Why has Sup Forums gone from the 186th most trafficked site in the US to the 101st in only two weeks?

Why has Sup Forums gone from the 186th most trafficked site in the US to the 101st in only two weeks?
Where the fuck are all the normies coming from?

Reddit refugees

Easy access social media site with a high profile.

But why now?
Why has there been a massive upsurge in the last two weeks?
This is the highest it's been since the fappening

Maybe bots. Mods are having hell on earth with their bot problem.

>Top two shitposters #88 and #80
Seems about right


yeah, this might be it

Haven't you seen the massive amount of shills recently?

Is it not obvious?

We are the anti drumpfers here to fight your extremism and racism.

Democrats shilling against trump.


Why don't you have a black wife yet, Sup Forums?
stupid whiteboi
Look at your local sluts at snapchat.me!

Jesus OP, isn't it obvious? It's time to find a new imageboard. Only reason why I'm still here is because every other one is extremely inactive, and Antifachan isn't an option

We aren't shilling we are spreading facts and awareness on his hateful rhetoric and poor decision making.


Reddit+bots+paid shitposters

The path to hell was paved with good intentions.

Traitors hang first on the day of the rake.

pewdiepie redpilling on his channel literally is creating world peace and preventing total and complete annihilation of the world as we know it

>Sup Forums is about the 100th most popular site on the internet in the US
>normies and shitlibs still refer to at is the "dark, deep corner of the internet"

You will sink within a week of being here.

They all do. You won't be ready to handle reality.


the fuck is this

It's a Sup Forumstard trolling other Sup Forumstards. Lurk moar. You people are the same ones that bump their threads and actual shills' threads constantly because GOD THIS SJW IS SO RETARDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>Oy Vey!!! The normies must not visit Sup Forums or they might get red pilled!!! We must shut down Sup Forums and any form of free speech!!!

I've been telling people about Sup Forums
Spread cancer is my middle name

So you think the current state of Sup Forums is better than it was before the election?

At this rate we will start having porn threads and "pics you weren't supposed to save" threads, especially since we are the largest board

Normies can visit Sup Forums, but they have to learn to fucking LURK MOAR

No wonder there's so many civic nationalist cuck faggots on this board

>This is the highest it's been since the fappening

Maybe cause of the Emma Watson leaks?

Should make a redpill general more often then.


We are the resistance, we are standing up to you and Trump and corporate interests and it is WORKING.

We're getting raided. The up-spike coincides with all the nigger threads and the Sup Forums BTFO lefty threads. Isn't it obvious? I had to pump out a bunch of shit posts myself to keep them from swamping the board. Mods are useless at night.

MSM keep mentioning it


That's the thing, though.
It was in the 300s for most of Trump's campaign until it started rising dramatically last summer, eventually hovering around 180 until this massive spike in the last two weeks.

>the resistance
No, your just boring weenies, that stand up for Hillary's corporate friends, and Podestas kid rape circle. All your poll's are fake MSM lies. The silent majority is ready to defend the elected president to the death.

My guess is because of constant references in the news as well as ramped up shill budgets.

Holy shit wait a second.

>Don't go to Sup Forums after the 15th
>After the 15th, we start getting massive amounts of traffic and shills and bots

Anons? Is it too late?

>High energy election with Sup Forums frog becoming famous
> Absolutely no regard for 1 and 2

what kind of shill keeps track of shit like this?

he's a troll, moron.
the fact that you fell for the bait shows that you yourself are new and an underage b& faggot and need to go the fuck back to wherever you came from

Yeah, this doesn't make much sense.

I feel like Sup Forums had much greater demand during the election than after.

It's gotta be bots. No way there are that many people here.


>Oy Vey!!! Take in more refugees! Don't worry, they'll assimilate!

Bots generally don't install traffic tracking toolbars.

There was a time Sup Forums was in the top 20 on the average. Them were the days.

Can someone provide a legit link.

There's no evidence that what OP shared was true at all.

what site is this?

fappening #3 you idiots

use to be just JDIF, Stormfront, and Russia.

now it's ALL the shills

even fucking faggot as youtube e-celebs making funny voices while playing video games

the shill quality has really declined

atleast JDIF use to post attractive jew soldier girls


>There was a time Sup Forums was in the top 20 on the average. Them were the days.
Wrong. The highest it ever rose was during the fappening when it went from 300-something to 40-something and then back to 300-something in the matter of a week.

Alexa, nigger.

get out, they are going to be posting cp to put it in your cache and fuck you. I already had to report one post

i've moved to 8ch but it is slow and shitty in its own way

I think it could be because two weeks ago the Nintendo Switch released. People may have come here to talk about it since we have a video game board.

Chinese bots, shareblue bots, normies attracted by HWNDU and redditors


Pewdiepie is on a mission to destroy Sup Forums. When will you fucks realize that hes doing much more harm then help. Pewdiepie is not /ourguy/. Millions of redditors and normies flood this site after watching his videos. Some of them will get redpilled, majority will not.

Think about it, how do you destroy Sup Forums? You send people en masse to this site. Majority of Sup Forums users are not even "oldguard", majority are random teens and retards from the internet. An invasion if you will.


>Chinese bots
The China bots actually mysteriously stopped right around the time this spike occurred.
They used to account for like 6% of traffic, now it's less than 1%.

>posting CP and putting it in your cache
Didn't they do that with the archive.is thing? Where they pretty much hacked it so they'd post CP and anons that went to the archive.is had their IPs grabbed from the gif inside of the archive?

Also, regarding 8ch - You should get out of there as well. Come on, you know they literally have antifa mods in there. They jerk themselves off daily about getting antifa to dox white nationalist e-celebs.

Do you know any other imageboards? I was thinking of endchan but it's really inactive, as are all alternative imageboards really

Back to r/politics leaf

He's browsing /gif/ in his videos though, not Sup Forums.
Which is even worse if you think about it.
12-year-olds shouldn't be exposed to trap porn.

>he doesn't know about secret-chan

Provide a link, please.

Its Shareblue etc, also the MSM sits on Sup Forums all day for story ideas. And Milo is unemployed now and sitting on Sup Forums all day.

It's because of the HWNDU flag, Pewdiepie, and mentions in mainstream media in general you fucking idiots. Always with the shills, jesus.

This is how the internet works friend. You think incognito mode is like 100 stealth in Skyrim? WRONG


Because of Sup Forums

learn to google
alexa dot com

Mainly the new celeb leaks and the murder case 2-3 weeks ago
The latter got it some more media coverage aswell

Sup Forums has been getting a lot more media lately. Both mainstream and online. Good thing most of the new bluepilled normies just go to Sup Forums.

It's a secret.
You risk a permaban here for even mentioning it.
Luckily mods are asleep

>Absolutely no regard for 1 and 2


Probably oldfags just coming back for the last HWNDU and the Wikileaks.

>murder case 2-3 weeks ago
Was that the one in Germany? I thought that was on 2x4chan?

stormclouds are gathering, the reign of frogs is coming

>Come on, you know they literally have antifa mods in there.
so does 4pol. i have nowhere to go now so fuck it

>Do you know any other imageboards?
nah, everything is trash or has a tiny userbase. it's too bad

> Jdif, Russia and shills
> plus the one autist who sees them all

>Absolutely no regard for 1 and 2
Unfortunately 1 & 2 haven't been relevant since chanology.

We are against corporate interest too you fucking leaf, that is why we were against Hilldawg. You aren't resisting a damn thing, you just want to keep the status quo. You don't want real change in this country, but we do. Trump is our only opportunity to achieve that right now and we can only hope he follows through. Again, back to r/politics you collosal faggot.

I assume most of the popular websites are due to bots. Reddit is a good example. Services that use people or bots to post comments and astroturfing seem lucrative. Twitter is mostly bots too. All the Google or whatever bullshit articles on machine learning too. It's been a focus for over a decade.

Have any of u anons seen what pewdiepie is doing. He has made references to pepe and gone on Sup Forums on his channel. That is the source of the normies


I did. The information provided is not corroborating with the stats OP provided.

How to check that?

We are converting people, especially with the truth on WW2 and (((them)))

Reddit's numbers are highly inflated.
They're ranked 5th in the US and yet front page posts only get around 20,000 updoots?
If it's 5th there should be tens of millions using the site.

Don't know the original source. The pictures were uploaded again and again on Sup Forums and the german police even mentioned Sup Forums on national television during the official press conference

>2.2 mb pic
>still unreadable
Kys cuck

What is this? Is it funny?

You have some link or is this a meme I'm taking the bait on
>1 and 2
To most people those aren't relevant anymore, at least outside of raids.

Fappening 2.0 was startrd a couple days ago.

Sup Forums came to Sup Forums and said big habbenings. they had pics up of that kraut, but he was posting on krautchan not burger chans originally.


Go to Alexa dot com
In the search bar at the bottom of the home page, type in "Sup Forums dot org"
Scroll down a bit and you will see the table shown in the OP


8 is dead since CIA jim took over.

End is paranoia central, and basically dead.

The volume here is so overwhelming lately (((they))) can't stop the signal though.

Hold the line and teach the newfags the way of national socialism.

I posted some gore in a thread the other day and got a