Nofap Discussion

To start off are you a Nofapper? How long have you been doing it? How successful have you been? How has it affected your life so far? Is it worth it?

(pic is a test for the nofappers, you fap, you lose.)

>falling for the nofap meme.

"nofap" is a pledge to cuck yourself.

nofap =/= moderate self-control of your sex drive

>not jacking off will give me magic powers as I retain my mana even though the male body is designed to ejaculate as much as possible to such an extent that you'll just do it in your sleep if you dont during the day and it doesnt matter how much you ejaculate during sex for no reason

Nofap is not realistic. Focus on LessFap and NoPorn.

My longest try was 2 weeks of no fap. I don't watch porn in general so I only dropped actual act of masturbation. I must say I felt objectively worse after it. Fapping helps me focus more, clears my mind. Nofap is good if you want to be hight test, I don't.

In the time I would have spent fapping and viewing pornography, I finished an entire season of The Adventures of Pete & Pete.

Not masturbating is retarded. I mean unless youre getting regular sex then enjoy your wet cummy bed sheets.

Mate, I don't even try to nofap. I haven't fapped in 6 years. Don't know what's the challenge.

No fap encourages abstaining from porn which I think is a great thing. Porn is horrible for children growing up as it paints a fake narrative about sex. It also creates beta males that spend all day fapping instead of socializing, improving, etc.

Secondly, for a lot of people including myself fapping a lot decreases libido and it kinda puts me in a stagnant place where im more complacent fapping than actually meeting hot females to fuck. It also helps because it teaches willpower and restraint. I laugh at people who say no fap is a meme.

>It's natural and normal to have the urge to masturbate to porn three times every day. If I take a day off, I jizz my pants in my sleep. See? It's perfectly healthy

I did it for about six months.

I didn't like it. The first month was fucking awful. I felt jacked up all the time. Like I was ready to snap and just fucking kill someone. I started to find effeminate men attractive and started waking up every morning with an erection. There were times I wanted to just slap some womans ass while walking past.
After the first month, it eased up as my body got used to it, but it just wasn't very good. I didn't suddenly have more energy, I just felt horny at all times. It wasn't as bad as the first month, but I still felt it. I found myself flirting with even the ugliest women. There were even some extremely effeminate "pretty" boys at Uni I chatted up.

Honestly, I think LessFap is best. And if you MUST fap to porn, only fap to the most vanilla shit. No actual sex. Just girls slowly stripping, maybe masturbating. Nothing else.


You nofap long enough, you'll just up having a wet dream.

its pointless.

I've been trying, and as a result I've cut down a lot. I'll make it 1-3 days, 5 being the longest so far, then I'll break down and do a couple 1 or 2 a days in a row.

I've noticed that I feel low energy the days after I wank. I think ideally I'd fap once a week, that's a good goal.

>when you make discussion thread and someone immediately dismisses it without discussing it first.

Your not a leftist are you?

Quite frankly it's almost a habit for me to rub one out in bed nightly.

It's bad for children in more ways than just that, and it's bad for adults, too. If I could change one thing about my shitty life, I wish I'd never gotten into porn.

NoPorn IS something you can do to make a difference and help the white race. Nobody else is talking about it: warn the kids about what this shit does to you

But the point of no fap is to deny the release of dopemine which your brain becomes hooked on after fapping a lot. A wet dream is not you grabbing your cock and stroking it. Also wet dreams are rare af at least for me.

>And if you MUST fap to porn, only fap to the most vanilla shit

It doesn't work like that. There's only one way to kick the porn bug and that's cold turkey. You can't "wean" yourself off of it. Just do nofap for a few weeks and then you won't need porn to masturbate.

Good goy

Don't worry. That's "normal".



Yes that's what i have heard. That porn your essentially cucking yourself by becoming the viewer of the intercourse. Watching porn releases dopamine, which when done in excess causes you to want more extreme porn to satisfy the need for dopamine. Also your brain becomes builds a tolerance to the high levels of dopamine which can affect your mental state.

No, he's just a fpbp

>lol you self-cucks, watching women do unrealistic, weird shit and death gripping my dick 3 times a day without having done anything social to deserve it ABSOLUTELY doesn't affect my interaction with women.

>Also dopamine insensitivity due to flooding my brain by watching progressively more strange shit ('feminine benisses??') is a myth.

Gas yourselves, porn-glutons.

>i'm a nofapper
almost as fucking stupid as 'atheist' or 'gamergirl'. no one gives a fuck

Nofappers are retarded.
Like half of their spermcount is already dead and cloging up the healthy sperm.
best is to fap every 3 days for a load that isn't just blanks

I'm not a nofapper. I'm curious on the experiences of nofapper. But with that said i am trying to cut but on pornography because as others have already said, it is not that good for you.

nofap is retarded. Unless you're literally jerking off so often that you start looking at porn on your phone at work/school, you don't have a problem.

>mfw fap like 3 times a day on average
>but can go without it for weeks at a time with 0 issues
I think it really speaks about me
I do a lot of shit as if I have an addiction, but I can easily go without said stuff without issues if need be
wish everyone else worked the same way desu

>I jizz my pants in my sleep

Do americans do that? Sleep with their clothes on?

Do you wear shoes in bed as well?

fucking Sup Forums eating my goddamn pic
do you sleep nude too, finnbro?

>Fapping hinders character development for a lot of people especially children because it makes one complacent just fapping hence cucking you
>"NoFap is a SJW virtue signaling concept created by females and libtards to control males and bind them"