Emergency. What if the Donald was being used by the Globalists the whole time

Emergency. What if the Donald was being used by the Globalists the whole time.
>create a man who those who are red pilled will love
>get him into power
once he is in power, make him tarnish his reputation (Fabricating evidence that he colludes with Russia, make him accuse foreign countries incorrectly)
>Big evidence gets dropped on him which is undeniable, even to those who are redpilled as fuck (Will probably happen from the Russia scandal)
>Once we see our savior was wrong the whole time, we don't know what to believe
>globalists use this chance to shove propaganda down our throat and attempt to get us to follow the liberal agenda

Damn right He was used! #LockThemUp

More like they will use his disgrace (IF it even happens, which is a small possibility) to destroy the resistance against the globalists. If it does happen that way I expect many leaks to occur and all around shit to hit the fan from trump supporters. It will be a happening.

Pretty much what I was trying to say. I came up with this from a shower thought and came out of that shower woke as fuck

I am hoping we will get some wikileaks releases soon... not that I totally trust wikileaks.

It was true all along. Read this.










pff Im still supporting Donald Trump.

All of this is currently happening, and your description shows great insight.
Either give up or double down.
Either be a man or a manlet.

t. Shlomo's Puppet from r/The_Donald


Four years is nothing. They are patient. They invented 3D chess.

Since they can't control him, Trump is being sold as a villain by the global media so they can groom his successor as a hero. Think Obama x1000.

They gave Obama a Nobel Peace Prize, so picture what they plan to do with their next candidate. She will be the perfect actress, the perfect PC liberal dream. The ideal idol, made to hypnotize the happy masses by feeding on all the cultural negativity they're building up with Trump as an antagonist and with the accelerating injection of cultural marxist ideological memes in society. Big happenings during the Trump presidency will help in the traumatizing of the population.

She will be the final PsyOp, the Antichrist, the beautiful face of the very last phase before their corporate-ruled, AI-controlled, global dystopia.

>Are Trump and Bannon aware of this?
>How do they plan to counter this move?
>Who will "she" be?

I think the fact you retarded faggots keep talking about him gives us a clearer indication of who is getting used

Nice theory but Ivanka is gonna be the second Trump in Office. Right after 2 terms from Donald.

mark my words, they are gonna turn into a political powerhouse family line.

Cool story, bro.

Trump fucked up and he's going to jail. You don't need a tinfoil hat to see that.

>those who are red pilled will love
lol what'd you expect from having a metaphorical worldview that requires you take medication?

It wasn't the globalists that bamboozled you. You're just a fucking idiot that can't recognize a retarded narcissist when he's flailing on stage in front of you.