This is powerful

this is powerful


Dune coon bitch front and center. Get fucked

>left side
>mere humans
>cursed by mortality
>united by petty emotions that will crumble without a common enemy

>right side
>creatures beyond your comprehension
>immortal daemons and ferocious beasts
>ruled by chaos, the natural state of existence, will always trump over unnatural and forced "order"

Requesting Sup Forumss version of this image. I haven't saved it.


I support Trump, why am I not a werewolf yet. I've been lied to.

WTF that's good for a grade schooler.

to be honest I prefer to be in the side of the bdsm people than the one with the cringy memes a million times more.

Spend a night out in the deep woods

Seriously... The blue side even looks cucked. They look like effeminated wimps. And just generally unappealing. The red side on the other hand just looks downright cool. Like who would you rather identify with? A woman in a burka or a wolf? Fucking morons. What the fuck were they thinking?

What normal person wouldn't like the red side more

it's OK they'll be your new neighbors in a couple months.

>unironically still trump memeing

shit guys the Trump side looks way cooler
really makes you think

that peace dove.

our actually it looks like a white vulture.

Only side you are going to be in is the walled in side, Paco.



Holy shit, Trump can summon demons? That's fucking great! Why didn't someone tell me sooner?

That's because you're a faggot.

>yfw we are his demons

Needs more Ben Garrison

Replace Trump with Clinton and its accurate

Trump with the strong apex predators

Vs niggers

lol literal demonization

So you're saying that the red side is attractive to 12 year old edgelords?

Why is Trump holding an arrow like he's going to stab someone with it? who the fuck does that? Whoever made this needs to be executed

I'm going to move next to you in April.

>mfw we were already demons

>monsters on trumps side
just me or an indication that they have no idea who the real enemy is so they blame boogie men and fake monsters?