Press B to bring back Fash The Nation

Press B to bring back Fash The Nation

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How about no

Those retards are making us look bad, fuck them


Press k to kill yourself fagit

I miss those goys :[



I sure hope McFeels and Halberstram are not degenerates like certain others....
How quickly they left TRS gives me hope that they are not two faced. Plus they always seemed incredibly anti degenerate.
RIP in Peace FTN

Fash the Nation always sucked.

Also, Mike dindu nuffin wrong.

Oh man I sure do miss my weekly fix of two goys talking tiredly for a couple hours, mostly just stating headlines without deep analysis and *SIGH*ing all the time.

Come back Jazzhands...




The fact that i can't hear what they have to say about the recent happenings regarding Trump is a travesty.

Such a shame Kulturkampf is gone too. I miss laughing at how they misunderstand the classic literature they read, or struggle to argue with the saddest Marxists I've ever heard.


for the only good thing to come out of TRS

except Darwin digest and Kulturkampf, they were alright too

Being back FTN

FUCK "the war room", bunch of nigga mentality whites. lame ass "rape death squad"


>A kikess and her shabbos goy husband fleece "fashy goys" and they want to get fucked some more.
Pathetic degenerates.

fuck the war room
degenerates, abusers and drunks


Low T detected

Actually no, they're cucks for bending the knee over fears of doxing or muh purity spiral. Worst part is they deleted the whole archive.

Daily Shoah will always be the #1 Republican podcast


whaaat they deleted the whole archive??!?! that is pretty bad.

rebel yell is incredibly informative. i was born in california but my family is from the south, and rebel yell has me feeling the most connection to my Scots-Irish Confederacy roots more than I ever felt visiting the south.

lame confirmed
these drunks talk about cumming in their wives mouth
shit tier

To fair he's not THAT fat

He kinda looks like Bruce Campbell's half-brother

Rather bring back intersectional alt right tbqhwy

You didn't notice? The instant the news of Mike's doxxing came out the whole complete FTN archive was gone from TRS, as if it never existed. Good thing there is an autist in youtube who posts every single TRS and daily Stormer podcasts in youtube the day after.

That's why I don't like FTN any more. Lost any respect I had for them, that's exactly what Antifa wanted, to break up TRS, and they gave it to them. Even if it's true that they have jobs and need to keep them from being compromised, go ahead, delet your account, but at least give out a statement about it, they just disappeared with no respect for their listeners or donators. It's not like Antifa didn't download every episode or someone has every episode archived in youtube

Sundays aren't the same


I miss it so much

On the doxed picture from 10 year ago he was over 300, he has said he's lost a lot of weight since then, it's not fucking enough tho. Hopefully he actually uses the donation from Monday's show to go to the gym and prepare for the RAHOWA

I think they were more worried about breadcrumbs left in their site itself (which is how Mike was doxed)

Its was good to listen to on the way to work.

Show prep

>Darwin digest

Fug, they also suddenly vanished, didn't they?
I knew my weekly podcast rotation was missing something.

All of this because some fat fuck with a black half-brother was married to a kikess.

wtf I love jews now.


>They're still giving the fat fuck money.
Holy shit.

Yeah KulturKampf went on hiatus too which bummed me out more than anything. I mean, fuck, these other shows could go on different platforms or at least release independently. It's not like you have to go to a TRS studio to login to Skype.

Half the pods went to

there are still people who donate to the TRS honeypot

The ideal TRS radio host would compose of:
>analytics of Jazz
>bants of shoa
>personal life/body of War Room brothers


Exactly my point, go ahead, delete everything, leave no trace, but dont salt the land, they could have left a message with Mike, or 7th, anyone saying why, goodbye and even maybe a teaser of a return, who knows. It's like all their work was for nothing. I really like one of Stefan's latest call in shows. People act as if their values and beliefs are simply just there to virtue signal, to show off to your friends that you care about a thing, it's as if their beliefs don't matter to them. Beliefs used to be a thing worth dyeing over, the revolutionary war wasn't fought because people were being overly oppressed, it was fought for freedom, because freedom was one of their beliefs.

It's somewhere here. Skip to 48:00 it's honestly a really good rant at that point. Everyone that cares about "the cause" should listen to it

oh wow. thanks friendo.

Yeah true, well said.

Found the kike


Honestly don't know how he did it.

I understand why they'd go silent if they have kids n sheit.

>trusting a (((white nationalist))) who was found to be fucking a sjw kike
>believing that there's no possible way that a sjw kike could ever create a honeypot with her hubby's admin credentials

Are you fucking stupid?


my life is empty without this

I can't imagine being a fed having to listen to all those podcasts.

its shocking that people still watch TDS, you cant be in a position that (((mike))) was and keep a secret like that
they're just jukin and jiving for shekels now

>be jew
>build a great 20 story building
>this building is now inherently Jewish and will never be a real building

>be hwhite
>build a great 20 story building, exact same building as the Jewish one
>this is a good wholesome building worthy of the Reich's praise. Hail our people, hail victory

This is the dumbest fucking argument I've ever heard, Mike has done alot of work for the cause, I don't care if his real name is Jehova VonWhikklestein, as long as he doesn't race mix and helps the cause I'm happy, and he does a hell of a lot more than you faggots shitposting on some obscure Heracles fan-fiction forum.

'Manifest Destiny', the only podcast to take seriously the question of what we should do now. Also gone, I don't know why. I replied to a comment of Reactionary Tree's asking about it and got no response.

>meet qt 10 years ago
>get redpilled 5 years ago
>realize your qt is no qt at all, but a jew
>tfw your bro is a fucking mongrell
What would you do at this point?

Not cucks. They both have more to lose than most. You probably won't hear from them again for years.

>as long as he doesn't race mix

fucking a jewess is considered racemixing, retard

but hey, if giving out your shekels and paypal info is worth it to you, just so you can have more le funnay fashy memes, then all the more power to you

Godspeed, faggot

Clearly you oven your wife

>Mike has done alot of work for the cause
He's a fat fuck kike enabling backstabbing piece of shit and you cockmongling TRSfags have been shitting up the entire far right. Fuck off.

fucking a non white IS race mixing
thank you, finally someone who is not a total hypocrite! Muh "fuck em but don't impregnate them". If a white girl can fuck outside her race neither should white guys. I better not be the only white guy turning down non white girls. fuck hypocrites

Thanks - I just suggested that site to (de-spammed)


a kind of shitlord central.


I will always be pissed at the autism-right for sperging out and doxxing /ourguys/

even if you though the rest of TRS wasn't that good (it really isn't) Fash the Nation was one of the best things to ever come out of the alt right

fuck it was so good

>I could be listening to mcfeels break down each and every executive order and halberstram laugh about deportations


I thought the meme was that he was Jewish...
Also no babby =/= racemixing.
Also, I'm not donating and if I were to do so I'd buy a gift card.

Kek. Ok.

If they were actual nazis, then I would have felt bad

Bit they all turned out to be degenerates who used kikebook like retards, so it all worked out well in the end

>no babby =/= racemixing

kill yourself

>Also no babby =/= racemixing

Jazzhands pls
At least join do some guest appearances on TDS or something

Daily Fash Room?


>hey guys great to be back



>oohhh gouyd hello sir



How is it racemixing?
Mixing a drink implies putting all the ingredients together, but if I have all the ingredients separate in bottles you don't get your mixed drink, although all the ingredients are there.

Now, I don't recommend fucking around with non-whites, burn the coal pay the toll and all. It's mostly semantics tho, there has to be a better word for fucking non-whites but having no nigglets... Colonization?

Listening to normie podcasts at work blows, I can only take so much Joe Rogan degeneracy.

Holy fuck, that'd be amazing. Those jarheads are so funny
t. Army
>tfw born too early to be a member of the 82nd Airborne White Sharia Space Rangers

My theory is the real reason FTN disappeared is Trump admin hired them in some under the table advisory position.

He's such a fucking flip flop on everything he believes depending on who he's talking to. With Alex he's a right wing basic Republican in terms of imigration and foreign affairs. I was listening to his podcast with Mike from Vsauce and he was all like "you can't see borders from space, why do these humans have to stay on his side of this arbitrary line"

Who here /woke/ on the big enchilada. I basically listen to the show every day.

>having sex outside of marriage and without the intention to reproduce

Congrats. If you aren't a race traitor, then you're a degenerate

>tfw no Redpill Radio podcast

deadass B

hey weak fuck
if a white girl has sex with a non white and doesn't get pregnant, is she a coalburner?!!
go fuck yourself
I just called a white guy a "piece of shit traitor" today in front of his mulatto gf. the cuck was just standing there with nothing to say.

Honestly, I wish we lived in a world where this wants a thing, but it's either that, or be called out as gay (happened to me in HS for declining girls, they spread rumors about you being gay because they're salty)
>implying males all the way up to 1970 didn't fuck all types of women before they got married.
Hey, I think I heard your Hot Pocketâ„¢ beeping on the microwave

>b..b...but everyone does it!!!!

shut up and hop into the oven

Hmm... Good point. Didn't think about it that way.
>that story
Fucking Kek, I want to believe.


Good morning white America created their own site too.

Apparently they booth lied to each other, she pretended to be a patriotard conservative to him while being ovenbait behind his back while he pretended his whole gig was "lel memes"

So that's why Hazzard left the paranormies. I legit fell for the meme that he left because muh moonlanding

I hope TRS doesn't become irrelevant, I know it's bad to have all your eggs on one basket but I don't want the community to balkanize over purity spirals

>Genders should be treated equally.

Get a load of this guy.

What guarantees you that the jew didn't rigged his own building with explosives to false-flag an attack, get rich off the insurance AND use your death as a pretext to advance Israel's interests against the kebab nations and get even richer off arms deals?

Genders should not be treated equal, but he does pose a decent argument against degeneracy, why would I hold a male to one standard of its OK to be degenerate and a woman is not. Sure there is the keys and locks, but Im actually rethinking my stand on this, maybe chinks can be excluded? Lel.

Also, what happens if some negress grabs my used condom and rams it up her vagoo? What then? I know you want a piece if hwhite cultural enrichment monkeyman, but you ain't getting any. Go to espiritu santo and fight on the happening.

Fucking kek

I was triggered af from all the "date asian girls threads" lately and only realized I was actually talking out loud after I finished. there was like a 2 second pause, like "is he done" and I continued walking. Me and him were making eye contact for 50 feet as we approached. I'm sure he knew what was coming.
I don't give a shit if white women do it because they almost always pay the toll. Saying anything to coalburners only fuels their insanity.

everyone pays the toll, the white guys just get it sent through the mail.

There's purity spiralling and there's literally having your site run by a Liberal Jew.
If I wanted to sit in the big tent of the alt-right, I'd go over to Milo or Cernovich. At least they are honest about what they are.
Rejecting Kike Enoch and his cronies who stuck around to defend him after he lied to us, is just a matter of hygiene.

White males specifically pay a higher toll
>higher wages
>higher child support
>possible house and nice car, might lose them in court

White women might get a black eye or two and a horrid niglet left behind, but males get the bad end of the stick

There's a brand new talk
But it's not very clear
That people from good homes
Are talking this year

We are the goon squad
And we're coming to town

it's the ultimate betrayal. you're either for whites or against whites. anything that needs explanation is a lie. anyone, male or female that race mixes (sex) is no longer white. You take on the identity of the person you joined that night.
the virus enters our people in a Trojan horse called exception.

Kek confirms authenticity

>Genders should not be treated equal, but he does pose a decent argument against degeneracy, why would I hold a male to one standard of its OK to be degenerate and a woman is not.

"Degeneracy" is process in which your race lose power, is not just "sex i don't find moral".

White female have reproductive sex with non-white = Mixed race baby that probably identify as non-white + white single mother left to raise a non-white child on her own.

White female have non-reproductive sex with non-white = Women who have show incapable of doing her duty as the gender that provides the quality control part of sexual interaction.

White male have reproductive sex with non-white = Mixed race baby that probably identify as white + non-white single mother left to raise a "white" child on her own.

White male have non-reproductive sex with non-white = waste of time but no permanent damage, men sexual instincts drive us toward quantity not quality.

>WM has non reproductive sex = no problem
what the fuck are you talking about you idiot?! Ask white women if she thinks there's no problem. Making rules with degenerates on pol doesn't set any standards dumbass. You can fuck around all you want white man, but you're not coming back to my people. These subversives you think are giving you a pass are not the ones who decide. Fuck off back to those you fuck with. motherfuckers want to claim their birthright but don't realize it's something you earn.

THIS , I was about to write something similar



By doing show prep and putting together one of the few decent podcasts?