Daily reminder that transpeople are beautiful and completely normal

Daily reminder that transpeople are beautiful and completely normal.

Thank you.

So brave!

>there are trans "people" on Sup Forums right now

transsexuals should be shot in the streets

That's definitely better than treating it as a mental illness. Yes sir, absolootles.


Sheer degeneracy aside, it's pretty fucking cool that we can do something like that.

Disgusting and shocking, but pretty cool.


You know this created by some jew mad scientist shit. No way a sane person came up with this method.

Whatever happened to 'Do no harm'?



Quality fucking thread OP

Actually, thank this poster because psychologists from his country first identified, proposed, and invented the medical procedures with doctors from his country that made this possible today.

Fun Fact: The first patient died of infection and was royalty iirc.


This is some disturbing shit and I've seen a lot of fucked up shit on Sup Forums back in the day.

>mutilate my cock or I'll kill myself!
This is the same argument that gender therapists use to pressure parents into putting their kids on hormones.

Off with his cock.

I don't know why they just give them the correct hormones. If my son wanted to be a girl I'd be asking to get him on testosterone not estrogen.

This made me want to throw up yet I couldn't look away.

traps are better

>wanna be a doctor to sabe people
>live in russia
>salary 300$
>wanna get some money for livin
>go to first world to remake penises to vaginas

if we can do this shits why cant we turn squirrels into monkey?!


Russia isn't first world?

Excess T degrades into estrogen. That's why roiders get bitchtits and genital shrinkage.

>It's how you cure gender dysmorphia goy!

Then I wouldn't give him excess?

external administration of testosterone is already an excessive amount


Why did i click dis?

Quick rundown on OP's webm? I'm afraid of puking if I watch it.

What if I changed his diet to produce more test? Like almonds?

penis removal followed by 'vagina' creation

Crap holy shit.

The sheer amount of fucking autismo redditfags in this thread holy shit, OP's post was ironic you irreversible spergbeasts.

Man gets his balls cut out, dick chopped up, and a hole inserted in himself. They then patched all that remains together to make a vagina.

Jesus Fuck I watched it. Why the fuck there are people who do this unironically? Still doesn't look like a real vagina in the end.

Like every one. Some of them beautiful and completely normal some of them are not.

Before the surgery and hormones maybe. After that they're the ugliest shit there is.