"hurr traps are the symptom of how degenerate western civilization currently is."

>"hurr traps are the symptom of how degenerate western civilization currently is."

Are you really redpilled, user?


Do you think Romans and Greeks could design a fucking Empire without traps?

When you lost you virginity fucking a woman you feel like a great boy but when you fuck a trap you feel like a great emperor.

Don't be a pussy, fuck a trap and be a MAN!!

pic related about ancient trap

Romans are greeks were a bunhch of faggots before christians arrived. THey had no morals and no social order. Fuck yourself.

Dropping the biggest redpill here.

Women are to breed

Traps are to love

Cross dressers and homosexuals were scandalous in ancient rome and greece. There was a certain tolerance of these behaviors, but it was seen as unseemly and something a married person shouldnt do... not that it didnt happen all the time! Read the philosophers and you will see. The only proper love between people of the same sex was platonic love... and the idea of any sort of gay marriage would have been laughed to scorn and would not have been understood. I hate when liberals dont understand history and twist it.

Afghan "refugee", you have to go back

Close but

Females are to breed
Males are to love

Is the true redpill

The ideia is not marriage a trap. lol

Not having orgies and watching gladiators and slaves fight to the death , after drinking lead wine and slowly poisoning yourself till barbarians raid your homeland and you're too lazy too do shit about it

There was No Greek empire
The Roman empire fell when it became degenerate

>burger education


Used to be into traps but now they don't even get my dick hard anymore. Weird

This is a sad attempt at normalizing degeneracy.

You're free to have sex with whomever you wish, but you're not superior for enjoying homosexual encounters.

I read books. You can learn things in books.

>brazil talk about building civilization


this is a myth perpetrated by jews btw.
Edict of Milan decriminalized christianity. 70 years later it would become the state religion. 100 years later, Rome fell to the barbarians. the romans by then had long stopped holding up traditions and values. gladiator matches were no longer a regular occurrence as they were seen as pagan sacrifice and eventually were banned under Constantine. Christianity also upset the natural hierarchical order in roman society. all goys were equal, even the emperor who was previously thought as being divine and god was above all. Barbarians pledged their fealty to the new jew god because they were stupid as fuck and uncivilized and started attacking rome. Diocletian saw what the jews and christians were doing and tried to stop it but it was too late. Constantine was just the nail in the coffin.

FUCK CHRISTKEKS. 1000 years of stronk pagan rule, subverted by (((them))) and overthrown in a under a century.

Do you see a roman empire around?

Or a greek centre of CIVILIZATION?

Diocletian WAS the nail in the coffin. He had the stupid (though somewhat necessary) idea of splitting the empire into four parts. Rome was already in decay after Marcus Aurelius





no. Diocletian and Rome were plagued constantly by instability from the christcucks and jews that refused to assimilate into roman society and instead kept spreading their anti-pagan message. he didn't go far enough in his persecution of them and ended up having to postpone it when he got sick, unfortunely his successors would ultimately bend the knee to the jew gods. this was the nail in the coffin, not the split.

You don't need to lump homos with them like we do now. They had all different notions for these things. The Church accepted not what you said but improperly translated. So it doesn't matter what the nations would have done. They knew pro penis policies helped the nation


Agreed. Even though it kind of sounds gay.

My male friends are far better than female ones. Just pure FRAANDSHIP. No drama.

take a (you), slavshit, proud descendant from a long line of russian peasantry, mongol rape, and roman enslavement.