Why are Kinder Surprise eggs illegal in the US?

Why are Kinder Surprise eggs illegal in the US?

because we don't celebrate easter

Baking plastic into chocolate releases estrogens that cause breast tissue growth and infertility in men, and breast cancer in women.

we don't like surprises

>baking plastic into chocolate
I know it's supposed to be a joke, but your (((education))) is so shit I'm sure there's some burgers who would actually do it

Because surprises are the antithesis of Conservatism.

because some of you burgerdumbfucks eaten them with the surprise and choked to death.

thats why.....

because its small enough to be eaten in one bite. if it was larger it would probably be legal.

because cleaning plastic shit in wallmart isle is hard

*goes to russian market*
yup, plenty of chocolate eggs with plastic toys in them,

If that's the case, then why is Bisphenol A pumped into your water pipes?

They aren't though, we've had them back for years


I don't get this meme. I see them everywhere.

Because the average american is too busy watching TV to pay attention to what they're eating, leading to them choking on the toys inside.

for the same reason why we have child proof locks on chemicals and medicine...because some people just cannot be bothered with looking out for their own children's wellbeing.

they eat everything in one bite, kids probably ate the tiny toys lmao

Boland has no dad,Bolan has only enemies.And France.

They aren't

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americans are too stupid to read the instructions and are thus unaware that the food contains toys, meaning they will just eat the whole egg and choke to death on the plastic toy contained within.

My pipes aren't plastic, and water infrastructure here are not allowed to be plastic outside of homes and businesses because they'd burst in the winter. I do believe them to be safe, unless you heat them.

They're not. I can buy them from convenience stores all over the Bay Area.

Because it's the land of the free

Toad thread?

Because americans are such gluttonous pieces of shit that they gobble down the entire egg in one gulp without biting off even once and then choke on the toy.

Because of the


Americans don't celebrate Easter

A certain celebration commemorating the resurrection of our lord and savior, hmm?

this is the real surprise

They aren't.

why don't americans celebrate easter?

There's a law against inedible things being inside edible things.

>Baking plastic into chocolate releases estrogens
can't tell if trolling or really retarded

What the fuck is wrong with Burgerland?

A feast for Eostre?

I had a qt3.14 German girl stay at my house for a little bit for a high school exchange program, and after she went back she would always send me those eggs. She was super nice and we would play mario cart together.

>not taking over-the-counter fenugreek herbal pills for 6 months and developing huge titties as a man

I sure hope you guys do this, in this the current year



I see them at the nearby gas station every time i stop there.


They aren't, they got redesigned for US years ago and we've had them forever.
Your b8 is legitimately older than some of the posters here today.


Because child burgers lack more brain cells than usual so end up choking on them.

Americans are retarded, is anyone shocked?

Must be all the lead in the water.

Man what a great post

>tfw no surprises