Amy Schumer is funny

Amy Schumer is funny.

Get over it, folks.

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Holy shit.

Your bait thread actually made me realize she /IS/ funny.

It's like meta-comedy. Be so astoundingly shit, the comedy is the failing act in context.

That .gif is actually hilarious.


No she isnt. No offense to women, either. There are plenty of funny comedians, but she was waaaay overhyped and she is truly overrated as a comedian.

And she steals jokes... I meant to say "parallel thinking".

Op is a faggot

This is a slide thread, report and carry on.


>It's like meta-comedy.
nope. Full Metal Jacket was meta comedy. Not pretentious rich Jew girls sucking and stealing jokes and false flagging her own fans at a movie theater.

why do all you bitter virgins think women can't be funny? Why do you bitter virgins better identify with islamists that put women in sheets are better than guys who treat women normally

I would give anything to follow up her act by going on stage and just talking about my dick for an hour, and calling anyone who doesn't laugh an oppressive shitlord

She actually thinks she did a good job and the people that hate it are trolls. What a said said life she must live.

Hey she got Netflix to remove the star rating system so it worked out in the end for her :)

Women are funny! Amy Schumer is not!!!



All that means is that she's the one comedian who is so fucking awful that Netflix had to abolish their rating system to hide her disgrace.

What is it all about? Is it just a bunch of vagina jokes?

To be fair it's also the fault of the media and liberal white knights acting as if she can do no wrong and is hilarious. When you get that much smoke blown up your ass eventually you start to believe it.
I honestly have no idea what the fuck is the media's obsession with white knighting for her though
>There are multiple articles with pictures of her fat disgusting body saying "she's looking hot"
>Claiming anyone who criticizes her is a sexist
>And numerous articles, including the whale herself claiming, that any and all negative reviews on her special are from the "alt right"

>he doesn't know that Amy is Chuck's spawn

Hmm, it truly is a mystery...

any examples of male comedians putting the mic on their cock in an attempt to appear to be funny?

adam sandler?

yes, it's jewish humor.

I actually just loaded up my netflix to check if this was true. It's not, star ratings are still there, including her shitty one

Unironically yes. Your post is more comedic than anything throughout the show.


How to spot an upset cunt.

You are flesh toys for men like me and need to stop pretending otherwise. It's destroying civilization.

New system isn't rolled out yet.

name a funny woman.

>watch the .gif for an hour

Fill me in, I don't know who her father is

Also I take back because I just googled it and they're literally removing star reviews because of people giving her shitty special a shitty rating. Holy fucking shit, why?

who keeps pushing Amy Schumer on us.

she isn't funny. stop giving her attention ffs.

Wow, that's pretty fucking crazy.

IMDB removed their message boards to pander to sjws. I suppose they remove their rating system next. Same with metacritic. From now on, all movies are equal! Hurray!

She's actually hot. 7/10 would bang.

Amy Schumer.
Lena Dunham.

god she's hot


Tell me, how many well known memes were created by women?

Jfl @ this coping jew cunt.

Funny to look at maybe

Funny looking doesn't count, I mean one that tells jokes.

Amy Schumer or Dane Cook?

>can't even read the OP.
I'm not even going dignify this with a reasonable response,
Hitler dindu nuffin wrong.

I would rather fuck a Miss Peggy muppet with a fleshlight attached in her handhole in public than being close enough to smell Amy Schumer.

What's wrong with Americans?

Confessions, I'm Private Pyle and I want to kill my dad.

Your trips belie your autism

Dane Cook easily. At least he has some jokes and doesn't scream MY VAGINA

I kept an open mind and watched the whole special from beginning to end.


What's wrong with Canadians? They're always stealing our healthcare.

Not going to though because I have empathy unless in a self defense situation.

How do I attain this body ? Did she do SS ?

was it funny?


When does the helium you ordered afterwards arrive?

Fat cunt, not, & steals her jokes

I just fucking love how she had a goddamn doughnut or some pastry in her hand. She's literally consuming all the calories and more than she burned from her "jog" which was probably a couple minutes for the cameras and then just more walking

there's a really southern sounding girl that I hear on the comedy channels for XM radio from time to time. Talks about the travels with her husband, family life, intimate stuff (not full blown sex mind you) and hanging out with friends. Think she's around 50-60 something maybe a bit overweight since she made a few jokes about her looks by talking about dress shopping. Pretty good stuff, always gets a chuckle out of me

Well refuted :^)

Oh fuck my sides

Now this takes me back

Because the stakes are so high, and because the Wizard of Oz curtain is so threadbare, people like Amy Schumer (D-NY) have no choice but to go all-in with fully militarized entertainment. Rollerblading around on stage with Ellen and cracking jokes with the psychopathic narcissist Hillary Clinton. The fervent goody goody green enviro multiculti signalling will reach its crescendo soon because it has to. The emperor has no clothes--the only way to keep the lie going is by clamping down and holding on for dear life. That’s what I think when I see Amy Schumer’s (D-NY) big stinking ass in tight shorts, laughing it up, debasing femininity, rollerblading around Hillary Clinton cracking jokes. Make a joke about Benghazi while you’re up there.

There's nothing left that's just 'funny'--everything has to be politically charged, one way or another, even bland mindless FunnyOrDie garbage is political by virtue of how adamantly they refuse to deal with all the hysteria we're surrounded by. Turning a blind eye, carrying on as usual--that's a political statement all by itself. When my mom asks me why I have to be so nasty in my videos, this is what I try to explain to her. If the world is on fire and you’re doing Clean Comedy or straight absurdism without any teeth, you’re picking sides just the same as if you’re doing a comedy interview with Obama and trying to make him look funny and chill for millennials.

Why’d I write all this? Maybe I'm watching too much Alex Jones, maybe I'm being tribal and waycis like Na_i KKK members and I need to head back to diversity training, but I saw a video clip today and it triggered me bad. The way I see it as an aspiring semi-pro comedian, is, you can take a stand for Western Civ, you can cheerlead for its destruction like fat sexpig Schumer (D-NY), or you can plug your fingers in your ears and channel your inner toddler, like this guy. This is the worst shit I’ve seen in a minute, I hope this guy dies in a fucking car accident:

Tina fey
Amy Poehler

Victoria Coren-Mitchell

I see Amy Schumer as a challenge, more than anything. Here is a woman who, in every single aspect, is absolutely revolting - her exterior AND her personality - yet I can't help but wonder what would be like, to plunge balls-deep into her repeatedly.

That's right. Balls-deep. With no protection.

I won't lie, I'm extraordinarily-hard while typing this. I want to grab this... thing... and that's what Amy Schumer is, let's not delude ourselves, a "thing"... by the hips and ram mercilessly in and out of her quivering, malformed cunt with the force of a gladiatorial chariot, while she makes stupid faces and contorts orgasmically, unable to control her bodily reactions even if she wanted to.

I would erupt violently inside that corrupt and corrupting womb as though the entire fate of humanity depended on my seed penetrating the foul walls of one of her ovaries, the electrical fusion from this coupling creating the Antichrist, as our combined, guttural, Chewbacca-like roars shattered glass and walls alike around us, the house toppling down while we lay there in a filthy, disgusting mess.

Yeah. I reckon Amy Schumer does it for me.

Not suicidal but it did give me an actual headache. I really though the hate for Amy Schumer stemmed from the fact that she is a miserable cunt who also happens to be very ugly. Turns out she actually is very bad at comedy also.6

you stare at your fridge for 15 hours a day until you become the fridge

ok satan

Does anyone have a link to her full special? I went into a cringe coma just watching the trailer.

Sam Hyde plz go.

Female here, (in b4 tits or gtfo)

She's not fucking funny. She is an overweight lard beast that has a face of a cabbage patch doll. Not funny and if you think she is, you're a cuck.

That's A LOT of soap and lampshades.



Garbage. Actual, literal, incarnate, garbage.

I love you Uncle Chang.

If you are laughing at Amy Schumer I think it says something about your sense of humor, but I don't think the excuse "My taste in humor isn't shit, she was just holding a gun up to my head and saying 'laugh bitch'" is very reasonable.

>adam sandler
When did this happen?

Brave womyn defying gender stereotypes by showing girls can be as vulgar and funny as guys. Literally this generations Susan B Anthony

Not going to lie. Leslie might be the first female comedian to make me laugh. I never laughed as hard as when she fucking retweeted babyfur to all her fans.

This to be honest with you guys here...

Slate: Amy Schumer is funny, here's why



Holy shit, not even photoshop can help


Nasty shitty bitch

Fucking virgin retards ITT acting like they're hot shit

Spoiler alert, men and women have their days when they look like shit and days when we all look good

Not surprising autistic retards can't understand real life vs the movies where everyone looks great

>Mexicans have days where they look like a fridge
Not surprising in the least.

women can be funny
schumer is the farthest you can get from being a comedian

She must barbell shrug at least 400lbs.

It sounds like she's describing a rectovaginal fistula.

That's just the natural body build of some people, you gotta be a real subhuman or a kid if you go around making fun of people just because they have a non-standard body,.I'm gonna go with the kid theory given your infantile memes and posting style.

>No shoes
>DARE shirt from 1994
>Cut-off Jnco shorts

No, I don't want to buy any chicklets from some mulleted Indio.

This what she had to say. She actually feels brave for people hating her special.

>"I thank you trolls so much. It fills me with hope and power to see you all furiously posting so as always accuse me of whatever lies you want. Call me a whale. Call me a thief and I will continue to rise and fight and lead."

>Natural body build of Mexicans is a fucking fridge.
Learning more with every (You)

>ye think ya hot shit dontcha


>I ironically watch tv shows alone in my home just to be more ironic

The Elaine character on Seinfeld was pretty funny. Of course the lines were written by men, but she executed them pretty well. Does that count?

What kind of god damn timeline are we in that babyfur is linked into the mainstream

>go to comedy club
>Le Whyte grill comes on
>her get up is the quirkiness of unicycles
>takes a dig at Asian men's penises(friends bf is Asian and was there: loled cause he's a dickhead)
>alongside the asn dick joke, talks about whorish she is but even though she's one she still wouldn't sleep with an Asian!

She was awful, but beta dudes were laughing. No wonder white women are so entitled.


What we see here is a bunch of sour cucks getting mad and throwing shit tier insults at this particular woman because they don't agree with her opinions nor find her funny

I'm gonna go ahead and say that the feminists were right about this particular thing while being wrong on most accounts, a considerable portion of men are subhuman and they do act like the embodiment of the misogynist stereotype, look no further than Sup Forums.