Is bodybuilding degenerate, Sup Forums?

Is bodybuilding degenerate, Sup Forums?

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you are brazilian you dont have to care what is degenerate

bodybuilding is
lifting for functional strength isn't




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Ye it is constantly pumping steroids and other hormones i to your body so you can grow big muscles.
Lifting and working out naturally on the other hand is a healthy habit.

This. (((Functional strength))) fags are bluepilled as fuck.

Is this a photoshop or did he inject tomato flavoured synthol into his forearms?

shut the fuck up, you ignorant cunt

>Not doing strongman


Christ, what happened to his forearms?

if you juice, yes.

First post but also the best one.

(((cutting))) is for effeminate fuccbois. gain big or go home

>forearms bigger than his upper arms
>fucking nothing anywhere else
>veiny as fuck

This guy's idea of working out is fapping for 9 hours a day while mainlining vascularity supplements.

>red forearms

I think the best workout is callisthenics, like Push-ups, pull ups, crunches, jumping lunge squats, etc. tune your muscles to the weight of your own body. You won't be swole like Swarzenegger, but you'll be strong and your muscles will actually be much more durable and high functioning.

You'll be built like a gymnast (pick related). Imo they're body's are more impressive than heavy lifters. Besides, it's healthier than free weights. not that free-weights garuntees cartalidge and joint displacement/deterioration, but it's much more likely than callesthenics.

No, get fit for war.
or atleast war in the streets.

Not necessarily, but fisting dudes at the gym to the point your arms are all red and awkward is degenerate.

>muh cute twink abs

Functional is a meaningless buzzword. Blow your brains out.

>having sex is for effeminate fuccbois
>being a fat cunt is where its at
Whatever you say burger

Got any program to recommend?

I decided to start calisthenics literally a few days ago and so far im loving it. dont need to go to gym to work out and for some reason testosterone production post-workout is a lot higher than with lifting. I would even go as far to say that this is the redpill of exercise

As long as you can avoid it being a habit that ends up getting you more male attention than female attention, than no.

On Sup Forums talking about fitness is definitely the former.

The act of building your body for fitness is not degenerate. Use the gym as a tool only.

Literally becoming Narcissus and/or a faggot along the way is degenerate.

>lifting for grills
lmao hard

Are you seriously trying to say the word function has no function?

Another gay thread like 10 minutes ago. Just pretending to be about bodybuilding

>lifting for dickgrills


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I don't think it's degenrate. Society is, bodybuilding is a symptom, a way to still show you're a man in this postheroic society where all aggression (which is, to a certain point, good and natural) is suppressed to keep us enslaved.

kek? this cant be real man

You do realize transsexual weightlifters are competing as women now?

How is it not degenerate?

You'll be stronger from wrestling and everyday work than lifting weights.

very real. real victory for dickgirls.

Lifting to make your body look "good" is degenerate.

Lifting so you can tear out the throats of Muslims and fight entire packs of niggers by yourself is as red pilled as it gets.

I'm talking about men and only men. Not transexuals, not women, not whatever they claim there is.

what forearms thing, homie?

Bodybuilders are some of the most degenerate people in the world. Addicted to steroids, destroying their hormonal system and liver functions purely for vanity reasons, and most often are homosexual. Not to mention the average bodybuilder is dumb as a fucking rock, at least one to two standard deviations below the average.

What is this sex you speak of?

LIfting weights is good.
You feel better after that.
Radical bb is a bit degenerate, yes.

Easy on the niacin there bucko.

here you go.


Lifting for yourself and health no.
Lifting to pose in gym and upload shit ti Instagram is

By radical I take it they eat tonnes of protein powder everyday to shit out cinder blocks daily? It would seem to be the main side effect.

i do not get your English

Sex with women is a healthy and natural part of life. You should try it for once my man.

Enza Deninoooooooooo

This message paid for the Sons of Kek foundation.

Herschel Walker is a top tier athlete and he only does body weight exercises. When he played in the NFL he hit the track everyday and did 3,500 push-ups and 1,500 sit ups every day.

I think this is the true redpill for male fitness since it can be done anywhere at anytime and it is free.

>lifting for grills

What is this sex you speak of?

Is it like holding hands?

>I lift for functional strength

Sex with random whores without procreation and staying with that female and raising the children together is not healthy or natural, you brain damaged pig.

MFW the dawning realisation that's a woman in OP's pic


>is self improvement degenerate
Lift more you fat lazy monkey

>tfw the hardest thing about lifting is not the lifting but all the irrational butthurt surrounding it.
>you get hot women but they are the nasty kind that just want a jiggalo and fuck with you.
>you make other guys insecure which creates drama
>idiots continually accuse you of using gear
>people assume you are violent, egotistical or dumb.

I used to lift then i cut my thumb in half because i was a linecook.

Forogt pic

>No chest
>No abs
>No delts
>No traps
The fuck is this nigger doing?

What's a "line cuck"?

If i can overpower you and rape you then you are not a man, you are a bitch.

No homo.

t. Fatstrong.

somewhat like that

Please be patient he has autisim. Cx

only once



Because I'm not ugly or socially awkward like (((You))), I've been afforded the opportunity to do both of these things at a young age. Glad we could sort this out friend!

Uh, bro, I see a trap.

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yeah start waxing your butthole and trimming your eyebrows you lazy fucks!

> If i can overpower you and rape you then you are not a man, you are a bitch.

Does this include zoo animals? Can you make an elephant your bitch?

might aswell be a trap desu

Its redundant and implies you aren't strong unless you're gay fluttering crossfit fag. It doesn't matter what your goals are for lifting, you're going to get stronger. Name a type of strength that isn't functional


I have that same towel

>caring about your appearance is degenerate
>its okay to be fat neckbeard like me because theres some muscle underneath



Why not both?

Drive in a car to place where you pay to lift some metal is kind of degenerate
t. gym bodybuilder
training with bodyweight and doing some actual heavy work around your house is god-tier compared to lifting iron

Rectal strength. incontinence is natural.


>Name a type of strength that isn't functional
The one in the OP


nope. pull that tranny dick outta your ass and get some gains bro.

Fitness is healthy. A lot of bodybuilders, and especially internet bodybuilders, end up doing dumb shit chasing gainz, buying gear off darkweb based off info they read in forum posts, usually long before they've even approached a natural peak. Die for mass but don't be a Zyzz imo.

I live 3 blocks from the gym on campus. Socialism forces me to pay for it as a student whether I use it or not. Might as well.

nice reading comprehension abbo

I overpowered a kangaroo once, but i couldn't break it's neck (no i did not try to rape).

I could easily over power the OP.

How is this even not a slide thread?


Bodybuilding is too much of an umbrella term.
The top bodybuilding is 100% degenerate, it's nothing but roid taking degenerates with body dysmorphia. Most of their ''muscles'' are just scar tissue.

If by ''bodybuilding'' you mean you just want to get bigger muscles, who cares?
The only difference between an amateur bodybuilder and an amateur who focuses on strength is that the bodybuilder is going to try and not get too fat. Both are going to end up at the same spot.

For future reference, since it's (You): diabetics improve their insulin resistance by increasing muscle mass, increasing their absorption of glycogen for ATP production. when you can't eat donuts any more because they are making you blind, remember that.

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