Pic related literally describes me and my current situation right now

Pic related literally describes me and my current situation right now.

What do I do? Should I keep supporting Trump?

Maybe you should give me a little smooch.

That would make me feel better, I'm literally on the verge of suicide right now and need someone to comfort me.


Damn, Trump even takes canadians off of healthcare and rapes their grannies. wtf i hate trump now. Trudeau is the real leader of the free world

>Reads bullshit, which, if true, would make OP a retard
>Looks at flag

Whew. Nothing to worry about here boys. Just another leaf "pretending" to be retarded.

Come sit on my lap, poppet

I'm just trying to help you.

I don't know why Americans are so intimidated by hearing genuine, thoughtful criticism of their country and their politics, but you obviously are. All I can say to that is: deal with it. It's the 21st century. This is the information age. If information scares you, then go back to your bumfuck trailer somewhere and hang on to your delusions.

Me? I'm a freethinker. I'm an idea man. I thrive off of enthusiasm. And I fucking love science. So when a Canadian is nice enough to offer you constructive criticism, take it as a compliment. Because we want to see you thrive as a country. We want to see you progress and follow us into the future.

You're a ducking Canadian, goof, stop larping about being a flag that matters

You had us until "Canadian"... Lolololololol.. all maple syrup fuckers are literal retards. Great lulz.

If you were a REAL MAN,who didn't need handouts like a nigger maybe you wouldn't be a WEAK loser. Go Strong, GO TRUMP!!!!!

>implying he's wrong
cut your losses little cuckboi

get a job instead of mooching of govt.

>making the exact same thread


That's not me it's a different person who is also concerned citizen against Trump

So Trump is making you get a job? Good.

I don't want to work though, why shouldn't the state provide for me and my elderly grandmother?

You Dutch don't know how good you have it with socialism.

>Shareblue Sample

Fuck off shill, you're not fooling anyone

Meals on Wheels is NOT cut

Slide thread. Fuck off.

Stop and save all the money you can right now.
for the stupid internet memes will always be more important than reality. Thats why, that means you're fucked for the following 4 years.

SAGE this thread and move on


I can't tell who's shilling against whom nowadays.

You come across as extremely autistic

I didn't know trump cut canadians Healthcare budget

Not an argument. Stop posting or kill yourself, shill



You problem began when you based your initial criticism off a failure to deliver on campaign promises.

In the same way conversations about Guantanamo, whistleblower persecution, and unrestricted drone warfare tend to go right past Democrats.

Even when you're trying to troll some one, should at least frame it in a way that stings, you loser.

Literally has next member of Trudeau dynasty snake-oiling him and he can't even articulate a criticism of Trump.

No hope. Leaf.

Share blue...