Don't race mix because your children will be ug-

Don't race mix because your children will be ug-


helped you finish your sentence

Don't racemix because your children will be non-white.

Niggers and mixed people look uggo as fuck

Yes they will be as ugly as that. Thanks for example op

Shoot them in the T-Zone



She has a serious cocaine habit.

If I have kids I would want them to look like me.

>Tits touch her elbows

African hair is disgusting.

the vast majority of any pairing turns out ugly, only the minority, the attractive ever gets any attention by the media

doesn't matter if it was a white pairing or mixed
people are ugly
Stop watching porn

The problem is the 50/50 chance it will be a male. I am ok with producing mixed qt3.14s. Not with making more minority males.

>that fucking hair
i laughed

> Or....

Thats one big ass toenail

I will fuck any girl regardless of race if she's a qt.
No babbies tho, I don't want kids.

Kanker op

That hair is so fcking ugly

Good god she's hideous.

Are you telling me that filthy subhuman is as good as this fine lady?

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Don't race mix because your children will not look like you.

The point of children is to have a mini-me.


A literal sand nigger.

>Don't race mix because your children will be ug-
Thanks for the warning buddy. I will make sure not to mix.

If keeping the bloodline clean is important to the jews, it should be important to everyone else too.
They know what they're doing.

a mini-me?

but I want my son look more handsome, I mean much more handsome than I do


Legit if a black person says it

don't forget about the IQ thing


How is this beautiful? It's ugly as heck.

heidi klum.jpg


>race mixing
race mixing is for retards, dont do it
breed with women with your nationality and color.

>cherrypick a quadroon
>all bastards look this way

nah mehmet, keep on picking tomatoes