Things that Sup Forums likes but is embarrassed to admit

I will start -- I LOVE the Donna's -- the early 90's late 2000's all girl rock band -- I think they are so cool.

Anything you guys like but would never admit?

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Along that same vein, I'm a sucker for ABBA.

Another all girl band from an earlier time.


I steal things I think no one will miss. It's entirely impulsive and I don't even really like to do it. Most times I can't even articulate why I did it at all, I just do it. Honestly think it developed from playing Skyrim all the time a few years ago. Every time I'm wracked with guilt and get really paranoid about being found out, so I don't do it as much anymore.

I still steal little things like lightbulbs from waiting rooms and bottles of hand sanitizer sometimes, though. So anyway that's the one thing I do that I'm pretty ashamed of.

What a rush that must be for you LOL

I literally am cracking up from this post. Hilarious!


ima bad boy what can i say

This lmao.

So many of us on Sup Forums

>From playing skyrim all the time


I can imagine you stealing a 20 cent tiny bottle of hand sanitizer, being a complete nervous wreck about it and biting your fingernails to the bone while loving it, just to have some secret fun.

I honestly will never forget this post. U are hilarious!

I love fleetwood mac

>Honestly think it developed from playing Skyrim all the time a few years ago

>Admitting to embarrassing shit on a board that tags our posts

whats embarrassing about that?

I like some rap music unfortunately I try to limit only listening to it at the gym now but sometimes I slip up

well, that's the other thing.

I used to be a super weedlmao and leftist. Weed was literally what my entire personality revolved around and it was fucking pathetic. Still smoke though, just in moderation and I just think it's cool to see things from a different headspace, not a fucking wonder plant that cures cancer

>Anything you guys like but would never admit?
Nope, because I don't give a fuck about what anyone thinks of my interests.

I dated Maya. Closest thing I've had to 15 minutes of fame.

Why do you try to limit it?



im obsessed with death
reading about how people die especially famous people
people who get famous based on their death etc


And shooting heroin and banging trannys

This is not a hugbox so there's no need to be embarrassed to admit whatever.

Marine Le Pen is pretty popular on Sup Forums.

>stop using drugs

Where are they now? Loved them. Livin' After Midnight. Who Invited You? Etc. Not even a guilty pleasure. That would be Evanescence.

Really? The big girl?

I mean, how is this not good? And look how cute they are!

Same here

I only smoke if I'm getting laid now because it's so much better than sober sex

Pretty sure both Benny and Bjorn each had a cawk.

Yup, she was solid...

Mlp here.
Friendship is magic.
Fuck off mods.

Always thought the drummer was cute.

I really like ELO.

When I found out that they were assads favorite band, I liked them even more.

Driving into rough areas late at night and getting hookers to agree to meet at a motel, then skipping out on them and heading to Waffle house for loaded hash browns and phoneposting.

The guitarist joined another band and Brett the lead singer is with some folk singing type of group. The dummer (the really cute one) used her arm while drumming the wrong way and screwed up her shoulder so bad that she couldnt play anymore....she eventually went back to school or something and I think graduated from Harvard.

No idea why they broke up -- they were so much fun and had a great, all rock and roll straight up musical style.

They also never seemed like shitlibs to me.


Did you hang out with them? They seem like they werent huge degenerates or dug addicts...just liked to have fun.


I'm a huge KISS fan and have been since childhood.

Inb4 I'm a huge faggot, rape my face.


Watch the first 20 seconds of this video -- tell me this girl isnt the most adorable thing -- look at the faces she makes when the song starts!

I like the youtube channel Infinite waters. This show is hoested by a nigger hipppy

Sup Forums


I'd never admit it or associate IRL with bronies; but I enjoy it as escapism.


> mlp
> how to fix degenerate woman

90s pop and boy bands

Yeah, we met at the lookout headquarters on university in Berkeley. I was in a band that was going to sign to lookout. We were all around 17-18 years old. Didn't really ever talk much to the other girls. They were all pretty cool for the most part.

Promise not to tell anyone ok?

You promise?

Ok fine

I kind of like cuddling with girls even though I have to pretend to hate it

Wow, thanks for that. My guess is that they hit peak rock star experience and knew it would kill them if they kept it up. As much as I loved the band, I think they probably did the right thing.

Sounds like fun!

And to think, I expected more from Australia.


jewish women

>the brony conventions have been secret French nationalist meetings this whole time

I'm reaching levels of woke that shouldn't even be possible

i used to but now after i cum i make my gf leave the room so i can listen to my headphones and play vidya alone without a disgusting meatbag sitting next to me.

This was a great era when you would whack off over music videos that showed a little skin.

I like Neps

No problem....

That may have been it (what you suggested). I remember really respecting them when they did an interview and talked about how they never did drugs or anything, just liked to have fun and be silly.

I thought it was really cool. I just think the lead guitarist is literally as hot as it gets on a side note.

Great times, I peaked way too soon in life to fully enjoy and understand it all..

I bet you watched the spice channel on the fuzzy screen, where you didnt subscribe to it so you just went to the channel below it and got a 95% static screen with 5% porn

Those girls were no joke -- like BIG TIME at that moment.


I did.

Kek, it's more of a sign of how shitty things became...

Me too. Even wrote some green.

Heil Aryanne

Just found this on Wikipedia

Before the release of The Donnas' album Gold Medal, Castellano developed tendonitis. In October 2003, she had surgery for it. During her recovery, she had to take drum lessons to re-learn to hold drum sticks the correct way.[5] For Gold Medal, she recorded with her recovering wrists, but could only play for short periods of time.

A shoulder problem forced Castellano to withdraw from The Donnas' tour following a show on December 27, 2008 at the House Of Blues in Anaheim, CA. Amy Cesari of the band The Demonics filled in on future tour dates. On July 9, 2010, Castellano announced on the band's website that due to her shoulder she would have to retire from drumming and performing with The Donnas. Castellano still attended events the band was involved with as well as promoted the last album she recorded with the band, Greatest Hits Vol. 16.

She attended Santa Monica College before transferring to Stanford University, where she is in the Class of 2013 and majoring in political science. Castellano graduated from Stanford with distinction and attended Harvard Law School, from which she graduated in 2016.


>when Jewish blood mixes with Aryan blood

That i'm weak.
I'm so weak I don't exercise in fear of what I might become if I do. People around me always tell me to not work so hard, and be easier on myself.
But I don't work out in fear of what kind of power i'll find and have to consistently keep in balance or unleash it upon someone in a foolish upset of words.
I used to train, I trained fucking hard, but man... ima be honest.
I'm a weak young man (comparatively with young men of my age), and I hate to admit the reason, because such a selfish reason to not pursue one's own self. Fear is a demon behind the candle light of my own soul, and she's casting a unbelievably big shadow, when I train a little bit every week even.

Now be little me, because I couldn't kill you on the simple basis, I fear so much of becoming an absolute monster, I would weaken myself to allow us the capability of an even joust. I'll leave you like a piss does in the breeze. >a fucking leaf

The only thing i hide is how much i'm for the removal of all muslims and black people, advocating that the middle east be turned into glass seriously tends to end any sort of conversation.

Explaining my doujin collection is less awkward than that.

I would love to have her as my lawyer!


go bck to facebook you fucking faggot

That's 6 nor/mlp/eople in 78 replies. There really are a lot of horsefuckers in Sup Forums.

I find younger Trump to be so sexy that it makes me question if I'm gay. :/

Fuck it, this is an Anonymous board. I guess I'll just say it then...

I'm lovesick (see: ). No, I don't jerk off to floor tiles, I'm just lovesick. It's near impossible to fully explain to anyone who hasn't felt it, but it's a severe mania where you're driven by an intense desire to pedestalise women. Let it be clear that this is not merely pulling out chairs for women or rushing to defend them in Internet arguments, but a desire that's capable of stirring up incredibly powerful emotions. To even begin to describe them, they're similar to the first time I dropped ecstasy, but much more intense.

This creates major conflict with the opinions I hold about women, namely: 1, they're shallow, narcissistic beings with none of the Marian virtues attributed to them by poets such as Ovid and Dante. 2, they're incapable of actual love, since they view love merely as a means to flattering their narcissism. 3, most troubling and demoralising of all, they literally want to be raped; not a single woman would respond well to my Romantic advances if I ever got the balls up to act on them. I've had varying success treating them like stupid bags of meat and I always end up feeling worse than them for treating them in such a way.

Its OK -- youre not gay. You just think hes the man....hes cool, which he is. Thats not gay.

I have a similar man crush on Tucker Carlson -- think hes the man -- not in a gay way, just think hes great. As is DJT!