Ask a Democrat anything.

Couldnt if I wanted to, you dont know anything.


Sure I do.

and as prove, you dont even know that you dont.

jacksonian democrats are the only good democrats.

How old are you?

what democrat
the jew wing, the helicopter rides wing or the faggot wing

How can I convince you not to be?


You can't.

I'm more of an Obama-HRC Democrat.

whats your favorite anime?

If "none" Get out.

Why should be peinilized for not having healthcare? Ive missed out on my tax returns for a few years now. I make so much money that they take like 2k a fucking year wtf!

All 3 I guess

I'm from the democratic wing of the Democratic Party.

Why are you so stupid?

So we can cover more people.


whats your home address and a schedule of your daily activities

I don't think I am.

Why do you use the word "problematic" so much?

so you aren't really a democrat then
you are not a participant of the democrat civil war between the sanders group and the perez group

southeast Texas

4/20 everyday and msm

Can you describe a federal government that's too big?

>2 posts by this ID



I was for Keith Ellison but I am very happy with Tom Perez. I was for Hillary during the primary but now I kind of wish I backed Bernie. Yes I am a Democrat. I voted for Obama both times and I voted for Hillary.

How does the current state of your party make you feel? Do you rate your chances in the midterms and next general? Do you think much short term reform is needed? Not baiting.

Are you going to continue to be anti-white and alienate the people propping up your paradise of a welfare state?

A lot of things are problematic right now.

I am starting to feel good about it. There is all this new energy on the left and opposition to TrumpCare reminds me of the tea party wave in 2010. Trump has become so unpopular that I believe 2018 will be a great year for Dems and 2020 will be a landslide. I know the situation is pretty dire right now but there are signs of hope.

I try to fix lefties under 25. Beyond that, too much work and diminishing returns. Kindly kys then.

What's it like to be a part of a political party whose women think they're men and whose men pee sitting down and get off by watching their wives get fucked by other men?

We're not anti-white. We're just not anti-minority and anti-immigrant. Some white voters don't like that. They're about to get fucked hard by Trump though so it shouldn't be hard to win them back. We should always protect the welfare state.

I'm proud to be part of a party that supports LGBTQIA rights.

>I'm proud of crippling mental disorders and want to create an environment to perpetuate it!

Weak bait.

You're a piece of shit

Post your political compass.

Why don't you move out of America if you love non-whites so much?
What's so good about America that people are willing to risk their lives setting foot on it?


I wish I could. America sucks right now. Drumpf is our president. Duerte is also terrible.

The Boondocks

That looks about right... I mean left.

What do you think about net neutrality?

no but I can think of federal governments that are too authoritarian.

I support net neutrality.

*GASP* I wasn't expecting that.

I think net neutrality is holding us back.