Walk into echochamber

>walk into echochamber
>see this

wat do Sup Forums?

Lick my lips and use this sissy bitch mouth I have to suck him dry.

haha faggot enjoy you ban haha faggot


That's a nice cock.

Are you the Spaniard that keeps making the communist general threads?

Gross. I may be a fag but I'm not a commie. The guy who makes those threads Is a Catalokike.

Get on my level, punk.

Damn you guys are so fucking big. I'm so wet right now

Tasty but it's cut ;w; looks kinda gross desu.




This isn't as fun as it looks.

These are the holy grail of dick images. /r/whipitout

What annoys me the most is I can't actually see if it's cut or not.

If(Benis cut()):
lube up(2)


Restoration bro. Also uncut

I can't believe I typed that out on my phone and fucked up the conditional.

It's supposed to be not(cut())

My python tutor is going to be disappointed

*Sigh* Mods do your job

Suck on it like a hungry whore, then pull down my dainty panties (I'm a guy BTW) and receive his hot sticky unprotected load in my boipuccy.

Hey post a pic

don't be a Reddit new flag take that shift to Sup Forums ps hope you get banned

who wants to see my boipucci

sure user :)


here you go


oi cunt im the kiwi gay poster on this board THERE AINT ROOM ENOUGH FOR THE TWO OF US

Do it

post "how can mooncrickets even compete?"

Pol isn't Sup Forums no one said its for shit posting.

>jew dick
Such a shame