Jew's bane

This is Hassan Nasrallah, aka Syria's Savior

Say something nice about him

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he looks white

Needs to fucking die.

Thank you slightly more white brown person

would share my ham sandwich with

Prime mover for Merkava fire sales "Only Abandoned Once!".

No Arab is a real threat to Jews.
It's Jews themselves who are the strongest against Jews.
Seriously if you look up on the anti Israel scholars they are Jews, several even from Israel. Arabs are all talk and flash but awful execution.

>Jew's bane

for you

He's a big guy

I like him.

But you are a faggot.

>A guy who would literally send soldiers to fight for me.

besides him and Iran, literally who else in the world would fight for me, a loathed hated white Christian?

For you.

>Syria's Savior
You kinda already did, but here's another. The zionists hate his guts.

Based Nasrallah, based hezbollah

thank you for saving my people from the kikes and their shabbos goyim.

thank you for bringing Christmas to the Christians of Aleppo.

thank you for being a better Crusader than all of modern Christendom.

If he was a threat he'd be assassinated long ago

>If he was a threat he'd be assassinated long ago

Stop kidding yourself, you call Iran an existential threat yet you can't do anything against them but bark and threaten. Which is perfectly logical as you can't do anything to remove Nasrallah, how could you possible take on a country with 80 million?

Better wake up sooner rather then later, it will be less painful that way.

i wouldn't be surprised if Mossad went to shit just as much as the IDF has. The israelis of the 1960s-70s are retired or went into politics. now its just you inferior children.

This, the generation of solid, hard as nails, no nonesense Mossad agents ara long gone. Nowadays all the new generation can do is threaten and terrorize the defenceless, too afraid of those who can actually punch back.

He says "help us fight them in syria, otherwise they coming for you next"

Dude is based, his vids are great

Good job killing Rafik Hariri

>bomb SAA positions in Palmyra
>gets attacked
>waaah we'll counter attack if you shoot down our planes which are violating your airspace and killing your soldiers

Kikes are really pathetic

I forgot to add: This vid is in response to Christians not doing as much as the muslims in protecting Lebanon from ISIS (I guess by joining Hezbollah). He's trying to light a fire under our asses, much like the rest of the Christians in the world need.


his anus is very tempting


>People ITT who think he won't butcher Christians in Lebanon the first chance he can
You goyim are so lucky we're going to BTFO him

איך זה שכל המגיבים הישראלים פה תמיד רוסים

We're naturally contrarian autists
Also the fact that I saved some russian reaction pic doesn't mean that I'm Russian. I am, but still

>I am, but still