Brexit Negotiations Thread

Okay EU, what do you want?


Total control of Europe.

>get Brexit vote
>immediatly get told immigration won't stop
>get Muslim mayor of the only piece of shit in your third world shithole that is actually worth something
>most companies are already getting their manufacturing plants away from your sinking ship
>ypou have to pay atleast your EU fees if not more to get even a shitty trade agreement with the EU.
>no trade agreement with the US

you can live in denial, but saying there is no gun on my head won't stop us from shooting you.

>muh butthurt Krauts
>muh NHS
>muh sovereignity

come back, when you have actual arguments.

Face it, even Farage is jumping ship before it is too late, ya blew it. Now give me those precious (you)s.

Hi Merkel. You know what they say, third times the charm

muslim mayor? the same one who shat on jez and stabbed him in the back and now the same people IE white liberals who voted for him are mad at him and wont vote a 2nd time?

you mean unlimited mass immigration from the 3rd world? even though we passed laws that they must PROVE they can earn 35k a year and pass a strict and tough english exam or they get denied entry or deported?

our benefit system has been overhauled,and capped and you are made to jump though dehumanizing hoops to keep it? when germany just gives more away more freely?

do you think abdul who cant read or write from pakistan can prove he earns 35k pounds a year? >:)

do you think we cant import from the white commonwealth instead?

face it hans,you are fucked!

the eternal anglo always wins

>no trade with the usa

oh boy...trump put us at the front of the que

we also aint paying any divorce bill

Want you to enjoy yourself guys. I am sure the British Empire will easily make up for what is lost in trade with the European Union.

Your balls, served on a silver plate

we burned joan of arc,we put your leader on his cuck island and we saved your ass in ww2

your balls are our ear rings pierre

You guys have weird food.

I just want out of the ECHR, so we can start deportations

*screeches "damn you eternal anglo" into the distance with a tear in his eye"

being that triggered, on Sup Forums

England's National dish is vindaloo, eternal pajeet. BTFO

We want you to stop kidnapping out Aryan children and stealing their precious blood.

Pic related, bring this man to us in shackles so we may deliver justice

End the EU completely!

Its already too late user,the blood of the ayrain menace and the eternal anglo flows though trumps vains

and the anglo won

The British Empire has been the sick man of Europe from the 1950s to the 1970s. And then they joined the EU.

I'm curious to see if they will be able to maintain the wealth they have gained in the EU. They will have to do at least something to keep the banking sector from moving to Frankfurt, most likely with extreme tax benefits. Either way, it will cost them a large amount of tax income.

oh look yet another Brexxit thread made by UK poster.

B-But the Germans are butthurt!

>we burned joan of arc

Too soon. Have some respect.

They're gonna fucking wreck you guys to show nobody can leave

don't you have any refugees to welcome, hans?

>get btfo
>y-youre just triggered!1!

You are still in EU.
You know what EU wants. You have a law where it describes to you in detail how to enter or exit EU, maybe you should read it and stop listening to your dumb manipulating politicians.


Seriously though they're getting diddly squat and will be lucky if they receive one of my dried out sun baked turds.

Don't start with asking them, give them your demands.

But no more bloody foreigners. Bliss.

Haha, you fell for the 'no more foreigners' meme.

First of all, the only thing stopping the people in Calais is the EU.

Second of all, Pakistanis and Indians are your problem.

You will get much more immigration, the second you're out of the EU.

Should have sold her as a kebab to the saracen

>Second of all, Pakistanis and Indians are your problem.

But the government isn't responding to our demands to shut the borders so we had to send them a message.

Wait and see what happens nethercuck. You're never leaving the eu, which is full of muslims anyway. The muslims will surely want to fuck off when they realise the gibs have dried up. And the gibs will dry up, we'll make sure of it.

king george said that to you once,now look at you american

Send them back at Dover border control.

freedom of movement and trade
youll pay and have no say but you can ignore 25% of the legislation, but not the 3 pillars

or you can be turkey 2.0

the eu will bend the knee to us

Gib youth back

And it's all your fault

Yeah, I'm quaking with fear at what Poland, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal and Luxembourg will do. However will we survive?

polish women are hot though?

i love giving my polish gf english lessons after fucking her,fuck i once had a 5 min rant on explaining what a VCR was to her im not sure if shes a retard or just pulling my leg

>w-we're white too kurwa!!!


i feel it lads! we can make great britain great again!

You guys really need to step up your game
3/10 for effort

I want the Rhineland



>remove kebab
unless your government is gonna Trump them and start deporting, or killing them off; i'd leave that off

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

Ficke Ficke.

I like point 3 the best, in fact can we just skip straight to that?

>you lost two world wars to anglos

wait when did that happen?

That's what Morroco does with Spain,kek.

Whenever there are disputes between the countries the security over the border with Melilla and Ceuta loosens up.

eu laws will give handouts to them once they get to spain though

we wont

1914-1918, 1939-1945.

Do you even history?
> inb4 americans won the whole war for everybody and nobody else contributed anything at all because murica

>contributing to your own demise
Good goy.

They will try, but we will see the great failure of the EU at play - they can't find unanimous consent unless they impose with threat top-down, so it will further the breakdown pro-EU sentiment EU-wide

*emirate intensifies*

I hope so.

The sooner we crash the sooner whites start putting their own people first.

The state of the west is such that everything is a race to the bottom in order to rebound faster.

but user, americans won the whole war for everybody.

( and soviets )

And thats exactly why we still have a Regiment from the Royal Armoured Corps in Germany...


Fell for that meme, did you. First we can already control migration from outside the EU. Next after we leave the EU, no benefits, housing or health care for illegals, i.e. with out permission to stay. Calais should empty, the French will be happy. We will just enforce, UN rules on migration.
If we let anyone in it will be because we want them.
When we are out, we make the rules, or enforce international ones and they are not very welcoming.