French Airport Muslim Terror Attack: Female Soldier With Gun To Their Head - CCTV footage of the Paris Orly airport attack has emerged, appearing to show the gunman taking a female soldier hostage before he is shot by her colleagues. The man, who has been named as Ziyed Ben Belgacem, is seen struggling with a soldier for more than a minute before help arrives. Belgacem, a 39-year-old French citizen, held an air pistol to the soldier's head and used her as a shield. Police believe he intended to use the soldier’s weapon to shoot members of the public. The soldier’s colleague intervened and fired three bursts, shooting Belgacem dead.

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>giving women guns when they can't overpower the non-dominant hand of an average build man
what happened to us?

>a female soldier
There's your problem

no one cares in the beginning, not surprised the french are smelly, rude, dogs.

Women shouldn't be allowed to serve outside of support roles

lol. from the moment the news came out, i wondered how he actually managed to get the gun off a trained soldier.

guess Sup Forums was right again

There is a reason men and women don't compete in the same categories

>Overpowered by averagely built civilian
>Held at gunpoint by a fucking toy

This actually really upsets me that society lets someone that incompetent become a soldier.

Women soldiers for the sake of diversity should be an international crime.

digitsss. i guess the french arent so bad after all

They just lack everything that makes a decent soldier or athlete

Lol love the ending

It's all connected, this faggotry needs to end one way or another

drunken boat ride or 1 more nail in the coffin?

Letting women and fags join combat units was the worst mistake of the past decade.

They even ruined the firefighters

It's sickening.

>female police

>The man, who has been named as Ziyed Ben Belgacem

read that as Zyklon Ben

This whole equality female soldier bullshit is going to cost people their lives

the way the hold the gun amazes me.
How do you even consider that?

All the while men will be blamed and the media&politicians decry how we're not helping our "female veterans".


i guarrantee you these fat chicks will NEVER pass a firefighters appliance test.
I nearly fucking died when I did mine 10 years back. And I was really fucking fit back then.

What is the problem with this pic? The way she holds the gun is the only problem?

>10 years back
With those old sexist tests? Oy vey!

There was one crazy dyke chick who actually passed the test, but she was a pro athlete for track and field shit and about 1,82cm tall. So she barely counted as a chick.
But I actually saw less than 3-4 chicks even try the test in my years.

There is a good documentary about how forced diversity ruined rescue services in Sweden.

They lowered their standards and put experienced firemen out of a job to hire stronk women and everything went downhill from there.

Not counting the risk of sexual harassment lawsuits and all that good shit. Feminists ruin everything they touch.

Not just that one. She is leaning on another that it's pointing into her gut

> female veterans
> female
I really hope this is the beginning of the end of this sort of bullshit.

>pointing gun to friendly
>pointing gun toward yourself

it's basic

>no one helped

What the fuck

How ? HOW ?
Guns held by the military should at worst only have one bullet loaded and no magazine, hell the drunk fucktard probably didn't even know how to switch off the safety.

Women should be required to meet all the standards of men if they are to join the army.

There is literally nothing wrong with gays in the military

Being called racist for raising one's hand on a muzzie is feared enough to let a fellow citizen die

Isn't the current year amazing

>leaks military information
>gets a sex change

Do Airsoft really hurt that much? He instantly crumbled.

i would have helped.

sneaked up behind him, and pushed his arm away, while punching him full force in the temple.

Sure. The slippery slope isn't real /s
> The military scandal involving sharing of sexually explicit images of troops has expanded beyond the private social media site Marines United to a slew of gay pornography web pages with images of men wearing military uniforms engaged in sex acts, USA TODAY has learned.
> In the case of the sites with gay pornography, military investigators will be tasked with determining whether active-duty troops were involved in conduct that could bring discredit on their service, a potential violation of military law.
> The Marine Corps is not the only service affected. Images of men in the uniforms of sailors, soldiers and airmen also appear on an array of Tumblr sites. The Pentagon has established a joint military task force to handle the growing investigation, said MaryAnn Cummings, a spokeswoman for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

It was a kid. Also bb's do hurt like a bitch in rapid succession and in the same spot

What the hell is wrong with you people? It wasn't the woman's fault she got held at gunpoint, that goatfucker snuck up behind her.
She actually did pretty well in staling him for her colleague to take a proper shot at him.
Women can perform just as well as men if given the chance and proper physical and mental training.

That last bit is actually false, goat fucker.

But not before teleporting behind him and disabling him with your katana in a non personal manner right

You're just a sad,angry and obese basement dweller virgin who shakes at the thought that some women are more athletic and can easily beat you up.

why do security cameras always have such shitty picture quality.

so easy

and it will be easy in the future, you cannot prevent this happening to female guard

That was an abosolutely disgusting read - thanks. I think there was nobody here who thought that a "woman is just as physically fit as a man". I have to use quote signs here, because it sounds like a joke to begin with.

No, it is actually false.
Look at biology and tell me that women can do anything a man can do.
There will always be exceptions, but over 95% says no.


lel, didn't see that one

that is pretty hilarious

If they could, they'd compete with men in sports. They don't, because they can't.

>muh some women
Some women, yeah, those who could and should pass the same physical tests that men undergo and not the pathetic downgraded garbage they're put through

It just so happens that they're not many

You are literally retarded or brainwashed.

>Look at biology and tell me that women can do anything a man can do.
Women can do anything a man can do.

How the fuck are those 2 monsters on the right still allowed to serve? Looks like they've been getting their HRT from jelly doughnuts. Don't they have pt?

You make it sound like it isn't a big deal


photo of the shooter released

This is what happens when you want equality in everything. This video will BTFO all feminists who say that women are fighters lmao. Chicks should not be protecting our airports. When youre 5'4 and 120 pounds and youre in a halal environment reality catches up with you. You can even tell the patrols are either bored af or just dont care enough. How long did it take for the soldier to realise his partner was missing. I mean how do you not look left. He looked suprised, confused. The chick showed no signs of resistance evem though the muslim was autistic.You see no matter how much training they get, men will always overpower them.

nice roid shoulders

Probably a woman, so probably both.

All I see is a french citizen expressing his feelings. Stop being a bigot racist.

I wanna cunt-punch the one in white. She looks so smug.

Calm down Elliot Rodger.

go outside
>They don't, because they can't.
Projecting much?

They don't follow the same standards. My younger brother is a city fireman in the NW and he says the dummy they carry for certification is 200lbs. The one the females carry is 50lbs. So, the size of a kindergartner.

He.also says though in actual fire life and death situations they never send in the females.

Why? Even if you could find women capable of passing the same test as a somewhat fit male, why bother? Women in the military are a liability and provide no benefits, it's the definition of a bad business decision.

It's just added costs and risks for nothing a regular man could do. The only reason they're allowed is to score feminist brownie points and once it gets political, you're fucked. You're stuck with a bunch of squatty bulldyke thots that you cna't fire or allow to fail a test and there is no way back out this rabbit hole.

>not just coming up behind him and smacking him one
oi nuffin personnel m8

Honestly she looks pretty okay with the situation


What a beast, that's inspirational

the man fought the terrorist during minutes efficiently
lots of virgins and faggots ITT

Not even one semi proper stance that an autistic 12 year old could even muster.

holy shit, i probably couldn't even do that with both of my arms and legs

I did, and that's where I came to the conclusion that women are not equal to men. Watch the video dumb whore. Or come fight me. I'll fuck you to death

well fuck
it's confirmed
safety pins are misogynistic
never in my life would have considered that

Because feminism. Its a females right to get shot. Its their right to get shot or raped by a criminal during a identity check. Women have children, putting their lives on the line shows how crazy feminists are. Not a single general or low officer will tell you chicks are good for the army.

Keep telling yourself that. A national women's soccer team got BTFO by high school freshman boys.

Venus and Serena Williams both got BTFO by a low ranking male pro who was a smoker and had been drinking that day.,,543962,00.html

Whenever a MTF tranny enters an athletic competition they always seem to win, strange huh?

We can go all day with this shit.

He did it for the immersion.

>that pic.
Isn't that MRE a commercial version?

>making this about hatred of women instead of muslims


>that whole fucking video

No hatred needed to argue against women in combat units.

We have the muslim problem because of women to begin with.

>Watch the video dumb whore. Or come fight me. I'll fuck you to death

keyboard warrior much?
Everyone had the equal chance of winning.

>female soldier

>Under the list for mixed sports
555-come the fuck on now

I want women away from police and military so they dont die or cause the death or her male soldiers.


>women can't fight
When will Nazis learn?

She is simultaneously managing to point two guns at herself at once

> It is not about creating an fire fighting service! It is not! Do you understand that? It's about creating a home here!'


I kind of want to visit Sweden just to see if it's as YES as people make out.

I went into the army and besides the females having much easier physical fitness test they were also held to no standard.
In basic these little girls couldn't even do their minimum PT tests and they were all passed. Some couldn't do a single push-up.
After training I got to my unit and it was quite literally infested with niggers. One Kang got promoted to command sergeant major and he just flooded the place (brigade HQ) with niggers. His brother or cousin was at least 400lbs, an s6 CSM huge dude. They have lower ranking sheboons and every knew these niggers didn't take PT tests they just pencil whipped it. During PT these nigs just walked around, if they showed up at all, and did what niggers do yelling and hooping and all that shit
Pretty pathetic army t b h

>France citizen
Fuck off mate, and my dog is indentifying as a fucking rat.

Good he's dead, one less idiot following the region of shit and pieces.

>French citizen

>air pistol
So this was more like suicide by MP and less like an actual terror attack.
Not saying that absolves Muslims in any way, just pointing it out.

>spic hookers

Nobody's arguing with you. You're just dumping your misogyny folder

Why can't you prove it though? Why are you even replying your words are empty and meaningless.
Are you telling yourself you're literally winning a 10 vs 1 argument against all the sexists on Sup Forums?