dinosaur bones were put in the ground by satan to trick you. So it's fair to say "conservatives" believe that, right?

Of course there is a difference between immigrants and illegal aliens. There is not the difference that you think there is, though and, in the USA, we regularly rely on them for cheap labor. And our problem with conservatives is that instead of going after the business leaders exploiting the most-vulnerable, you demonize poor people.

Nope, we know the difference. We just think building a wall is ineffective and a major waste of tax payer dollars. Also I don't think Trump supporters know the difference between legal and illegal immigrants seeing how Trump's Muslim ban went.

This, just like conservatives, liberals aren't a monolith.

His ban was only temporary until proper vetting procedures can be created

>you demonize poor people.
Agreed, but these people did break the law. I am all for heavy fines against companies that hire illegals.

>Do liberals really think that illegal immigrants and legal immigrants are the same?
No but they know right wing retards hate them equally if they're not white

Doesn't stop it from being ass backwards. Only thing it did was fucked over a lot of people who had work visas and separate a a couple children from their parents. I would support him on more extreme vetting if he agreed to do it equally for everyone across the board.

Well entering the USA by illegally crossing the border is actually an infraction, so they've broken the law on-par with anyone who has ever driven over the speed limit.

But that's really not the point. There is a massive economic incentive for aliens from South of the border to work illegally in the USA. And as long as those incentives are in place? You're not going to stop them by dumping billions into law enforcement and walls. We've tried this strategy before with drugs. It doesn't work.

You have to stop the incentive. You have to stop the demand. Or all you do is wage a war of triage against the hapless, poor people cowering before you. And all that does is ensure that next year's illegal aliens will be a little craftier.

no. they want illegals to come and go as they please. they are against our sovereignty.

that's a no brainer...
the iraqi.

It'll smooth out eventually. There's no way it's going to just work out of the box. It is the gov't afterall.

Oh I agree....thus my second statement...fine the companies that hire them. But they need to go back.


You should lay off of the Info Wars and Breitbart for a while and maybe go outside for once...

You won't get them back. You'll waste billions, maybe trillions, trying. But you won't get them to go back. Until you remove the incentive to be here, at which point they'll leave on their own anyhow. Law enforcement will do nothing.

Another thing we need to take into account is the cultural incompatibility with Iraq; their culture is destructive and barbaric, and if we simply let them practice their culture here, we'll be Sharia before you can say MAGA

But what he says is fact

>picking the irish

I feel like we're just missing each other in the night. I want to fine the companies that hire them and I think that would largely solve the problem.

And I want them to go back...hopefully on their own. I don't want to pick on illegal mexicans for trying to make a living. I just don't want them here sucking off my tax dollars.

Irish are the real Aryans.

Celts and Slavs are Aryans with DNA Haplogroup R. Germanic people are closer to middle east with Haplogroup I.

>defending Irish

You must a newfie

Good. Then let's take the billions Trump wants to dump into a wall and law enforcement and border guards, and spend it on economic development and military aid. Who is the USA's biggest trade ally? Where do we get the largest percentage of our foreign oil from? Canada. With whom we share a border that no one is concerned about at all, other than to ensure that neither side misses out on their liquor and tobacco taxes. Want to solve illegal aliens? Make Mexico great again. The border will secure itself.

Kek Mexicans are more white than you mick

*be a newfie

The only thing the liberals think is racism, sexism , homophobia and dumb chants like no kkk no fascist USA

I am ok with that as long as mexicans take the lead in making mexico great again.

Like I said I'm fine with extreme vetting but it should be for all immigrants.

I'm a liberal and that is complete bullshit. You might find one or two fringe jackasses that believe that but the vast majority of liberals don't.

I seriously think both conservatives can agree on this point.

>Having your head this far up your own ass. If your quiet enough you can here the sounds of the ocean.

Irish & Celtic people are DNA Haplogroup R1b, Slavs Hapologroup R1a.

Germanic people are Haplogroup I which is very closely related to middle east.

Most white people are Haplogroup R.

They're in a war with the drug cartels. Guess why the drug cartels exist? Did you guess "because of American demand?"

Step 1: legalize drug use
Step 2: watch Mexico's northern state return to stable, produce exporters
Step 3: enjoy having secured the border, prison overcrowding and gang violence, all at once

They know the difference, but they advocate for their entry so the Democrats can gain more voters.
>liberal elite get a family dependant on welfare to vote democrat for life, and cheap labor
it's a win-win for them

I'm not arguing for the white illegal. I'm just saying there is other factors I take I to account when we talk about who we bring over. And also, why is no pressure put on the gulf states to help their coreligionists? Why are we expected to (in Canada forced with Trudeau's massive invitation) take on the people we aren't compatible with, but those who are aren't to do a thing.


I'm not an illicit drug fan and have no knowledge of the outcomes of legalization, but i am open-minded enough to read the research if there is any.

The way I see it, liberals live with their heads in the sand with a small screen inside that just shows CNN.

Well, I've got a job so I don't use drugs either, but that's not really the point. There are studies, which all say that criminalizing drug use simply isn't a deterrent, and does nothing or nearly-nothing to decrease recreational drug use. I have given up posting sources on Sup Forums because why bother. But the studies aren't hard to find. You can read about decriminalization in Portugal, if you're interested in a place that tried it. Spoiler alert? Making the drugs legal did more to decrease drug use than any criminal statute in the USA ever has.

Interesting. I don't need spoon feeding. I'll find it. Thanks.

That picture is fucking racist

I love it too

How so?

>Asking this question
>Expecting anything other than memes