Kosher salt

Why isn't Kosher salt iodized?

It's because the jews want to kill you.

Why is kosher something that jews use though?

Because their followers are unknowing participants in the extermination of the white race and their churches are being led by interdimensional psychic vampires who want nothing but an entire earth filled with their personal slaves.

Fuck the jews.

i only by iodized salt.

i have a big container of it.

Yeah. They are trying to poison us with pure shit. I say fuck that! Give me chemicals and shit!

>Chemicals r bad

>Why is kosher something that jews use though?
Because Rabbies want to control anything that gets into young jewish minds, including their mouths

Iodine in your salt is like fluoride in your water.

>don't eat shellfish
>salt isn't iodized

where do kikes get their iodine from?

because you need iodine to have proper thyroid function you retard. Some counties force bread producers to add it to bread

It's not called kosher salt because it's kosher, it's called kosher salt because it has wide flat grains with large surface areas that are ideal for rubbing on meat to cure it in a kosher fashion

Also you don't use iodized salt for pickling, table salt is not versatile

its hard to find iodized salt in large grains like kosher so i dont use it id rather use the jew salt

Why do you even care about kosher salt, why it is popular in amurrika? Why are you buying it, if your religion does not force to it? Salt is salt, just buy edible salt that is much cheaper.

A better question is why do americans call sea salt kosher salt.
Your society has been infected at every level.

sounds hot goy

You know you over paranoid "muh kikes control everything" autists are making the Jews more arrogant? They are doing about 70% as much as you think they are. Still hate and blame them, but not so much that they are proud..... you fucking niggers

I use Hallal salt because it is made by jew slaying terrorists

I bought more kosher salt just last night, it's amazing how once you go through an entire box of it you can never go back to anything else. I blame Alton Brown for getting me hooked on it.

I don't know about that, but I was on a camping trip where we had to purify the water with iodine and for whatever reason I could not feel quenched when I drank it, it made me feel the strangest sick I have ever felt. What is the deal with iodine, I think the guy added too much.

Also (((googling))) it the first result is "Iodine Benefits" so thats a red flag

We don't. Those are two different products.


You ever wonder why Morton always use that goy shiksah with umbrella?

The rain represents goyim truth about jews and redpills they try to bombard you with

The umbrella are organizations like JIDF and ADL that block the redpills from getting to you

The young lady is the goy shiksah oblivious to the redpills

the trail of salt she is leaving is leaving represents the salt trail goyim males will have to tread to reach this shiksah if they want her.

there is kaballah symbology in everything

Right but Kosher salt is NOT iodized.

>Also (((googling))) it the first result is "Iodine Benefits" so thats a red flag

Shit that's scary

Sorry to disabuse you of your notion, but I've never heard anyone here call Kosher salt sea salt. Sea salt is less processed than Kosher salt, and not blessed.



you "cursed" dont you?

I thought Sup Forums liked Jews now?

You don't hear anyone in America call kosher salt sea salt. That's my point. They are functionally the same thing but for some reason americans all refer to it by its jew name.

Doesn't know about the Jewish food tax.

reverse psychology. they don't use the salt, but they know we will out of guilt for muh six gorillion so that is how htey poison us

Literally required for proper thyroid function.


Sea salt is more coarse, has different crystal shapes than Kosher salt, comes from evaporated sea water from various regions around the world, and is usually more expensive.

>Americucks are so judaized that they literally buy kosher salt

What the fuck is that? I've never seen it here

And orthodox jews look like inbred retards with four teeth

Wut? You don't have iodine in your salt, how common is goiter?

Enjoy your goiter, fag

Much less common than designated shitting streets in your country.


>i only by iodized salt.
That's disgusting. Just use real salt for a month, then taste some of that nasty tainted shit you've been using. I swear you'll throw all your old salt away.

>I thought Sup Forums liked Jews now?

>Literally required for proper thyroid function.
Gee, I thought it as figuratively required for proper thyroid function.
Thanks user!

but srsly, unless you're from Kansas and eat nothing but corn from your own farm, you'll be fine.
Most modern diets have adequate trace nutrients, including iodine.

certified organic is much worse nowadays

food that isn't even grown in a remotely organic fashion can be certified organic if you have the money to make it so

Some chefs CLAIM that the added iodine in regular salt can change the flavor of some food. (Iodine does readily break double carbon bonds that are found in unsaturated fats.) Some chefs also CLAIM that added iodine messes up the flavor of canned and pickled food.

I just use it on giant pretzels, because it's tangy. If OP hates jew salt so much he should only use Popcorn Salt, which is salt ground into a fine dust (exact opposite of Kosher salt).

So thanks to your obsessions, I looked it up. And surprise: Kober can be Ashkenazi AND German. As Klein btw, or a lot of other names with Blatt-Stein-Berg. You just chose the Ashkenazi version, because you want to see Jews everywhere. I don't see anything even remotely semitic in the, typical German face of Katerina.

Also: just because the Rothschilds lived in Frankfurt's Judengasse, doesn't mean they are part of a conspiracy. Or otherwise I will call any New Yorker part of the Jewish elite.

You won't take Trump from us!

>You won't take Trump from us!
Which would be worse:
a) he's a jew
b) he's a tool of the jews

ONE of these has to be true, and you know it.

Iodine is also Jood (english: Jew) in Dutch. I'm starting to lose my grip on reality.

More expensive as organic food is more expensive as apple devices are more expensive.

They just have a BRAND name that cucks and fags like to own and brag about. Not usability. Probably even unhealthy or same shit.