Are you as lonely as us Sup Forumstants, Sup Forums?

Are you as lonely as us Sup Forumstants, Sup Forums?

What are your feels tonight?

I have no gf and no social skills I'm so lonely

No you stupid cuckold.
I have a gf whose feet I get to lick every night.

Unlike you pathetic virginal betas, Sup Forums is a community of hard-minded alpha males.

I want aTHICC mommy gf

I was looking forward to comfy shitposting with my Sup Forums m8s but now it feels like I'm at a party and it's making me feel even more alone

>tfw Dredd 2 never

This, it's like a watered-down version of both boards. Maybe I'm just a fag, but it's not very fun.

do concerts have no singles polices too?

I agree

let's just stay in this thread until the storm passes

its ok ilu Sup Forums
you're always welcome here

(,., )

Yesterday my friends left me at a bus stop in the rain at midnight, soon I learned the bus I needed wasn't running I called two of my friends on the island and they both told me to take a cab I had to pay $80 to get home cab driver was nice tho


Yes I'm very depressed... I live on an island where very few people live, and the only ones my age are normies that like playing cards against humanity and drinking red wine on the weekends like yuppie faggots. At least I have you all


faith no more - king for a day, fool for a lifetime

get on my level Sup Forums

Sup Forums, but I can relate.

Thanks worst part is they're my only friends I can either stay with them and get fucked once in a while or be completely alone in life I guess I just gotta deal with bad friends

>watered down version of two watered down boards

today was pretty weird, i smoked some 2 year old weed and got high and jacked it to dicks
twas strange lad

>every board turns into /r9k/

Seems unavoidable folks, how you guys holding up?

should've used an uber nerd they are much cheaper

I'm just surprised this website hasn't imploded from the combined autism of Sup Forums and Sup Forums

>working a retail job that I'm not good at
>struggling to make it through school/not many friends there
>got feelings for a girl whose mind is hard to read
>feel like I don't have much of a future

/mlpol/ is much worse

finally bought a Fleshlight with 3 different brands of lube.

I've officially given up

I just want to cunnypost without the fear and persecution of 404.

>feels sad man

I don't know, man. Apathy is a bitch. So far, this year's really flown by, and I've just been dragged by in a mental haze. I did my first retail job today, and I do feel a little better, but I still don't know. How do you go back to being a normal person when you've spent years in an isolating, screwed up state of mind?

>page 1 is 99% post mtv music video kino thread

not liking this /mtv/ prank one lil bit

nearly all the other boards have returned to back to normal now. so in typical fuck all over Sup Forums fashion, we get hit last thing.

I don't know, been coasting since last year, haven't had a job since December haven't left the apartment for much either, found out my bro's a fag, now it's up to me to keep the family name going. Think I might move back home, trying to start a business thing, but I just procrastinate. Think I'll start next week (I said last week).

On the whole, I could be doing a whole lot worse though. Apathy is right. How about yourself man, plans for the future?


/mlpol/ /fitlit/ and /cock/ were all genius moves, the meltdowns going on over their are fucking hilarious

One time I went to a grocery store and the sample girl talked to me and I got so scared I left without getting what I came in for

>tfw no gf
>tfw better than I was a year ago in every way tho so hopefully the future includes a gf

Sup Forums right? Grow some hair on your balls faggot

how the fuck did I miss this? There better be some good screen shots.

I just finished watching Before Sunrise

You did kinda get the sgort end of the stick, I think. Sup Forums got paired with their waifu, /m/ and /o/ jive surprisingly well, /spa/ is getting some flag shenanigans, even /mlpol/ is an entertainig trainwreck. /mtv/ is just kinda... meh.

Sup Forums m8

Watching Beasts of no Nation and petting my dying catto when he feels like it.
Also I think I'm starting to develop a cold.

That's a good question. I used to want to be an author, but since the depression hit I haven't had any dreams. I'm just going to college and trying to find a profitable major, not sure what to do from there. One of the worst parts about this illness is that it eliminates much of your personality and interests, until the person you really are is gone, and you just have to wait until it comes back.

What's your business?

Its all still their, /mlpol/ /fitlit/ and /cock/ all pure gold, hope someone's been taking screencaps

Go back with Sup Forums when they leave, judging by their posts today I suspect you belong their also
>balls + hair
Make it happen

>dying catto

i love my cats more than i love people and i even have a gf and friends

i feel your pain user, i hope you've given it a good life

It also happened really fucking late, what the fuck

He's all that I have and he's only 5 years old.
I don't know what I'm gonna do without him

You've got good taste user, you should try writing, just thoughts, I know about dreams disappearing, I had one where a girl drowned in the ocean and I watched as she lay on the beach. I didn't try to help her, impotent feeling. You need to work on anything, I draw sometimes, like you said it's eliminating your interests, so it's a feedback loop. What do you want to write about?

Just a simple news aggregator, like a one man show, nothing complex.


>being a disgusting footfag degenerate
>talking down on anybody

You fucks are even worse than furries

That pic you posted is actually my wallpaper currently, neat. Writing is uncertain, though. When I lost pleasure in all of my hobbies, literature hit me the hardest because I constructed my entire personality around it. Now, I've come to accept it. My true aspiration is to create a worthy successor to my favorite bands (Animal Collective, Mew) and revitalize dream pop. Once I can afford equipment, I'll work on that. Now, I have to focus on basic things like work and exercise. Maybe I'll get there some day.

Why a news aggregator?

Went on my first date a couple weeks ago with a friend from my last job. Held hands and kissed for the first time, it was a warm and wonderful feeling. Went to her apartment a week later and cuddled to some Netflix, but I get the feeling she's not interested in me anymore. It's okay, I sure I won't fuck up so quickly the next time, but I wish it had been with someone I cared about less.

>news aggregator
Because it's what interests me, and there is a need for it in the current media climate, I was thinking of Drudgereport, but for a different language/country, simple and easy. That's politics and it's understandable if you don't want to talk about it, as that can be heated. Someday I would like to make movies though.

Music is hard to do, I play a little guitar, but hardly more than chords, hopefully you can pull it off. You should still try writing since you need that for lyrical talent, and it can't hurt to exercise the mind. What are you favorite books since you like literature? Working out is good, good physical health is a step toward good mental health.

I don't really have any favorite books. I loved reading as a kid, but I never had any phenomenal experiences like the ones I've had from music. Writing lyrics is something I'm really looking forward to, but it's tough without any music to frame them to.

I might try writing sometime. I've done erotica before, but not a lot. It's hard to keep a steadfast interest in something you might not like in the first place.

that hurts me to my core. i think the only upside is that you'll get a new cat to save following his death. don't wait for a new cat. it doesn't disrespect his memory to not wait because you know nothing can replace his memory. but fuck i'm sorry. i dread the day i lose my cats and they're already 15

My life is changing very fast. I'm now working super close to home at a job I love, but now I'm only working one job and while it's pretty great I keep wondering if it's where I'll stay or if I have plans for beyond that. My roommates and I are talking about moving later this year. A better place would be nice, but I'll really miss the home I've made for myself here. It's like the place where I left behind being a social retard after I moved out.

> I've done erotica before
Not familiar, but maybe you should aim higher.

It was only to get myself off. I have plenty of free time, but it's hard to commit to a hobby when none of the stuff that should appeal to you does.

What kind of friends are these did they at least offer to pay you back?

Tried to force myself to be a compsci major and got a c+ in the intro course. Programming makes me want to put my head through a wall. Confessed to my parents that I thought about killing myself and now I'm on pills and an English major. Still haven't made any friends because I'm an ugly-as-sin social retard with no confidence or skills.

I'm in my 20s and I write shipping fanfiction about cartoons and superheroes. At least I feel validated because some people tell me I'm good, though the standards aren't exactly high.

When I was younger, my dad used to shave me, cut my finger and toe nails, pop pimples on my face and back, trim my pubes, would smell my penis and armpits when I got out of the shower to make sure they smelled good, and walked around the house naked. He also took a shower with me once when I was 5 and my mom and brother were out of the house.


>whole post
nice start

Got to push or else it won't come user, that's why it's work.

You've got a weird dad, one time I had a tick on my balls and I went and told my dad, "I had a tick on my weiner" or something like that. He asked if he needed to take a look, then I got embaressed and said no.

I buried so many pets as a kid that I think it broke me in a way. I can't sympathize with adults who grieve over losing pets. Losing friends, partners and even family doesn't seem to effect me. Maybe that's partially why I don't get close to people.

Push what? I've tried to force myself to enjoy reading before, and it didn't work. I can post the full list if you want. There's still some odd fantasy in my mind that I'll sit down and write a great story some time and enjoy it, but the part of my mind that makes stories enjoyable has been busted for some time now.

Still, sometimes I think about it. Like, the other day I had this idea of writing an essay about my descent into the depressing state I'm in now, and even put together a little outline. I stopped thinking about it because I felt it wouldn't be enjoyable, but I still might give it a shot. Maybe it'll help, you know?

Got to push yourself to work is what I mean, yes, your own experiences are good, I sometimes put my own thoughts into characters. Adieu user, I must go to Mickey Dees to get nuggets for my brother. I might be back.

I just wish I wasn't so sad all the goddamned time!!

recently watched that as well user, it was a good movie but fuck did it make me feel

nah dude i was just at the movie theater with all my bros and now we're gathered around the tv watching our favorite shows!

Sup Forums life is best life

A girl I met on Sup Forums broke my heart and I don't even browse that board.

I have to say thinking about Her makes me want to kill myself on the daily.

Why are Sup Forums girls so DAMAGED bros

It's both boards posting at the same time. It's obviously going to turn into a fast board.

Music is for faggots, I wanna talk about film

I feel so useless, I didn't do anything but watch youtube videos and browse Sup Forums. I didn't even have enough energy to play video games

>my dad used to shave me, cut my finger and toe nails, pop pimples on my face and back, trim my pubes, would smell my penis and armpits when I got out of the shower to make sure they smelled good


thats cause your cancer, you should feel useless you contribute nothing, take this time to WATCH SOME FUCKING MOVIES you eceleb loving pleb

No movies look appealing.

Tell me more, how has your life been recently?

literally thousands of quality films are listed on Sup Forums daily, pick one

By any measurable standard it's actually pretty good. I'm doing well in school and in my social life (no gf but honestly I'm not super sad about that). I don't have a job though, I am hoping to get one. I don't want to end up a wageslave but I hope it will give me something to do. I don't know, some days I just feel there's a big weight (for me) on my shoulders that kind of makes me not want to do anything.

>Unlike you pathetic virginal betas, Sup Forums is a community of hard-minded alpha males.

True dat

Look into Persistent Depressive Disorder, or Dysthymia. I used to think mine was a psychological problem too, but it had to get worse before I realized it. Perhaps see a doctor and tell them your symptoms.

>Implying Sup Forums feels
They traded feels for baneposting

No, that just feels like an excuse. It's just something wrong with me, I just need to 'man up' and get over it

>literally thousands of quality films are listed on Sup Forums daily


Sup Forums doesn't even have lonely feel threads anymore. We've all gone hollow

It all comes down to what you're feeling bad about. For my problems, I can't pinpoint a source, but perhaps there is some large, looming issue in your mind that's causing you to feel that way. If so, a therapist can help you with it. Otherwise, it truly might be a chemical imbalance and something to be discussed with your doctor. I'm in the pit of my issues myself, but that's what I would suggest.

Guys, I have no job and no experience dating or having sex. Should I try to find a gf? I've heard to anyone who actually likes you, not having a job wouldn't bother them. Fwiw, I'm trying to enter vocational rehab in order to get skills and placed into a job that fits me.

It's not even about sex anymore, although I want to finally lose my virginity. I just want intimacy.

I don't want to pay someone to be my friend and I don't want to take pills to make me happy

not my fault u stick to capeshit n the walking fgts threads

I'm only telling you the most popular and recommended options. If you want to stubbornly refuse all suggestions, by all means, go ahead. It's your happiness at stake, after all.

Sup Forums has them in threads, you just don't know which ones cause your new, or dumb, or both