Red pill me on hermetics, Sup Forums. It seems superior to most other religions (Christianity, Islam, etc), and employs some good ideas without too much bullshit. What do you think?

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Dig further and pic is what happens

Hermetics, along with the whole cadre of occult practices, share a common trait as individualist spirituality.

This, of course, is in stark contrast to more collectivist mainstream religions.

I can't speak much for the actual practices of hermeticism as I only have a preliminary knowledge of it's true meaning, but I believe there is much Truth to be found in its practice.

Anyone here tried alchemy? All I got was mild poisoning


Thats Astaroth! He's more associated with dark arts and satanism than hermeticism which is more focused on communing with God through intense study.

literally me

Here's the ultimate red pill, and this includes Saturn, which Sup Forums fears.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with the occult. There's nothing wrong with rituals. There's nothing wrong with Saturn. There also isn't a god.

God isn't a being. God is energy. God is eternal, and so is energy. Essentially, this energy is what people called magic. It's everywhere.

It doesn't matter if you worship Molech, Zeus, Odin, Loki, Shiva, you're worshiping or praising the same thing. What defines "god" as good or evil is the intent of the people. Essentially, those who harvest said energy.

Christianity is the understanding that God is willing to sacrifice himself/his son for your sins. there are other religions with older mythology that hold the same regard.

hermetic/Gnostic Christianity is the way to go.

this has to be the most ignorant post I've ever seen in my life...

I like it a lot, will probably dive balls deep in as soon as I have free time.

The Universe is mental.
As above so below.

I tried to turn my shit into gold once

God, save this lost soul

I agree. it's all the same shit.

Thats the most dumb thing I have ever read bro.
the "gods" you named are deities. All real, some are the same with different names some are not, some are demons, some are angels.
You got the energy is god right but you dont grasp the concept of deities from different vibrational dimensions.

That's the most dumb thing I ever read, bro.
If you're really speaking from a place of authority, you know way too much about the truly vague differences between deities, especially considering it's all just made-up bullshit for larping dildos and sanctimonious churchgoers.

You don't believe in egregores?

Made up in the way we gave them names. thats all. they exist. Plenty of them.

I accept that conditions exist at times that may be attributed to them, but no.

That's the most dumbest thing I ever read bro.
The place of authority you named are all real especially not some demons vibrational dildos dimension.

"truly vague", maybe you consider the difference between fire, water, air, and earth vague.

I am a total nonbeliever. I am not superstitious in the least. I would love proof of what you're saying. The child part of my brain has been screaming out for wonder in the world since I became aware that magic is not real, god is not real, angels, demons, boogeymen, vampires, ghouls... I want them all. I'd love to see an angel. The fact is, I never will because they're the romantic notions of a species that gained self awareness and has fretted over where we came from and where we're going ever since.

kek'd loudly

Those things are only even related to each other in mysticism or paganism or other such earth-based religions. Otherwise, they're unrelated but for their need for use by human beings, of course leading to them being the basis for the first religions that didn't revolve around the volcano that wants to kill them all and must be appeased with only the tastiest of virgins.

I want to know more about hermeticism. I want to be a hermit. Is there a belief structure? I'm not big on beliefs.

Hermeticism isn't an independent religion, it's more of a mystical philosophy that can meld itself to different religions (Paganism, Neoplatonism, Christianity, and even Islam). It's largely about gaining wisdom through a more organic method - the Law of Analogy; As above, so below.

Because of its universalist nature there's tons of different interpretations, and most of what falls under the name of Hermeticism is bullshit. However I think the most redpilled book that uses the Hermetic method is Meditations on the Tarot, it's also my favorite book so I always keep a copy by my side

Yes. Hermits has nothing to do with it. Name comes from Hermes.



Which Tarot deck is the best? Is it simply the one you resonate more with or do some of the symbols get lost in some decks?
Also is the Major Arcana better in the beginning to avoid confusion?

>As above so below

Which is why we are on the inside of the Earth, like an Egg. Assuming this is really Earth, and we are not some colony. Many faked ruins. Everything before the Renaissance looks suspect.

Dude, wtf. Why is Sup Forums so awesome at night?

Wouldn't it be better to read the hermeticum to get an idea of the Hermetic method? I would definitely agree that modern notions of hermeticism is bullshit, it seems like it's influenced a lot of the weirder and BS-y occult practices of the modern day. I'm more interested in it for its themes and philosophical ideas, rather than trying to use it as a sort of doctrine.

I'd recommend starting with Rider-Waite, most do this and it helps you get a feel for the flow of the images and the related archetypes and meanings. Also it's pretty beautiful with its European aesthetics. Maybe don't even read up on the traditional meanings first and just interpret them your own way. Some undeniably look more positive and the others more negative, yet all are capable of good or bad attribution given your circumstance.

>Also is the Major Arcana better in the beginning to avoid confusion?

I've heard so but don't agree desu. The Major Arcana is far more loaded with symbolism and the archetypes presented are way more multilayered. I'd say keep your card spreads simple but begin working with all cards.

>Everything before the Renaissance looks suspect.

You read Fomenko?

The Marseilles Tarot, although the quality decks are out of print. The frenchie who makes good ones makes a few thousand of each, now he's on to Heri and Burdel. I should have mentioned the title of that book is slightly misleading, it's not at all about using the Tarot for divination, rather he interprets the symbols in the Major Arcana

>Wouldn't it be better to read the hermeticum to get an idea of the Hermetic method?
In theory, bit it's a bit like reading the Bible without the guidance of Tradition

I tried reading Julius Evola's Hermetic Tradition and Ill be honest I had to stop halfway through because I was too stupid to understand it

First post best post

The Voyager deck is beyond awesome. Wanless did a superb job.

(I'll post more on Tarot later if the thread is still up.)

Bragging about pathworking on Sup Forums lol.



Guys, I am extremely interested in Hermeticism, occult, gnosticism and all that, but I am also anti-NWO and anti-homosexuality, and satan and all that. How do I reconcile these beliefs when it is the global jew elite who is promoting occultism and gnosticism? Does anyone know if there is a difference between the dark arts of the elite and the light of the kaballah, gnostic arts and that stuff? I feel like there is definitely a difference between the two, but they are also similar in almost every way. Freemasons, theosophists, order of the rose, etc are globalist as fuck and seem to promote evil, but also follow the ancient mystery schools which I identify as containing great wisdom. Lucifer is considered the lightbringer, which goes against my understanding with being anti-NWO, who are lucifarians. Overall I'm really confused. Are the globalists actually right? Does humanity need to be culled and to live under a lucifarian world order? Pls help.

Did the laprachaun come to help you


It is the gate to the ultimate redpills , it is an upgrade of your mind operative system , once you master the hermetic laws you literally can see the pendulum swing in everything ,economies ,races,ideologies.

It is not bullshit but it is at the same time covered in bullshit because the universe attacks truth , basically the growing entropy of the universe dislikes that humans can get the ultimate redpill and will attack you when reading hermetic truthts.

This can go from a family member disturbing while you read , to bad humor while you read it to lost the fucking electricity.

The kybalyon and the stellar man are two great hermetic books if you are interested.

There is not reconciliation ,the elite understands hermetic truths and so acts acordingly to their benefits and indirectly to our benefit.
When they push for things like multiculturalism they do because from an hermetic point of view it is the right thing , why?Because everything rises and falls , this includes races and countries so the elite is globalist because of that.

It is an ugly redpill to know that everything has an expiration date but its one of the biger there are.

You are confused.

All of what you said and are interested in is bullshit. What you already believe is also bullshit. Nothing matters. Chase happiness and pleasure; doesn't matter with whom.

memes are literally egregores

Occult does not mean good or bad just hidden. They promote the satanic and dark luciferian stuff because that is what they are into. You should learn occult stuff to know the good from the bad and beat them at their own game. There is a spiritual war and we always need more prayers going out there

>it's the "it's all energy man" nihilism again

Why not just let natura take its course?

it's like the first kings of old who usurped the sacrificial kingship cycle by associating themselves with the Sun. extending their kingship for life.

The globalists, like the kings, aren't necessary to make the Sun go 'round.

Nature is nature, of which there are invisible parts.
Studying the invisible isn't a bad thing.
Ethics is important, be good, do good.
Other than that, its your path man.

And your right, a few of your interest are conflicting, but thats part of the journey, educate yourself further and will eventually level out.

It is what it is my brother

Memes are figuratively egregores, as has been argued only recently with the advent of such, fag. Don't think you're introducing something new to the discussion; we hadn't discussed it further because it didn't need to be, not because we were waiting for some turd to bring it up.