PewDiePie In Trouble For Anti-Semitic Comments

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are these fucks for real? They suck so hard that they reduce themselves to clickbate garbage about some swedish kid's offcolor jokes?

at least back in the day they were standing for something as fucking retarded as it was. this is just hysterical bait.

Bump, btw this is a good chance to drop redpills

>needing to have jokes explained to you like a fucking retard larping as a super serious adult
the left are cultural dinosaurs right fucking now

Toppest of keks. These people make a fucking living analyzing jokes and getting offended by them.

What a world we live in.


Pewdiepie is a talentless autist swedecuck who needs to get shot tbqhwy.

His cancerous brofag army on Sup Forums need to get permab& and then shot as well. Not even joking.

Can't stand this autistic hell hole every day.

>Can't stand this autistic hell hole every day.

Then do something else with your time, why would you actively hang out on a board you hate? Go on Facebook and talk to your friends about the all blacks or something.

>no one at the table younger than 30
>the "young" turks

I think they really need to rebrand at this point.

>we're a credible unbiased news source
>so lets talk about a youtuber that made a joke that offends us

feelings are the true weakpoint of the left

>Armenian on the panel
>"The Young Turks"

I assume the title is entirely ironic.

ahaha, cenk says in the video that jew bodies were burned to heat the camps, and the other jews knew where the heat was coming from

pretty spooky cenk

I always found it hilarious that Chunk denies the Armenian genocide, then proceeded to name his show after the perpetrators of said genocide.

Then leave.

Nigga you think he gives one fuck? Even IF this shit ended in his channel being completely deleted this faggot has more money than he'd need for 100 lifetimes.

>Bro Heil
what'd he mean by this

Then why do you keep coming back everyday? Is it because you're an aimless neet who is looking for signs of a big happening that'll put you out of your misery?

They're not being ironic. One time last year, Cenk was talking about the youth of America and referred to them as 'we'. Someone in the comments picked it up. This guy's like 50 years old.

As for this video, they fucking hate anyone more successful than them. Especially a blonde white male youtube star, so no doubt they were gonna attack him.

I can't watch TYT without being overcome with a strong desire to fuck the living shit out of Ana Kasparian.

Didn't Talcum X join the young turks? Has he been on any panel yet? I imagine the Cenk, Ana, Shaun White combination to be hilarious.

why would anybody donate to TYT to get the same viewpoint as MSM? Just to pretend like they aren't plebs?

What are you gonna do about it roo raper?

According to him Jews have such strong fingernails that they can scratch grooves into concrete walls.

based young kurds


if you were talented at humor, your post would have been at least a littttle funny

fucking straya

Shouldn't have got me but I chuckled

>They shared the bond of warmth

>Cenk starts explaining "why this is wrong"
>w-w-well I think he m-might have been joking, but here's w-why it's s-s-s-sooo wrong
>literally about to shit his pants in fear of the jew

Muslim Cenk defending Pewiepie on 'Death to all Jews'.

In before Pewds buys TYT and fires them all

You mean Anahit Kasparian?

I never expected WSJ to put together so blatant a smear piece like that. I thought they were one of the last publications of non-fake new status.

fucking hell TYT are retarded af.

Hahahahhaha they are like old church ladies wagging their finger

How can anybody be so fucking lame?

>According to him Jews have such strong fingernails that they can scratch grooves into concrete walls.

The claws are so sharp and strong so when they grab the money it doesn't slip out of their hands.

What is with everyone bandwagoning on Felix for being a Nazi all of a sudden? All the big liberal outlets did it at the same time. Reminds me of all the gaming media publishing "gamers are dead" articles at once.

I never cared about Pewds before, found his old gaming stuff annoying.

I subbed the other month after he started dropping meme bombs and alienating sjw cucks.

>tfw no one cared who he was until he said gas da joos

they are so spineless that they didnt even watch the two pewdp vids regarding the forced positivity and hitler

>jokes are bad because muh 6 gorillion were gassed

GenZ will stay on pewdiepies side on this one. I hope he keeps this shit up and they grow up to be crusaders.

Whatever her name is, I just want to cum all over her face.


Everybody has heard the holocaust stories. Even in High school. I remember stories about parents beating their kids to death over a slice of bread.

It's not that people dying is funny, it's that faggots like Cenk acting like a cry baby trying to keep his sacred cow sacred is funny. He's a butthurt bitch, just like all lefties are butthurt bitches when you go "too far"


Why is she such a fundamentally bad broadcaster? Bitch take a speech class and shut the fuck up when you look down at your notes.

Why can't Cenk fucking talk?

How do these retards have any fan base? If I were a leftist, I would not watch this

He's not even antisemitic - just a shitty YouTube comedian.

Regardless of which side of the political center you fall on, this kind of attack on free speech is fucking terrifying.

did pewds take this vid off his channel?


On the topic of a pewdiepie video showing man dressed as jesus christ in a video that said "hitler did absolutely nothing wrong"

>A B S O L U T E M A D M A N

I literally think they're being forced at gunpoint to say these things at this point.

Look at how uncomfortable they look in that video.

ayyyy lmao (with a wig)


Okay, I have 4 points to make:

1: Fuck off, turks

2: Saged

3: Fuck off, turks

4: This really shows, that all this going after "nazis" is just distraction. Pewdiepie made that video when? This is all just distraction from the really important things.

It will be impossible to create comedy in future if you can't make fun of anybody.
Somehow Jews forgot to remove this guy's videos for over 8 years:
Since it fits Jewish narrative. Or how about banning all anti-Russian Hollywood films? Well how would Hollywood survive? Talking funny Russians, always blaming Russians, making them look dumb...etc. That fits Jewish thinking.

t. Mohammed

Who cares about Pewdiepie? BG Kumbi fucking DESTROYED him.
Bow down to the real king of youtube.

Hes not in trouble. He literally cant be in trouble he's to rich and influencial.

Poe's law is so fucking real with that guys videos

It's almost as if the MSM coordinates attacks on anyone who dares stand against the leftist cancer.

Almost as if.. I mean they'd never do that, right? :^)

Then leave. Fucking loser

It's either all okay or none of it is.

Content Cops: The Young Turks when?

People are just too dumb to understand that he is the real deal. The bro army gets it. They have been fighting him for a while now sending him death threats. They get it.

>not memeing this
lets put his face on nazis

Color me surprised.

Oy gevalt, the shoah is not funny

he is the youtube king so of course they are mad and jealous. success breeds jealousy.

the young turks?
you mean the young turks who started the armenian genocide?
oh, cool.

>Name yourself after Genocidal Muslims that murdered over a million people
>Deny that said group murdered all those people
>Have the gall to talk about joking about kikes


>PDP calls out the media and (((them)))
>the jews first reaction is to shut it down
>confirming everything PDP and Sup Forums have said about them

we all know the camps didnt have heat... the jews always complained about how COLD it was all the time lmao these cucks will say anything to get sympathy.
bolshevik scum

go go go

>Thinking Jews would be reasonable
Read about Purim m8

>For Anti-Semitic Comments

But that's not what happened.

I think the MSM really fucked themselves in the ass here. The biggest Youtube star is the biggest normie star among kids. Kids already distrustful and not reading the MSM.

So they make up a huge fucking lie about this super Normie star and spread it across all the MSM with no internal critique of the message. Not one "journalist" looked at the evidence and modulated the message, they all parrot the same fucking headline, because the headline sold.

But these kids are now exposed to the pushback from not just Pewdie, they can see the actual clips the media are talking about and other normie outlets are reporting directly to these kids on how much the MSM lies.

Honestly I'm shocked that their ability to foresee blowing their feet off just a few weeks down the line is so bad. They wonder why they're losing out and becoming unprofitable and why people aren't trusting them when shit like this would be SO EASY to avoid. But the focus is on those extra clicks on that particular day. Not ruining your reputation and future subscriber base and being jobless in a few years.

Fucking retards.

I actually WANT functioning journalism. I WANT a fourth estate.

Just sent this to WSJ as feedback:

>Hi, I'm writing about your recent smear campaign directed toward youtuber PewDiePie. Prior to this I had considered your publication to be reputable and trustworthy. Sadly I can no longer say this is the case, and you've lost any and all credibility your name once held, in my eyes at least. I would ask that you fire Rolfe Winkler, Jack Nicas, Ben Fritz, and any of their superiors who signed off on this bullshit, but that would make me no better than them. From now on anyone who mentions your publication to me will hear of my sincere and utter disgust at your 'journalistic' practices and a solemn imploration never to give your slanderous company another cent, click, or view.

> can't talk about jews or massive consequences
> strong medias bias
> every msm outlet release the same article

Liking or Hating the guy you can't deny this will redpill the normies, I'm pretty curious about the next step.

We need to put all YouTube owners/mods into Nazi uniform and make them sit next to piles of dead people with Jewish markings.

The Broarmy will not stand for this. This will show countless youth that (((they))) control the media.

Hahaha so true

I've been looking everywhere for this. Thank you Pajeet.

Hnnnnnnghhhhh I just want to ram my cock in her ass


Amazing that these shills actually review this shit.

Gotta say Cenk was at least tolerable in this.

>It doesn't make you cool, it doesn't make you edgy. It just makes you look like a jerk.
Said from the guy who sits right next to an Armenian and also denies the genocide against them.

Top fucking KEK

cenk is based

These faggot liberals just don't get it. For every finger they point at someone with any sort of notoriety, they are creating enemies by the people who like them. The newer generation is going to be red-pilled libertarians because the left has become a bunch of totalitarian cunts.

I was under the impression that pewdiepie didn't give a fuck anymore about his sponsors since he's made and saved so much money he can retire and live comfortably the rest of his life

it's named after a turkish terror group turks idolise retard. pic related is a brown shirt even though he's not literally wearing any brown shirt

"they then took the bodies and used them for heat"
>> Hey guys bodies burn like wood disagree with me and I'll destroy your income.
Or did they use them as blankets?


PewDiePie has about 50 million subscribers, all of them coming into voting age just now or soon. Like him or not, he is a big fucking deal in regards to the culture war.

It stands to reason that the MSM uses their most popular voice among young people to attack him.

I for one stand with JudDiePie. WHITE POWER!


Imagine the influence a guy like Pewdiepie has. 53 million subscribers. That's about the population of the entire nation of Italy. Some of them might have been turned away by the "anti-semitism" but I imagine he gained more than he lost. Then you factor in the actual anti-semites who are learning about this and giving the guy some respect.

It would be very easy for him to tell his fans that Disney is ran by Jews, that Walt Disney was a famous Nazi sympathizer and anti-semite, that you can say that you want all whites to die and that's ok but you can't say that you want all jews to die - even as a joke.

He could increase the global woke average by double digit percentage points.