Can we just gas these people already?

can we just gas these people already?

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I for one am waiting for these lesbian sex scenes.

>a shitty adaptation of a bad adaptation of an ok show

She's too cute to be a lesbian.


It would make more sense if the blue ranger were gay, but I guess a nigger faggot would be too much.


wtf does it even matter what she licks
Dicks or chicks

I don't need to see her girlfriend
How does it move the story
It don't

Honestly I feel like sometimes this stuff is done purely as a business decision. Add a gay character and you get free publicity with the media.

Next is gay agenda, the Star Wars remake where Darth Vador is a transgender polyamourous black jew fighting patriarchy.

Who is watching power rangers that knows what a lesbian is? I think that's the real concern here.

What I don't understand is why this continues to happen.

Surely they've realized that shilling for liberal degeneracy is not a winning show formula by now.

People want crazy, original shit like Game of Thrones, not "look at our proud Latina lesbian in our Power Rangers reboot that no one wanted"

That show is going to wither and die just like all the other shows whose big selling point is "look at this liberal degeneracy" so why do they keep doing it?

Are you new? Welcome, newfriend

Trini sounds alot like Tranny.

What's the end game, Bandai?

wtf a lesbian?
I am so triggered right now
the government should make something about this


I'm so sick of this jewish bullshit!

"First openly lesbian character" in what?

First openly lesbian character in the power rangers franchise?

I was going to see it at the cinema because as a young child I was obsessed with the original power rangers but all this bullshit just makes me want to pirate it instead

>You killed my daddy
>No Luke, I am your daddy

((((TV lesbians)))) are different from real ones.

>Crazy original shit like GOT
>About a girl trying to ferry over a horde of murderous sandniggers in order to steal power from the immoral white people who are also trying to fight the menace of a horde of angry whites that will end the world

>who's your mommy now bitch?

Why, what the fuck is the point?
It's just useless pandering
It doesn't add to her character, it doesn't add to her personality.
Even assuming they are going to hamfist some kinda romance plot into this heap of shit, it won't be for any other reason than pandering.

This is literally like every other case of a a fictional character coming out as gay
Overwatch's Tracer
MKX's Bow and arrow chink
Literally everyone in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Really. That's your interpretation of Game of Thrones?

Even if that's the hackneyed way you want to look at the show, you must have missed the part where the white woman and her posse drifted over to sandnigger land, kicked their ignorant asses, publicly ridiculed them for their barbaric practices, destroyed the backbone of their culture, and was declared queen and obviously superior being.

If anything, it's a colonialism reference, not a muslim refugee reference.

Oy vey


Oh and
>Jorah cucked by a sandnigger

Start by yourself

Have you noticed its jews who always (((adapt))) japanese culture for US audiences? (((Haim Saban))) did it with super sentai (power rangers), (((Harvey Weinstein))) did it with various Chinese films.

are you implying any other group runs American media?

Yeah it's almost like Jews control the media or something. Weird!

There was never really any relationships in power rangers, it was just a cheesy action show for kids. Fucking kikes.

So powerful and moving.

A tear just fell from my eye just now after hearing about this act of bravery.

Play ball

(((Haim Saban)))
(((Shuki Levy)))
(((Dean Israelite)))

Power Rangers was always Marxist propaganda. It always promoted diversity. Now they changed Billy from a smart white man to a black man and Trini from a cute Asian girl to a lesbian Mexican girl. Avoid this movie.

Lemme know if she makes out with a girl on camera.

If she starts scissoring with Rita Repulsa then I'm definitely buying a ticket.


The blue one has autism now too.

One episode to note is Power Rangers Zeo episode 29: A Season to Remember.
Directed by (((Robert Radler))) and written by (((Jackie Marchand))).
"A spell is cast on the teens that causes them to be intolerable toward other cultures during the holiday season."

I'm more upset at their obvious race retcons.

>blue ranger is now the black guy
>black ranger is an asian guy
>yellow ranger is a latina girl

Shows how awful this world has gotten since the 90's. It was never a big deal until the pc police said it was.

do they have a terrorist one too?

Merchants gonna merch

>yfw social justice rangers

It makes it even more obnoxious considering that Power Rangers were already racially diverse. So why go this extra ridiculous mile for? At this rate we will soon have a cast of all trans Rangers that have every type of fetish imaginable and it will be seen as so progressive.

funny how becky G never smiles in photos kek

>white ranger is into diaper play
we don't talk about the brown ranger anymore


I actually still want to see this movie but only really because Twitch has been doing a marathon of MMPR so I had a huge nostalgia rush for a bit watching some episodes. Kimberly was so hot then.

you're just going to let yourself down. you will see the not-so-subtle propaganda and you are going to hate them for it

It's the pink sympathizer now.

I hope it will also feature the first successful corrective rape in children's TV history.
Two more are gay in this movie, and a black guy loves supergirl...I stoped watching. /..

Corporate bigwigs have no clue about reality, but have so much money to lose they dgaf

>Promoting brown women not to procreate

Sounds good to me.

black guy is no longer the black ranger

white guy isnt the white ranger


>he doesn't enjoy cheap vagina or scissoring

Itll happen to startrek too

they've fallen for their own propaganda.

bcos people bitch and moan but will still watch it anyway, muh "nostalgia"


muh diversity

So her personality and character will be written with nothing else in mind? This is why people hate gays.

I'm dying

so progressive, so strong. but no transgender? what are they sexist neocons?

Bollocks. Plenty of openly lesbian characters in films including kids ones. Stop publicising a shit film (probably) CNN.

See you don`t have to try to look too hard. Someone has made a list already.

Hollywood is not the only fruit seller.

hi Japan, in America, we call this "Fake News".

But red Ranger is a male porn star now isn't he.

Patronising cunt that you are I prefer hate bait. But CNN is good for allocating such threads.


Is that something you want to do? Or are you just being friendly?

OK, nice to meet you! Have a good day.

Post yfw the villian in this movie is Professor Krump who wants to wall off all the humans and take the land for himself

How the fuck is she "the first openly lesbian character"?

is that mike matei?

>black guy
>admitting he's a father

1st lesbian in a kids film, made in hollywood, in 2017.

But how do we know that?
Maybe another character WAS lesbian and just didnt feel the need to shove that fact in everyones faces

No you see, there must be a "first gay/trans/nigger" character in every TV show.

The more glass ceilings to smash means the revolution never ends! Cultural trotskyism basicaly.

there is gay sex in game of thrones


Then were is the first openly Sup Forums Sup Forums user. I want some storm-trooper child representing this place.

Japan, can you return the favor and nuke hollywood and L.A for us.

Cute lesbians don´t exist or are very rare, most of the time is just attention whoring or being unable to find a man.

I'll add it to my big list of Hollywood movies to ignore.

1st Child nazi salute. 1st openly anti-jew comment. 1st unnecessarily violent attack on someone for the colour of their skin.

lmao im not one of you autistic losers but I googled it to see if it was even real and saw this
>ellow Power Ranger Trini, played by actress Becky G., questions her sexuality in the film — a plot point director Dean Israelite hopes will resonate with a younger audience.

>Dean Israelite



You mean "connect them to AC power?"

I thought Japan already did. Washing up on the shores is the contaminated waste of fukushima.

What about a disabled one? Do they have one in a wheelchair?

You don`t get out much do you. Plenty of cute lesbians to be seen.

stealth rare

Tbh if I were a hack (((director))) I would be looking for any "first" I could. Easy publicity.

Movie already looks as terrible as every other attempt hollywood media makes to use nostalgia to milk cash from young adults, of course they're gonna try to play every card in the book to get universal appeal for it. If you don't like the movie, don't watch it, don't talk about it, and it'll die off eventually.

Please go back to imgur.

The Megazord will have a wheelchair related finisher


(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Haim Saban)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


i only go to imgur to host naked pics of myself to send to people?

I would rather have lesbians on tv shows/movies than race mixing whores.