He a good boy, he dindu nuffin

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1) You are not donald trump
2) Why should you torture it? If it was crawling around your house just kill it.

if digits let it go free

Seek help.

This is nigger behaviour

sorry mr rat

>submerged in water
he dead niggas

>torturing animals

chink detected

That rats already dead. It looks like it drowned.

try to seeee how far opeen you can get him without him passsing awaay

he is just a worthless rat. kill it


Rats can hold their breath for 30 min


doubles confirm. do it fgt

Eat it raw.

let the rat go free and unharmed

are mice the new alt-right symbol of hate???



Put it in boiling hot water. Do it faggot!

El Rato bent the knee, leave him be!

>upload "ow the edge" picture
>get this instead
I have no fucking idea what that picture is but I guess it works too

thats not donald trump you delusional fucker, thats a rat, he's probably full of diseases and you picked it up and strung it up so you should really go check yourself in to a hospital ASAP

Eat it alive, pussy.

Seek help.

Leave Ted Cruz alone you fucking psyco

Literally Sup Forums tier, fuck off

Come on, OP?! Fucking boil it alive!

Yeah that's a traditional Mexican dish do it.