The video that saved America


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Good times :)

It really did.

Her polls plummeted because of this video.


The irony is if they hadn't lied about it, everything would've been ok.

doubt it


What dropped out of her pants leg?

>tfw 9/11 anniversaries gave us the crane of peace and this

Wasn't it some Czech guy who got this footage?

Leg brace

the presidency

yea can you beleive the czech hacked our election system like that!

>They still say it was pneumonia

If I am a democrat I would never vote for them until they come out clean as to what happened to Hillary that day.

G-d intervened in that election I'm sure of it

>making fun of a sick old woman

They will never come clean because her health problems were in the public sphere beforehand and the DNC still supported her anyway.

and then 'cleared'

Ding dong the witch stroked out

i wonder if she was using drinking to calm her nerves for the speeches.

Reminder that despite there being a ton of media and cameras around, the only way that we got to see this footage at all was because it was filmed by chance by a Czech tourist on his phone.

That strikes me as more than a little bit odd

What fell out of her pants leg?

She was drunk, wasn't she?

Still makes me crack up after all these months. Fucking rekt by a warm day.

Jesus. Election Twitter and Sup Forums was legendary.

her panic button prob

I was certain the old cunt was on her death bed but she's still kicking...must have drained a few children of blood to keep her corpse running.


That was not drunkenness. That is symptoms of a neurological disorder manifesting. Whether it be a stroke, Parkinson's, or what have you.

Drunkenness/Pnuemonia... Fuck off sharieblue


Its fucking amazing. Bless that Czech.


don't forget to thank the author


So she shits surgical grade steel? I'm not shocked by that.

this too



>believing ridiculous debunked conspiracy theories about her being sick

Remember when this was the line they were pushing everytime anyone raised questions about her health (until that video came out)?

relax we aren't laughing at you



>tfw a fellow citizen of your irrelevant country saves America
I'm proud


She didn't disappear for 3 months just to rest and relax.

>The video that saved America
Never did hear a good explain as to what her fucking problem was.

dayyyaamn 65 million people voted for THAT?

feels oh so good

she can be my country supreme leader, couldnt be much worst than what we have now.



theres rekt and then theres this.
How many cupcake did the fat midget have to eat to feel normal again?

>literally shaking


They had a pretty fancy robot exoskeleton inside her Mao suit. A piece fell off and she short circuited

Fuckin' savage my dude

Funny thing is it wasn't even warm. It was 72 degrees in downtown NYC at 11am on 9/11/2016.

Everytime you post this I watch it about 5 times if not more

nice bgm to this comfy thread

Ahhhh, never gets boring
Imagine if that cunt had her forehead on the button

Oh fug it really was flumonia

Fucking bravo, man, bravo!

Maybe I'm being a bitch, but that was low.

I don't know what happened on that day, but whatever it was was some seriously fucked up shit.

Styx did this

saved america from hope and prosperity...

i am so fucking ashamed that someone from my country helped that orange retard being elected.

Savage, but the toxicology report showed she had fentanyl in her system. Oswalt claimed she died from a combination of prescription medications and an undiagnosed heart condition.
>fentanyl, narcotic
>highly controlled substance
>taken by injection
>Controlled substance
>High risk for addiction and dependence. Can cause respiratory distress and death when taken in high doses or when combined with other substances, especially alcohol.
>"prescription drugs"

She was a junkie.
Patton is probably a junkie too.
He's going to tweet stupid shit until he dies from his drug abuse.
We're going to laugh at him.

At exactly 13 seconds, something flies out her puppet meat suit.

Am I gonna get assassinated now for knowing too much?

Debate at the time on Sup Forums was either a leg brace part or a clip holding a catheter bag in place.

>Opens pickle jar on TV to appear strong
>2 weeks later collapses

Funny we had to wait on an amateur video that dropped a couple of hours later while the entire MSM spun this episode saying she left feeling "tired"

Yeah goy, absolutely no major news media cameras captured this

Yeah, you're a fucking bitch.

This is the video

That one was just confirmation

Well, that sick old woman wanted to be president. She cut every deal she could, rigged the system to make sure she got her shot, and stood on a pile of corpses to get "her turn".


Every day I thank god that she was not elected president.


It was 72 degrees in Murican, or 22 degrees to the rest of the world.

I think it was a turd :)


The video was either heavily edited or not aired on most networks and the episode was universally described as "a stumble" by all press outlets but Fox even though the video clearly shows her being tossed in the van like a side of beef. Thanks to.Twitter YouTube and even this place, the video got wider circulation than it would have less than a decade ago. It was a turning point for a lot of people who suddenly realized how in the pocket of the Clinton campaign the press really was.

too far
jk this girl has some serious potential

Where would be be as a country if they hadn't left her shoe behind?

We'd still be debating if that metal thing was from an epigun or what.

Thats just fucking low

I don't know, but it took a year for him to basically admit she ODed in a highly regulated prescription pain medication. Even then, he tried to blame an "undiagnosed heart condition" and not the fact that he and his wife were doing some fucking dangerous shit.

The Russians are good with poisons.


Her shoe

no really fuck you, i can't stop laughing

grow up, babbie
the world isn't sunshine and rainbows; this is nowhere near the worst thing that could ever be done to a person.


What the actual fuck!? Icke was right?

Why isn't she dead yet? You told me that she had terminal case of parkinson's and that she could die any moment. That was 5 months ago.

They had to reinflate her.

What is supposed to be happening in this?

Agreed, but even that would have ended her campaign if it were true and it had gotten out.
>nah, she's alright, she's alright
>She just hit the Jim Beam earlier than usual and was half in the bag at the memorial and was shitfaced at 11am
>But it's totally not a problem or anything, she'll cut it out once she's president
There was no way to spin that and make it look good. They went with the body double appearance before they realized the video footage of her collapse and subsequent toss into the van like a side of beef was out there. The "she had pneumonia, how brave" cover was the best they could do under the circumstances.

Probably never will.


We're not sure which body double is which.

It's always a question if it's Hillary doing a bad acting job trying to look like Hillary or if it's somebody new who doesn't look a damn thing like her.

She has severe brain trauma from hitting her head. Her shit was just acting up that day.