Be NatSoc for over 10 years

>Be NatSoc for over 10 years

>Turn a blind eye to me sexuality for as long as possible

>Be extremely attracted to effeminate males

>Want to dominate the fuck out of them/little spoon them

>Pretty much leading a double life at this point.

Some of the fags I know know a little about my politics, and none of my NS friends know anything about it. Wonder when this will all catch up to me...

It's pretty fucking exhausting. Ugh, why couldn't NSism just not give a fuck about gays? Life would be so much easier.

None of this will end well for me.

Homosexuality is just a perverted unnatural sexuality.

Is that you, Spencer?

You will be found out on the day of the rope. You can run but you can't hide. Repent and resist now or face the consequences later.

In what way is faggotry good for the nation you selfish cuck?

No children to be produced and you spread disease like a fucking tick.

Honestly just off yourself already you won't contribute anything to society fucking faggot.

I have a swastika branded into my right arm. I'm not hiding anything.

My brother has 7 kids. My bloodline wont be going anywhere.

Just because that faggot Milo agrees with what I think and say doesn't mean he will escape the rope and neither will you.

Try and put one on me, princess. See how that works for you.

>a poofter wants to fight

It won't be up to me. It will be up to your brothers when you are found out. Like I said: you can run but you can't hide.

How do I subscribe to this blog?

I don't give a fuck about you brother.

You asked why you aren't accepted and it's because you're useless to the advancement of society.

In fact your a net loss. Spreading disease,degeneracy, and poisoning the minds of the young.

Click on OP's ID then press alt+F4.

Shitty bloody cummy bait, OP.

Pretty subversive desu

y-you can dominate me anonsama

repent or die

Haha, cute. You appear to be the one lacking an argument. Run along now, little rabbit.

I don't even know you...

your problem is obviously that you have too much free time on your hands

Is this a roleplay thread or what?

You do realize that the "anti gay agenda" is rather due to the traditional christian faith and not necessarily a core principle in NatSoc. Especially when they had some "secret" gay people in high positions.

A modernized version of NatSoc would most likely no longer be anti gay and would also include less socialism/welfare state compared to back then.

One day you'll realise that you shouldn't be a part of an ideology that hates you irrationally.

Also, you'll want to get some cosmetic surgery done.

>I don't even know you...
You passed the test.

Have at it mate, I'm about to go facefuck a trap I met on Tinder. It's not gay.

Dropping all pretense for a moment.

No games or larping for a quick minute:

Stop being a joiner, a follower, and a conformist.
Be yourself and embrace it.

Seriously - how can you expect to show anyone compassion when you hate yourself? Who told you to do that?


back in character:
Kill yersulf cuck faggot, yor niggery jew fag ass will be raked, coaled, and taste the rope!!!


you are taking this shit way to far. If you are a faggot then your a faggot.

America is the land of the free. Not some nazi paradise. dont flaunt you faggot stuf in public and you should be good.

if you want to stop though maybe you should quit the porn or Sup Forums in general. this place is toxic as fuck and changes people.

Theres nothing wrong with liking traps op. Where do you live. I'll show you the way!

grow a pair and don't give a shit. the modern nazis aren't against gays, just rainbow propaganda.
>oh no my double life

>doesn't want to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children

Into the oven you go.

National Socialism is a fucking retarded sham anyways and people who follow it are just retarded /r9k/ faggots who want an ideology that makes them believe they're part of some perfect master race that will be held up as a pinnacle of mankind.

Do you think Hitler wanted people to brand themselves with swastikas, or shave their heads bald? No. That's what the Untermensch does, the Ubermensch is clean, respectable, and proper gentlemen.

You likely do not understand the nuances of the ideology, nor the reason why people disagree with it. Dictatorship can only exist for so long before a country falls to corruption and becomes a hellhole like any other single party country in the world. The higher ups protect their interests and over time make it harder and harder to adjust things until a war or a revolution forcibly destroys the country.

Do you know why it's called National SOCIALISM? It's because Fascism was invented by Mussolini so he could LARP as a communist while still getting all the privileges of being the highest ranking official in the country. Hitler only took on Fascism because it's easy to promise the people free stuff when you don't mention the armed guards forcing every single person to work.

Fuck commies, socialists, and fascists. They're all the same damn thing.

Jesus dude, shut the fuck up.
These "I lead a double life" blogposts are getting too fucking common. Get the fuck out of here.

>national socialist
kill yourself. I hope you get stabbed after being raped by a big black nigger. Honestly you would think this would cause you to realize NatSoc is bullshit.

schiz /pol phrenic

> just

In a similar spot actually, nothing extreme like branding my arm but I may have a uniform or two...

Honestly I blame this place, I never even considered boipussi before but now the urge is there...

this is fake news

Well, here is what separated me from many modern NSists. I believe that like an ideological stance, be it political, religious, spiritual or whatever HAS to change with the times. Take Christianity for example. It's been around for so long because it didn't antique itself. However, since most hard line NSists would rather castrate themselves then change their views on literally any notation of our ideology, adaption will likely never happen.

They fail to realize what worked in the early 20/30/40s isn't really applicable to 2017 US/Europe. I do have a few ideas, such as abandoning the old imagery, including people from different walks of life (albeit segregating them) and concentrating more on cultural preservation, race relations and autarky.

>Ugh, why couldn't NSism just not give a fuck about gays?

Tbh it doesn't.

Haven't heard a NatSoc talk about fags in that sense for years. Now it's more of a pity-induced "you're a dead end for the country".

Which you have to admit is true.

There must be some relation with being natsoc and a lack of paternal figure or being an absolute beta that needs a strong man to tell how you should behave.

>burned swastika scar
Holy shit how retarded you have to be to do something like this to yourself

Maybe a genetic dead end if they don't get a surrogate or reproduce but giving children isn't the only thing that keeps a society afloat. An example is Turing, he probably did more for humanity than all the people on Sup Forums.

natsoc was specifically designed to carry out certain geopolitical goals that no longer exist

Fascism working in the 40's isn't because of the peoples attitude back then. It's solely because Hitler was a decent man. But you always have to consider the future of a political system. Even if Hitler only had his own children elected as the new Fuhrer when he got old, and they elected theirs, eventually there would either be no kids to pass it on to and someone else would take over or one of his kids wouldn't turn out as nice as he thought. Eventually you'd have an oppressive dictator destroying the country, which is ironically what Hitler ended up doing anyways.

Communism works wonderful as long as everyone involved is a good person who tries their hardest. The second someone who's a scoundrel takes over office the country will turn to shit as finances are directed towards feeding the greed and gluttony of those elites. It's why these countries always fail. The USSR was handed to Stalin as he was the brightest and most promising student of Lenin, but we all know how that turned out due to Stalin's oppression of his people.

Nobody gives a shit you cocksucker.
This subject can be discussed after the creation of a white Nation.

lmao gay nazis

If National socialism is to survive into the modern era we have to conform (but not too much) to the modern standards. We don't hate gays, we hate the faggot propaganda that is pushed into our faces.

Communism never works wonderful, not even when everyone has good intentions and a collectivist mind. It's a cult.

Oh look, kek wills it.

Gay Nazi here as well, OP, quit worrying about stupid shit you fucking faggot. I'm a sub bottom how the fuck do you expect to dominate anyone acting like such a whiny pussy?


The issue on your end Venezuela is corruption of government which is inevitable in Communism. It has nothing to do with the concept of government itself. Humans are naturally sinful which includes gluttony and greed, natural destructors of communism and socialism.

Humans simply can't operate one party systems, it's impossible for us due to selfishness.

>10 years later
>now whining about your sexual life
focus on the enemy nigger lest you want aryan/white males exterminated for good


The branding is a marker, not "art" or whatever, like tattoos may be. Not to mention, getting something burned into your skin with red hot steel isn't very soothing, your muscles tend to jerk. Hard to stay still.

>I'm a self-hating retard

Ernst Rohm was gay and everybody knew, he stood at the top of the SA for a very long time before Hitler and him had a fight, set up a party to try sabotage him and caught him fucking another man and acted all like "oh my god we didn't know he was a fag" then killed him.

Did you know that same fag died with the words "heil hitler" on his lips?

I'm a male to female transsexual

All I want in life is someone with firm Nazi beliefs to flog me and beat me bloody and call me a degenerate subhuman

fucking women is for pussies, real men fuck men.
Many of the OG Nazis were gay.

shouldn't be too hard, just move to russia and take a walk

post knob

Wikipedia this

>Ernst Rohm
>Edmund Heines
>they both managed to kill _more_ men than Adolf Hitler himself did during WW1 and the middle period (Iron Crosses etc rightly awarded to them)
Survival > arguing over sexual fetishes atm

Hitler was wise in not executing the homos that _helped_ Deutschland prosper again. Cuckservative Mike Pence oughta take note before mistakingly AC/DC'in the wrong guys that can contribute to America's cause



>no children to be produced
Nature's way of telling populations to chill the fuck out. Notice how homosexuality rates increase as populations increase.

>burned swastika into arm
Mein fuhrer, I...

Rohm... Yeah, I know all about the guy. But that situation doesn't really apply to me.

>He wasn't closeted
>It's not 1934
>The Fuhrer is dead

It's an all new game now.


Wew lad

Holy shit thats disgusting. I would immediately take you for a retard upon seeing that, despite liking Nazis myself.

>hating yourself this much

>my people and Race means nothing to me hurr *proceeds with donating AIDS research money to da j00s instead of not contracting aids*

Don't be dense brazil, white countries in Europe and the US wishes to avoid your mongrelized state if possible

>Mike Pence blogging for us


This may surprise you but Russia has tons of trannies

I don't immodest pictures of myself and I definitely don't post pictures of myself on the internet

>This may surprise you but Russia has tons of trannies
Russia also has fucking gay clubs in both Moscow and St. Petersburg

the alt-Kike and Alt-Light (((douchebags))) on YouTube and the Fake Ne- I mean "Lügenpresse" (quote Donald Trump) never report on this while anecdotal travel talk IRL do

You feel for the nazi meme and the gay meme. Sorry user you gullible.

>why mentioning the Alt-Light
because people like Alex Jones, PJW and many many others still go on about

>muh Russian nazis
>Zionism is Alt-Right u guise!!1

just un-elect your current leader already

Whats up with skin heads and Nazi's?

Are they controlled opposition?

is the reddit spacing part of the satire?

I'll just leave this here

>Reddit spacing
Get the fuck out.

This is yet another slide thread.

>National Socialist
Why not just be a Fascist you dumb nigger. At least identify with a socialist organization which doesn't go full retard.

Follower/cannon fodder detected. Do you not understand that your scar is a form of virtue signalling? It broadcasts to the world that all you seek is validation from your group. It even seeds the idea that you desperately want to compensate for some perceived sin to the group, easier to just get a tattoo that says "I am gay".


>getting angry
Felix "Ernst" Kjellberg aka PewdiePie is redpilling 55 million Nu-Youtubers as we speak

God I love cute twinks


>extremely attracted to effeminate males

Jewish-revolutionary filth, Ernst Röhm hung out with at least 2 named jews in the same circle as Georg while adopting his political views near the end of the NSDAP era


>Ugh, why couldn't NSism just not give a fuck about gays?

The obvious fact that this is bait aside, if you truly ask yourself this question, you only know NS superficially and fail to understand the foundations of it

Also, too much mainstreamed (((Socialism))) and hence unfit for National Socialist NSDAP to begin with
>what is purges of the men he respected until that point in time (can't deny the SA being fundamental in the pre-WW2 NS deutschland)

This is obviously taken from Orange is the new black

Pretty sure there were a few gay/bi nazis.

You're not degenerate bc you like dick. You're degenerate bc you're a socialist.

is this real guys?

its like pure satire...

cool story bro

itt: edgy underaged anons preteneds to care about being natsoc while the adults just shitpost

>reminder that Fight Club the book was written by a homosexual
are you gonna purity spiral out of control just to please the cuckservative GOP and jews

>the eternal American "National Socialism = Socialism"
have Trump fix your education system or kys

>NatSoc = Socialist
>American education

Wow, you are a fucking larping idiot you aren't fucking Natsoc and you probably don't even know what it means in the first place. Just riding off its imagery as a way to be edgy. GO kill yourself already.

>Do you know why it's called National SOCIALISM? It's because Fascism was invented by Mussolini so he could LARP as a communist while still getting all the privileges of being the highest ranking official in the country.
>Hitler only took on Fascism because it's easy to promise the people free stuff when you don't mention the armed guards forcing every single person to work.

You are a fucking retard wow

You are sitting here trying to justify your faggot shit. No one gives a single fuck you are a faggot only if you go around making propaganda about it. Even NS Germany had faggots in certain ranks they just didn't go around telling everyone it is not to be prompted you dumb fuck.

Both of you are fucking retards it was third position.

>Even NS Germany had faggots in certain ranks they just didn't go around telling everyone it is not to be prompted you dumb fuck.

The minority 2-10% of nonheteros answer to the childrearing heterosexual majority, aka biology and rightist hierarchical politics 101

What an amazing comeback! Whew, I was called retarded and none of my points were addressed proving the inadequate knowledge of yet another Nazi faggot.

Im Nat Soc
I dont think gays should matter to them
They dont matter to me
Identity Politics is cancer though