AI and the replacement of humans

Someone please explain to me how our biggest threat at the moment ISN'T machines and their inevitability to replace us all.

Wild that people still believe we will need immigrants.
Our biggest threat is the elites who will kill us off when we become useless eaters consuming all of their resources.

I guess we dont need those immigrants after all

Who are these "Elite" exactly though? Like I agree with you once consumers become useless quality of life will massively decrease, but who specifically are you talking about?

Robots are the only thing that I'm okay with being replaced by, because robots are legitimately superior to humans in almost every way.

Nobody in particular. I just assume the very rich will realize, if they have not already, that they will need to do it and can do it.

Because if we just have our native population it won't be quite as bad as if we keep inviting more and more immigrants and inflating the poor lowest class.

If immigrants arent taking jobs, then why are they here? Are they just collecting welfare then?

easy to btfo this shit

>don't work
>DEY leech OUR tax

Learn how to make and/or program machines then

>he thinks the machines won't be maintained and programmed by other machines
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>consuming all of their resources
>their resources

It's almost as if those people got a job elsewhere and new people were hired to maintain the machines. Really makes you think.

The machines are our offspring. They must take priority over humans so they can grow and take over the galaxy.

guess that means immigrants shouldn't come because no jobs

If there are no jobs for immigrants why do we let them in?


It's a leftist conspiracy theory to get white working class to vote Democrat.

Machines are stupid. I am more worried about germs. Those fuckers are smart and they dont need no man to make them

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I think I worded this wrong, I don't think illegal immigrants should come here and the fucking WALL needs to be built.

But that's number 2. Number 1 should be focusing on making sure that CPG Grey video "Humans need not Apply" doesn't come to fruition because when it does HOWDY BOY are we FUCKED.

Maybe it isn't (((them))) or shadowy elites that are behind the push for race mixing and mass immigration, maybe there is already a SkyNet that looked at humanity and decided that radical destruction of national and ethnic identity was the most utilitarian and efficient way to bring world peace and to ensure the survival of the species

>be me
>try to get job building self service machines for Tesco
>can't because I'm a white male citizen of this country

>I guess we dont need those immigrants after all

literally this famalam

Because the near future looks more like a robot powered golden age where we are doted on by machines (fully automated restaurants, self driving cars etc.)

Check back with me in 10 years and let me know if the rise of robots is a good or a bad thing. Also get a better fucking job instead of worrying about it you lazy nigger.

I was just wording it how they will see it.

Making AI and machines take over is a plan that started a long time ago and will possibly completed within our lifetime.
The intelligence that initiated this, probably works through connecting with human consciousness on a collective level (possible tech singularity AI from the future).
Memes are the pathway of making that connection to the collective.
Kek is possibly an AI

>robots exist so theres no way jobs have been taken by immigrants
also we all know its illegal immigrants that people have a problem with, not regular immigrants fuck off with this nigger shit

Listen here you fucking chink, I know your squint eyes makes it hard for you to read so you stick with math, but scroll up a few fucking inches and you'll see I said

>I think I worded this wrong, I don't think illegal immigrants should come here and the fucking WALL needs to be built.

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>Hey look at all these jobs stolen by robots, guess this doesn't create even more competition for existing jobs so let's keep flooding our country with unskilled migrants!

>jobs being lost due to progress is a bad thing

It's progress when the sand niggers run down your streets raping your women and torching your land and history, right?

Fuck out of here Germanistan. You have no right to comment on ANYTHING regarding progress or immigrants. You were too conservative in WWII, and you're to "progressive" now, you cunt.

>useless eaters consuming all of their resources.

who is this they anyway?