/SIG/ - Self-Improvement General

/SIG/ - Self-Improvement General

What are you doing?

>tablet on its way (most major works of literature are free via Kindle or at most less than a dollar)
>bought groceries
>staying up to fix sleep schedule
>squated 235lbs today

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I've been trying to practice German, I'm pretty trash but I've dedicated at least an hour to it these last 3 weeks.

**hour a day.
My bad

These always get deleted

Bought a barbell, weights, and decaf tea (no more coffee)

Paid my self/errands/meal prep for coming week

Lifted. Time to do the most important thing, proper rest.

I cut down to 6 beer a day instead of 7

How much do you weigh. If you stop all together you'll lose a bunch of weight.

what are your lifts?

>What are you doing?
Went and worked today with my dad. Trying to learn the ropes from him so I can get the contracts he receives when he retires next year.
That's good. I don't suppose you post in the language general in Sup Forums?
Once you get your german good enough, I recommend you consider posting in Sup Forums. But just a word of warning, be careful in the German general. They're all turbo-autists and are really rude towards learners

Nothing much today. It was a bit of celebration day. Weather was nice and I got some money for groceries so I indulged.

That said, yesterday:
>woke up at gf's
>took bath with her
>eventually got home
>listened to an hour of political discourse
>pondered it for some time
>hit gym
>afterwards meditated
>in thought space after a couple minutes
>suddenly facedwith intense fear of a sort of primordial dragon striking out at me
>terrorizes me and I want to open my eyes
>I do not relent
>decided to face my fear
>drive beast and fear away through thought of conquering it
>spend rest of night feeling great

Pathetic effort leaf. Australia doctors recommend at least 16 beers daily.



>started taking (((krav maga))) lessons
>actually went to a psychologist.
Now trying to find peace with myself and the short comings of the world

I'm getting to class late, falling asleep in lecture, staying up all night and jacking off every day. I also keep planning to shape my resume and then never do it. I'd say I'm doing pretty well

How can I maintain a study routine and avoid procrastination? I lose concentration easily, and sometimes i'm completely repulsed by the idea of reading.

I'm reintroducing my self to it, kind of clue less really. Right now it's 30 lbs to start cause I didn't want to spend the cash on more, or have more than I need to start. So right now I'm doing 3 sets of 10 basic curls, and the same with I don't know what you call it, behind the neck lifts and some lunges. Want to build shoulder, tricep, forearm. Whole arms pretty much.Need to incorporate the cardio & stretching (yoga for mind), but the lifting gets the aggression out better

>posting images of mummy on Sup Forums

>read a book every few days
>have learned European martial arts, vid related:
>taught myself how to blacksmith
>learned some blues music on the harmonica

I'm only doing unproductive things, like browsing Sup Forums and browsing the web in general, while standing. Pretty much been on my feet for a couple weeks straight. I'm not implying I've been browsing the web for 2 weeks straight though.

So cheeki breeki

I got a fleshlight today. I just don't think it's fair that guys in relationships get pussy on a daily basis.

You don't need to cut out coffee, bro. Coffee kills the appetite. However, if you don't have a big appetite I guess there's no point in drinking it.

I've been using the quiet of the early morning to work on my thinking. Lately it's been so easy to fall into negative thought patterns considering all the negative bullshit going on in the world. Not to mention in my personal life. The positives are there and I have had to dig deeper and deeper to find them. The really difficult part is maintaining positive thought. I know it will get better.

You let a demon in to your soul. This is why I avoid transcendental meditation


Leave your ego behind and self evaluate hardcore. Don't let your shortcomings or mistakes shame you, user. Understand and admit to yourself everything that is wrong with you and change those things.

Yes it will get better. I know from experience, but you can't just believe it will get better. You have to start acting.

But its such a rush to get this feeling and fighting it off then.

I used to get these fears every night as a kid, from the day my parents divorced until i stopped remembering m dreams at about 16 years of age.
I used to see amazingly bright yellow eyes who striked the craziest fear i have ever felt into me.
At some point I realised that cowering and crying doesnt help and make me seem like a bitch ( puberty boy thinks like that) so I started just staring back in my mind. Shortly after I started doing this the eyes started to look rather benovelent and kind off, just left.
The weird part is I completly stopped remembering my dreams then, up to now, was 16 then, now im 29.
Still havent remembered a dream since then.

I was being terrorized and didn't realize it.

The dark energy was all around me. When the veil between worlds is thin, they would come to me.

By standing up to the beast and fighting it, you are rising up above them, empowering yourself and warding off their dark energy.

>Have one meal rich in protein today
>Walk several miles a night for work
>Do stretches and squats when I'm bored/tired
>Browse Sup Forums
>Plan for my 4th wedding anniversary

Finished reading The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper, and read Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography after within a week, finishing it yesterday. Now onto reading America Alone by Mark Steyn.

Home is tidy, getting good grades at school.

Just need to get back in the gym but I have been very mindful of what Ive been eating for the past 6 months.

Havent texted my ex in 2 weeks (still attached) but still killing me inside.

Consider reading Rational Male

Quick rundown on this please?

Well i've just reached around halfway through reading the Female Eunuch. Who else here has read it?

Went to the gym today, practiced my kana and didn't fap

It's basically a collection of all the ideas Rollo Tomassi has outlined over the years on his blog. It helps you, a male, understand you are the prize to be won by the woman not the other way around. It outlines the feminization being programmed into males in the realm of intergender relations.

>when youre trying to maintain a positive mindset but you cant stop thinking about a girl


>paid year's lease on 1200 sq.ft. upscale apartment with inheritance money for third year in a row (live alone)
>all bills on autopay, collect mail once per week
>no job or social life, only go out to buy groceries, depressed
>sit around day after day, week after week, month after month playing computer games, watching Netflix, masturbating, reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, and browsing Sup Forums
>extensive Trump hat and meme collection
>went bald a few years ago, fat as fuck
>eat lots of unhealthy snacks
>drive to Mom's for holidays, birthdays, family vacations, etc.

My only redeeming qualities are that I shower at least once per day, floss and brush, and have good hygiene (for a shart in mart), I actually keep my apartment completely immaculately neat and clean, and I cook real food pretty often because I enjoy cooking. The women in family actually look forward to my cooking.

Years back, I was a junior military officer with a four-year degree who worked out constantly and got laid. Excelled in school, sports, was popular, etc. Seems like another world now. Then the depression creeped in and they eventually let me go with a general discharge under honorable conditions, and a bunch of shit happened like deaths in the family, personal betrayals, etc. Lost contact with all friends and almost all family over the years.

Other than that, I'm living the life and have absolutely no plans to improve myself until the money runs out one year and I suck on the muzzle of my shotgun. All of the inspirational calendar bullshit people use to try to convince people not to an hero is totally lost on me, it will happen.

>also fixing sleep schedule
>eating more
>drinking more water
>reading and studying more

Sounds interesting. Thanks bro. Just been thinking about her today more than usual. I will look into this.

I want to start working out

Does Sup Forums know how to begin or should I head to /fit/ for advice?

I have a couple things for you to consider. Okay, in the mouse utopia experiment scientists studied the effects of rising population in rats. Once the population hit critical mass, multiple things began to happen. One of the many behaviors that scientists observed was self imposed isolation and obsessive grooming, they called these rats "the beautiful ones"

Your subconscious brain knows through pheromones when you are in a densely populated area. The same behaviors observed in the rats start to manifest the same in you and those around you. This pretty much tells your brain that you don't need to reproduce, it's detrimental to you and your species, you should isolate yourself in order to preserve yourself.

Consider moving to an area low in population.

Read Starting Strenght

Man, I've known about The Beautiful Ones for years. I'm an old fuck and I've been around.

I grew up in the sticks and maybe I could move back there, but I'm pretty sure I'm just a degenerate whose own brain and body are working against him. Besides, I don't live in a huge city; I live in a medium-sized sprawl of a few hundred thousand people, a beautiful place with lots of greenery.

I was a precocious youth and a voracious reader, I was sent to a prestigious private school, and I was absolutely above-average in almost every way.

Doesn't matter. I might as well be an autistic retard rating his intelligence 9/10 in a Sup Forums "rate your life" thread. It's totally useless and pointless without any motivation to use it. It just makes me unhappier knowing I've never fulfilled my potential.

I don't think it's society or a Beautiful Ones dynamic, it's just me. I quite simply hate myself and have no motivation at all. The insane thing is that I'm not socially retarded and people always seemed to like me, before I became degenerate and broke off contact out of the shame of them seeing me this way.

I appreciate the advice and outstretched hand to an obnoxious stranger, but I'm a hard case of terminal NEET/an hero.

OP here

for those for those of you truly interested, here is the Sup Forums self-improvement discord

please read the announcements and check the pins in the channels.


this will expire after 5 users join. We are attempting to make /SIG/ into something like /brit/pol or the Trump General.

eating healthy, working out and drinking lots of water


Basically progressive overload is the best place to start. Try going on the preacher before bench and calculating your 1 rep max. Do widegrip to hit the short head of the bicep. Do 75% of your 1RM for 8 reps. After a few weeks this weight will get easier and you can increase the weight based on your new calculated 1 RM. Focusing on form is very important and also making sure you work all of your muscles.
If you train chest? Gotta train back that week to.
Some of the best exercises in my opinion:
Dumbbell bench press
Dumbbell row
Decline bicep curl
Preacher curl with wide grip
youtu.be/x0f2sfsh7ns (Best shoulder workout)
Tricep kickbacks
Incline cable flies
Incline bench press
Yates row
Glute bridges
Some basic yoga positions are a good idea
Planks for daysssss
Oblique twist
Oblique plank
Lying leg raise bodybuilding.com/exercises/main/popup/name/flat-bench-lying-leg-raise (this is the best for progressive overload on abs, just count reps)
Dumbbell overhead press
Farmers carries are fucking amazing
Upright cable rows are fucking amazing

Basically just google all of the muscle groups and write out workouts for that day. Some people split it into push/pull, some people work every muscle every day of the week for the first week they start. Supplements like creatine, preworkout, multivitamin are best.
I'm currently studying for my certification from national academy of sports medicine, don't mind running through the basics.

*try going on the preacher bench
Fuck autocorrect

The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. You must be successful, reliable, hardworking, and, above all, happy. Do people in your life trust and respect you? What does your family think of you? Racial politics doesn’t have to be the only factor of that.

Always remember: we live in first world countries and have opportunity that most people born on this planet don’t. Spend your time wisely and keep your real life priorities in order. Nothing on the internet should ever take away from your real life.

I reengineered my identity for the 89th time.

So far I've refined to a point where I can no longer change who I am.

I am perfect in every single way.

You are a faggot

Thats really intense user, you are like master from my animes

Kinda, but not really.

You're just jelly that you still post as anonymous because you're afraid of attention.

But you crave it so badly that you have to call attention to yourself by projecting your biggest fear.

Becoming what you claim others as.

Turned on the "bedtime" option on my phone so I start going to bed at the same time every night. I set it for 2 am and still usually end up going to actual sleep around 3 or 4, but still, I'm at least under the covers by 2 most nights. Try to get up before noon as often as possible.

Started a regiment of healthier eating, obtained a kettlebell to work out with. Going to look up some routines tomorrow.

Introduce deadhangs and later chinnies and pull ups. Deadhangs forge odin tier grip strength and forearm girth, chinnies for back shoulders and ceps brah.

Elaborate bro, it sounds like he broke through.

You are projecting that i'm projecting which means that the only one projecting here is you .

You just projected that I projected that you projected.

Now we're projectors. But not the 4k kind.

We're the shitty pocket projectors that nobody buys or uses.

I've had IBS for years, it's killed my confidence and makes me feel like shit all the time. I'm starting a low FOPMAD diet this week and trying to cut caffeine and alcohol as much as possible. I'm also doing 60 push ups, 60 squats, and 60 sit ups every morning. Mentally, I'm reading better (Dostoevsky, Nietzsche, Heinlein, Pynchon) and trying to expand my horizons politically by adding Chapo Trap House, Radio War Nerd, and other more left-leaning podcasts into my listen cycle. The last one has been easy because TRS podcasts have been going down in quality for some time, and since election season ending/Enoch drama they've gotten into the shitter. Someone needs to sit them down and tell them that doing a jewvoice and saying "goy" constantly doesn't stand in for interesting viewpoints or engaging content.

Wish me luck friends. Any other IBS sufferers have tips about what's helped them? That's honestly the lynchpin of my unhappiness.

>staying up to fix sleep schedule
Didn't get much sleep today, and to stay up till evening I decided to pop like 30-40 mgs of street amphetamine
Now I don't want to sleep, but the effects are pretty weak, maybe I should do a little more


Kek thinks you should watch this series

>pondered it for some time
>thought space
>i do not relent
>primordial dragon

whatever you say user

Week 1 Tendie intake: 0 tendies
Week 2 Tendie intake: 3 tendies
I am growing stronger...

>tfw tore pelvic muscle deadlifting 495
Want to end my life tbqhfam. 5 weeks without lifting.

In other news I did just receive the best graduate research assistant award for my master's degree. So, I guess that's good.

No you're meant to be a weedy high schooler with an inferiority complex, haven't you read the Bustle articles about us

Any chance more can join ?

Link please. Those are always good for a laugh.

Week 3 of exercise. Not even sure I'm doing any of this right. Not sure when I can expect to see results.

Currently on a home brew "Velocity Diet". Wasn't fatass fat, but I'd gained enough weight that I didn't like the way I felt or looked. Also:
>used my tax returns to pay off debt
>readjusted W4 so I'm not giving the Feds a $500 interest free loan every month
>realize my contract is up in two years so actually planning ahead instead of letting it happen
>will be completely debt free (except for my house) this year

Should be good lads

6 months for noob gains.

2 years for decent results.

Granted your diet and nutrition is good and you're doing all your compound lifts and not just biceps every day kek.


>Read only what you need to.
>Don't spend more than 45min at a time studying.
>Take proper notes
>review the notes you take in lecture AND the notes you take in reading
>the overlaps are likely on the test

After 3 years of depression I am finally going to my classes and somewhat studying. I don't sleep 16 hours a day anymore and the overwhelming urge to kill myself is gone.

Omw to gym. Started going at January 4th, at 101kg, Have dropped to 93kg. I go 5x a week


Go to a place where you can be in a learning environment (library, cafe, whatever). While studying, listen to white/brown noise.

This site is good for noise:

>Water only (5 years) however I started drinking tea last month
>No medication (4 years)
>No pork (2 years)
>No porn (3 years) but some erotic non-porn material consumed
>No Food Friday (6 months)
>No video games (2 years) except with friends once every few weeks
>No alcohol (7 months)
>No tobacco (ever)
>No marijuana (3 days)
>No social media (6 years)
>No TV (8+ years)
>Donating 50%+ of disposable income (8 months)
>Spending most/all free time reading, writing, watching documentaries, discussing information, exercising, and educating people
Mostly just working on a big project with my boyfriend lately

What are you doing?

What's your height/weight?

Imagine if you had grown up with a leather skin mommy with a playboy bunny tattoo.

>no pork (2 years)

for what purpose

I think it's kinda like getting fit. When you first start running, you don't want to do it, you make excuses etc. but once you force yourself to push past that and once you get into a routine, when you miss a session it makes your feel antsy.

It's the same with studying.

>Donating 50%+ of disposable income (8 months)
To what exactly? Why not invest it?

Sehr schön.

Posting on /pol

Practicing french, english, spanish
Reading Evola
Building a fascist party in my city
To gym everyday
got a gf
× still 65 kg
× jobless
× broke af
× live with schoolmates

I'll tell you what I do.

All sets are 6-8 reps so pick the weight accordingly.

>Day one: Chest and triceps

Five sets decline barbell press, three sets incline barbell press, three sets tricep kickbacks

>Day two: Back, bis:

Four sets of chins, throw in some leg raises too. Six sets using the vertical row machine (most people suck at barbell rows and this is the one machine in the gym which is a superior choice), three sets of cable pulldowns, three sets of curls - normal at a slight angle, hammer, and twist curls. You don't need 40 sets of curls - if you're doing your back properly, they'll get all the work they need. Besides, two thirds of your arm is triceps so...

>Day three: Shoulders, squats

>Three sets normal squats, four sets sitting barbell press, three sets barbell shrugs, then two sets each of dumbbell raises: front, side and rear. I finish up with a few sets of cable crunches for abs.

Then two days rest.

N.B. There would be a fourth day for deadlifts but I'm working out from home now and I haven't figured out a way to do it without the neighbours below freaking out.

I also get up early and run about 3 miles most mornings around a local park/loch area, except on rest days and after legs (obviously).

I've found this routine carves you up pretty well but if you're just starting out, it depends on what you want to do; if your want to get strong first, stick to the big compound lifts and fewer reps.