Trump Playlist

>Pres Trump rally in Louisville KY 3/20/17
youtu.be/wrR7Fq5OQa0 (RSBNiggers)
>SC Nominee Neil Gorsuch 3/20/17
>Pres Trump meets w/Iraq PM al-Abadi 3/20/17
>Pres Trump Weekly Address #8 3/18/17
>Pres Trump/Merkel Press Conf 3/17/17
>Pres Trump/Merkel @ WH 3/17/17
>Pres Trump roundtable w/USA-DEU biz leaders 3/17/17
>Pres Trump roundtable w/VA 3/17/17

>The Story behind MAGA hats
>Female Trump vs Male shillary
>Tucker talks Trumpism
>God Emperor Trump Was Born To Rule
>Donald Trump Emperor of America
>TrumpBot vs Mexico

>Hold Back The Night
>Inauguration of Fire
>American Hero
>Trump Triumphant
>We Are The Silent Majority
>American Comeback Story

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Does anyone here NOT own a gun?

If so - what the fuck is your excuse?

he's going to get sued by the guy that drew the original pepe

Some media are doing a Clinton after yesterday's presidential debate claiming Macron killed it lmao

how was today? spent it wasting my time doing nothing important

Where is the lithuanian bro who posts lewd awoos?

Good night /ptg/, and as always, MAGA!


I remember a couple of months ago the German Central Bank was about to go under but managed to stay stable. What ever happened to it? Did it become stable again?

I'm on the no buy list but can access if necessary


The rally was okay but everything else was a massive waste of time

Globalist magic.

Guess they stole some Greek money or printed more euros.


please, no more stills from Andromeda, it's just painful to look at

I'm afraid I'd use it to kill myself

It's time:

I suspect they're propping it up until the Fed hikes interest rates so they can blame it on Trump.

>tfw got to visit home for a weekend and clean my SKSfu


You must know the pain. You must see as I do.

What the fuck does that line mean anyway, really is too deep for me

Have a roll, /ptg/

I had a lovely day at the range on Sunday with my .44mag lever-action rifle and a pastanigger pistol.

But user, it's 2785, being a shitlord isn't allpwed.

I got warned earlier for posting them. have plenty of bad moments but something about staying on topic or whatnot



I love how Trump uses Israel to deny the UN money and no one can challenge him about it or they're anti-semetic. Truly one of the only good things israel has ever done for us.

Dear God that's awful

Meanwhile at the top of the catalogue

I do own guns. I know that's not what you asked but I wanted to reply anyway.

Really makes you think :^)



Sarah is best autistic sisterfu

Bringing these words from the night guys for the morning crowd.

Tl;dr: shills are now called slaves. They do it for free, they don't enjoy it and they can't leave. Use the proper title whenever applicable. Pass the word.

Yesterday (or this morning, I don't recall) PolandBro made a very astute comment:

Why are Trump supporters here? We are here to have fun, have a pleasant conversation of all things Trump and other shared interests. We talk, post images and have a laugh and, in general, a pleasant time.

Why are Trump detractors this? To disrupt that fun, to get in th me way of conversation and to fulfill some self imposed sacrificial mission of staying "behind enemy lines" trying to make a difference.

They are here because we are here. They are here at our mercy. They are in fact ...


It didn't register to me up until a few moments ago. We have frikking slaves!

So rejoice and every time you need to interact with one of them call them by their proper title: slave

> how are you doing today slaves? Hopefully miserable, as always. Keep chained to this place, we enjoy your misery

btw, I'm tweaking this into a pasta for some salt rubbing at our slaves self inflicted wounds.

Remember, when (if you must) addressing them be respectful and call.them by the proper title: slave.

They wish they could leave, but they lack the strength. They came here once, saw our fun, decided to stay just a little bit to try to spoil it and here they are: pathetic attempts to get noticed, to get (you)s.

> dance slaves, dance

Dragon Age: Origins is the least shit Bioware game I have played. Shame they fucked up the second one so much. Voiced VA's and diolauge wheels kill RPG's.
Also Tanyawooo~

will Trump strike north korea to overcome all the political hindrance upon him?


They should all be gassed. Theres no other choice.

Has anything actually come foward from these 'investigations'?

>tfw thread is half making fun of (((BioWare))) getting BTFO due to lack of happenings


>tfw severely autistic
>tfw fell for all the Sup Forums memes
>tfw almost ACTUALLY became a racist because of unsourced infographs


It's almost like transgenderism and homosexuality are a mental illness.

just more of the media lying about what was actually said

Leftists are crying about "what about the arts?!" because NEA is getting the axe.

Here is why defunding NEA is absolutely a good idea. Why are the people working three jobs paying for this shit [1]

> $495,000 to create medieval smells in a museum
> $95,000 to adapt Shakespeare without words
> $10,000 for a play about two anti-gun lesbians
> $50,000 to help bring “Trans Scripts” to the theater; hundreds of thousands more to support LGBTQ issues
> $20,000 to support a series of public art presentations “on the theme of climate change” in Minneapolis
> $35,000 for “affordable housing and sustainable communities for San Francisco artists
> $100,000 in (quite literal) puppet projects
> $845,000 to support film festivals that showcase movies with decapitated heads, public urination and sexual promiscuity
> $6,000 to finance research that looks into the lives of pets in Victorian England

And the coup de grace

> $20,000 for “Piss Christ” a photo of a small plastic crucifix submerged in the artist’s urine

Anyone saying that was a good way to spend 2 million dollars taken out of the paycheck of every jack, bob and mindy working sometimes three jobs it is the bad guy. Trump did nothing wrong.

Making this into a pasta, too taste to let it lapse.

[1] m.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/mar/17/life-without-arts-10-crazy-grants-given-nea-neh/


what the hell is a deadname?

The Russia narrative is completely destroyed, so Dems are going back to muh tax returns.

I expect the reason Manafort is being investigated is just to definitively clear his name.

InfoWars and Breitbart are likely under examination so that Trump can use the precedent to also investigate CNN, WaPo, MSNBC, Vice etc.

Is he no longer /ourguy/?


>Voiced MC
Yes this i have been saying this forever
Origins was my fucking Jam too bad Game Jews had to ruin it
>The Players want horn weird qu-nari Right?
>Ugly ass elves are cool right?
>Players wanna bag some pirate herpes slut right?

Deadnaming is the act of referring to a transgender person's birth name instead of their chosen name

He never was.
He's a king nog globalist stooge.

This is just like when he looked like he was clearing Hillary. If the pattern holds we'll see Democrats arrested as his answer.

But they already destroyed themselves over the tax returns didn't they?

From context I'm assuming that it's the name they were given at birth due to their parents not anticipating their child to be a degenerate special snowflake.

Taking a new name once you (((transition))) is, I suspect a way to validate your transformation.

Pretty much straight up Red Dragon shit.

>you will never be this happy

>Secretary of State is shorter than a Chinaman

defend this Drumpfkins

Maddow did, but Drumpf still hasn't RELEASED THEM REEEEEEEE

He never was
>Russia narrative is destroyed
It definitely isn't
Its very much alive thanks to Comey giving non answers and letting the dems talk about wild conspiracy theories. Next week Brennan and Clapper testify. They said no evidence of collusion but they were Obama appointees and hate Trump so that'll just be more oil on the fire.

Bulgarians are fucking based



Guy's I made hot chocolate.

What really gets me about this stuff is that for some reason, these people think that the existence of an omnipotent God who created everything, and just existed out of nowhere, is somehow way less possible than a hydrogen cloud that just existed out of nowhere creating everything. They're literally equally impossible.

I can totally understand not believing in God, but given the fact that you have 50/50 odds, doesn't it make sense not to do anything that might piss off a being that is so powerful it can create the universe? Just seems ridiculous to me. But then again, """"""""modern art"""""""

>that yamaka at the end

I wonder

>not drinking chai tea instead

Thank god someone here has a brain.

Literally cannot believe you have not locked up all these traitors yet


I hope you enjoy it

>They said no evidence of collusion but they were Obama appointees and hate Trump so that'll just be more oil on the fire.

That makes no sense, even from a leftard perspective user. It's more likely that the long term narrative will be Tillerson ignoring the NATO meeting and visiting Russia instead. The tax returns is just a filler story to keep the Drumpf meme going.


kek what did you do? Drugs?

>Never come down
What part of this didn't you understand?

Nah we must keep going deeper

>life finds a way

And why should I believe ANY of the above?

You a woman?

>"Some homosexuals can reproduce..."
Nigger what

List your favorite Trump successes so far.

This shit is getting freaky. Let's dig further. Does Barron mean frog in any language? Egyptian, perhaps?

That helicopter looks like the car homer designed.

>last panel
I've never bothered to check who writes these

40% decrease in border crossings probably.

>yfw we have to listen to the dems screech about Russia all the way until January 20th

FUG...Praise KEK!

>Or else, sterile hetero couples wouldn't be natural either

They aren't.

What is wrong with hot chocolate and telling your friends about it?

>Deep code says the worse thing for Democrats to do now is go balls in with empty chamber, demanding Trump be impeached
>They do it

At this point its evident Trump is trolling everyone by keeping the Russian meme going.

I'm a Catholic, and as much as I love atheist banter, claiming to value muh scientific objectivity while making more outrageous claims to being knowledgeable of the universe than even the Westboro Baptist Church is a fucking massive ideological flaw.

Some transgenders are now arguing that homosexuals might be bigoted if they don't want to have sex with someone with opposite sex genitalia, because "genitals don't have bearing on gender"

I'm loving his budget. EPA getting buttfucked.

They don't care can't you see? They are not fighting against christinaity because they don't believe in it, they are fighting it because it is part of what we are. They will fight against the Father, the King and God.
Do you know how was called the first newspaper relaying that kind of thought? "L'encéphale", which means headless man. This stem directly from the Revolution where they beheaded the King and God, they attack the seat of reason and of human nature. You need to be he new man, the man without head

Fuck of then faggot

Has he even had any?

>Deep code
I don't understand.

>At this point its evident Trump is trolling everyone by keeping the Russian meme going.
Of course. It's all going according to plan. Comey's in on it guaranteed. Democrats are going to be buttfucked big league. I'm guessing sometime early summer is when Trump drops the hammer. Or rather, I suspect the FBI will drop the hammer first followed by Trump releasing all the evidence he's found to substantiate all of his claims reference wiretapping and Hillary's 33K e-mails, etc.

The whole house of cards is coming down and I couldn't be happier.

Be nice