How to speak to Trump supporters

Is this how you wish Democrats would speak with you, Sup Forums?

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>Is this how you wish Democrats would speak with you, Sup Forums?
No, I wish they wouldn't speak at all

I hope someone curb stomps Shaun King to death. He's literally worthless




I wish they'd speak to me at the end of a gun

Fuck you, he's trying to end racial divide and conquer.

Shaun King has lighter skin than me. How the fuck is he black? I mean shit, trump is more of a poc than king kek

why would i care about some random white dude?

Hahaha that fake negroid accent!

>shaun king

ah yeah he's such an expert on the topic

>R A C I S T

Nice talk m8.

Shaun king is such a fucking pussy


He is like a real life Ali G

He is a fraud and a proven liar. Says a lot about tyt that they overlook that.

He was adopted.

Both of them look like loser fags.

The problem is I never take advice from losers.

wtf is with white people larping as blacks these days

>he didnt have a father who wanted to raise him

Holy shit, I've never heard him speak.
Even I could do a more convincing black voice.

>society as a whole demonizes white males
that would be why

Also how the fuck does Shaun King call himself black?

He's white as snow and his black accent is completely faked.

>he still thinks he's a nigger

man look at that pinkish skin,even if he was adopted he's still more white than nigger.

Didn't watch cuz I'm in public

But I assume their way to talk to Trump supporters is patronizing beyond belief

He wasn't. He's white

How hard would it be to get DNA from him and just get it tested yourself?

>Hi Mr. King, can you spit in this vial for me?

Does this faggot actually think he's black?


They want victim status

well someone summarize the video, is it just full of condescension? What died he say

>black accent


Congrats, TYT, on having your first trans-racial guest.

basically that even though people voted for Trump for legitimate reasons, nevertheless they should have known better than to vote for him because of how many people he "offended" and how much support he had among klansmen, that sort of thing. Then he tells an anecdote about how one of his teachers from childhood (a "nice white lady") stood up for him a lot as a kid, and recently told him that she voted for Trump, so he unfriended her on Facebook.


How do people look at the facts and think he's black?

He even has childhood photos as a gingerkid for gods sake and both of his documented parents are white!!!!!

>Blood test or BTFO.

I wonder how he gets his hair black. You'd think it would be hard to dye hair that short.

This video, by a black woman, just goes to show how far leftists will go to remain delusional.
Black woman is based and not putting up with retard trans-racials scamming her race.

Small world. Had no idea he was related to Gavin McInnes.

>how much support he had among klansmen, that sort of thing.

How come Shitlibs never give a shit about Hillary being mentored by a KKK wizard? You can't control who follows you but you certainly control who you mentor under.

are you kidding? he's perfect, he's the king Midas of decredibilisation, anyone who approaches him is tainted.

just call white people racist, that'll get them to vote democrat, good thinking Martin Luther Cream

He looks even whiter than normal in this video.

Holy shit...Sean is actually well spoken. I didn't expect that.

The only way I wish liberals would speak to me is with the desperate guttural sounds they make as they hang from a lamp post.

he looks like the whitest person ever in the video, he looks beyond just white, he has that pink tint that people who are pathologically white have.

>dis drawing
does A Wyatt Mann make new work?

Martin Luther Cream

Most are rehashes of his 90s work, but there's a few that are really new.

>Talcum X

He is the real life version of "dear white people". How is this even real

That faggot needs to shove his self righteousness right up his ass.


i couldn't make it one minute. stupid wigger started saying Trump stole his anti-TPP rhetoric from Bernie.

I'm not even sure why Bernie was against TPP in the first place. Trump didn't want China sneaking through the back door or signing away our borders. He made that pretty clear.

There is no "speaking" with trump supporters.

You just have to duck and dodge when they start throwing shit around the room.

I only want to hear them say, "Please no, not again".


Talcolm X needs to hang

Fuck drumpf and fuck white people

>LARP as a trap
>convince him to creampie your boipucci
>steal sperm and conduct tests
>accuse him of rape and sue him

I thought someone sliced the tip of a black dick for a sec

>How to speak to - Niggers Edition

>Is this how you wish Democrats would speak with you, Sup Forums?
With a gun down their throats.


>Shaun King is whiter than the kkk's uniform.

Holy kek he is as pale as the white guy across from him and his fucking accent is fake as well. If his story was true, he would have grown up in an all white household with his mother having cucked his dad with a nig, so why does he have this hard stereotypical black accent even if he is black - he can't lie about growing up around all whites.

Jesus it's pathetic. What do you think the cuck across from him is thinking? "why the fuck is this white guy talking like this?"

These people are fucking morons. I have a family. I vote based on my own self interest. I dont even know my neighbor's names. Why would I vote based on people Ive never fucking met? All that matters is giving my child a better life than I had. Thats it. Its dog eat dog and these liberals are either too naive or don't have the stomach to accept that.

>accuse him, a "person of colour" of anything
>current year
Good luck.
You aren't very good at chess user, you gave him sex for free. Possibly a counter-sue on account of discrimation. Assuming he isn't already getting liberal tail.

>liberal tail

The only liberal tail you can get is some hairy neckbeard's asshole.

Only way to speak to nazis is with a gun. Kill the cumskins.

this is the first time I heard him talk and I gotta admit he sounds black at least.