Communism doesn't wo-

Communism doesn't wo-...

That's why we see so many glowingly enthusiastic Chinese people posting here all the time.

Oh you mean the country that accepted that communism didn't work and led to millions starving to death and then that same company reopens to the West and capitalism?

>Communism works
>China is Communist

pick none

You think authoritarianism is so great? You do realise Chinas economy is artificially booming thanks to currency manipulation and that China isnt actually communist, its a hybrid system.

Yes that's why their elite is buying up housing across Australia and Canada so they have a place to run to once SHTF

My problem with this argument doesn't stem from economic reality, but the view you have to have to pretend that the system works.
If you accept the principal assertions that the proletariat is being suppressed, it should be the answer, not the biggest human rights abuser.
It is clear that the people who are Communists are also retarded, which can be clearly demonstrated by the great leap forward and the horrible mismanagement. It was the most anti scientific policy enacted by any government in the 20th century.
Its such an incoherent shit of ideas that using it as an argument is inane.

Communism failed in China. They turned into Socialists. FFS, do some research before you try to bait these poor Capitalists who voted for Trump to rem them in the arse.

China, officially the People's Republic of China (PRC), is a unitary sovereign state in East Asia. With a population of over 1.381 billion, it is the world's most populous country.[15] The state is governed by the Communist Party of China, and its capital is Beijing.[16]
>Communist Party of China

Makes you think, doesn't it?


If you actually think that the government of China is communist then you need to go right back to plebbit

>Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea
>North Korea is not democratic

r e a l l y
m a k e s
m e
t h i n k

The codes dahnald, give them to me.
Sleepy time, drumpfsters on suicide watch

I guess the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is a democracy. KYS, simpleton.

That's just a name....

No fucking shit...

Ok you realize that if we concede that china is a Communist state doesn't that mean that the ideology is so inherently flawed even when executed it does worse than all of the capitalist societies on earth on human and environment issues?

>it's not who I am underneath....but what I DO that defines me




So they can call themselves a democracy, but still be communist. It's a one-party fucking system, you nigger

What did that have to do with what I said?

Are you the same viet chinkposter that I see saying "SINK THE CHINKS" in most every thread?

m8, regardless of whatever printed name they use, China's governing body is an oligarchy like most anywhere else on the globe. They play lipservice to the Chinese version of the USA's "muh freedoms and liberty" but just do whatever.

Believe it or not, china DOES have something akin to the USA's EPA, but it's sorta corrupt in the way where they allow people to pollute heavily in order to pay people to clean it up and the end result is sort of a money sink that doesn't really do much. Also, the political minefield of business/environment regulations is pretty huge, and a lot of fertile land which would be used to grow rice has become too polluted to actually do so, and so the production is switched to the more resistant potato. Instead of actually trying to save the land from this kind of treatment (because that would involve axeman like treatment of certain influential groups), they spend billions of dollars on awareness campaigns to increase the number of people eating potatoes. This is kind of how the Chinese system works.

Any real gommie wouldn't point to China as a good example of "tru gommunism : DDDD"

So they are not communist?!

Same with socialism, you white trash junkie. Democracy means the people vote for their leaders and laws. A one party system can still have multiple candidates for multiple positions. Fuck your thought process is simple.

Dude what is with the genocide of a perticuler group in your country? Will you actually back north korea it they start something?

>taking the CCP's word for it

by that logic freedom of religion and freedom of speech reign in china. autistic sped

They are communist, but with a little more market freedom.
Cuba is communist, so is China.