Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know


>Newest Interviews with Assad
>hohol livemap
>Military map
>Syria conflict map

>Fan maps

>Deir Hafer Mar20
>Mosul Mar20
>Palmyra Mar17
>Raqqa Feb23
>W Aleppo Feb23
>DeZ Feb23
>W Daraa Feb22

Developments Mar20
>David Rockefeller died
>SAA retakes all lost points in E Damascus
>Russia denies setting up new base in YPG territory
>SAA liberates Ash-Shuraimah,Al-Qusair as they attempt to encircle Deir Hafer
>siege on Al-Wa’er District of Homs City lifted as jihadist left
>SAA advances in Palmyra front, get fire control over Al-Hurm Mountains
>US airstrikes kill 18 people in western Raqqa
>Head of White Helmets’ office in Daraa sent to land of 72 virgins after his car was struck by a thermal missile
>PMU recruiting Kurdish youth to fight IS
>300k more civilians may flee western Mosul as fighting intensifies
>KURDISH MILITANTS ATTACKED IRGC in W Iran, killed 2 servicemen

Aleppobro fresh pix drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9sFK8tMo4H7LW56WWlpdDRIRnc


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I saw many kurds on Facebook wishing a happy Newroz for Kurds AND ARYANS.


Memri never disappoints

Clashes in Jobar are ongoing.

>>Russia has sent a clear message to Israel that the rules of the game have changed in Syria and its freedom to act in Syrian skies is over, Syria’s ambassador to the United Nations said on Sunday night.


>“The next time the Syrians use their air defense systems against our planes we will destroy them without the slightest hesitation,” Lieberman said on Israeli public radio.


>IDF launches 2 drills in Israel’s south


>For the first time since the siege on Gaza, Egypt allowed the entry of heavy construction trucks, namely concrete pumps. Ten years ago, Israel had banned concrete and several other substances in Gaza for being of dual use (civilian and military).


>Israeli ambassador to Russia summoned again due to Israel’s military action in Syria


>Syrian news agencies reported early this morning (Monday) that the Israeli Air Force attacked a weapons convoy that was on its way to Hezbollah and a few Syrian military outposts that are also used by Hezbollah.




How's the fight going, lads? Are the good guys winning?


You are the baddies by the way

Even now? Have things changed at all under Trump?

To be fair, he stopped supporting "moderate" beheaders.
But lied about severing ties with the saudis which are the main sponsors of terrorism in the region.
He is increasing support for commie kurds in northern syria which I'm ok with because working with turkey would mean giving Raqqa to their jihadist proxies.
Over all, not really.

That sounds almost entirely positive to me. How could Trump sever ties with the Saudis? We have bases there.

Basically, what could he (realistically) do and is it too soon to expect hard results yet?


>All Syrian sides confirm participation at peace talks: UN


>FSA regain all points taken by the government and continue to advance in the area

The moderate beheaders are at it again. They even posted a video of them retaking a textile factory and destroying several of Assad's portraits while screaming Allahu Akbar.

The fuck is happening in Jobar now, who is in control of what?

Who the fuck knows. Rebels took control of it the day before yesterday, then yesterday the Assadists retook it, and apparently the rebels have gained some positions in the area again.

Rebels are also making advances on ISIS territory, though all they're gaining are villages in the middle of nowhere, and fuck knows why they are doing it.

I've wondered why this isn't the case with helis since the Earth rotates at some ridiculous speed. Gonna guess gravity has something to do with it.

I'm not saying it would have been realistic but him talking about it gave people on the ground some expectations which weren't fullfilled.
He could at least pressure them diplomatically to make a statement.
Also, Israel tried to start shit agan, something they wouldn't have done as overtly under Obama.

You are moving at the speed of earth rotation as we speak. That is the reason. But oh well

>burger education

When do you guys see this resolving, best case scenario?

"Look guys, we have captured this inhabitable piece of desert no one was defending. FSA strongg!!"

ongoing clashes,both sides twitterwarfare seems to be more effective than their actual warfare

The war, as in fights for territory, 3 or 4 years.
But jihadis will go undergound and insurgencies will continue indefinitely.
So Obongo fucked Syria pretty good.

Now that the oil tycoon is dead no one is buying isis oil.

That, and to gaoin bronie points with the UN for the coming talks, I guess.



gross dude

not gross,it's freedom and democracy goy

i wish you all a nice day /sg/ bros!

Checked! Moderates and ISIS confirmed to be kike creations for the upteenth time.

Goddamn, really? Even with US and Russia involved? I wasn't expecting immediate sunshine and roses, but I thought ISIS would buckle within a couple years without Obongo feeding them.

How the hell could this be an even bigger disaster than Iraq?!

Check who is fighting

>How the hell could this be an even bigger disaster than Iraq?!
Two powers playing geopolitical games instead of combining forces is what happened,unfortunately

you too dear kraut!

it has something to do with these guys


how am i supposed to find this bread with
orph.link/sg ?

xth for qt christian soldiers from SDF

Just bump this thread until the other dies.

Doesn't /sg/ have to be in the title for the macro to work?

Also, does anyone know what happened with the geolocation the telegramfags started last night?

it has been successful, Italian user forwarded info to Ivan, and official /sg/ twitter acc did it too, as a confirmation. Now it remains to be seen will something be done

Guys, this guy has some great stuff at his chanell.

Great proofs of White Helmets sham


also some fresh Aleppo footage


Nice but I'm primarily hoping that sunday's geolocation will yield results.
Fuck those Malhama niggers.

>Rebels make a huge breakthrough into the heavily fortified regime held qabun industrial area
>A lot of SAA untermenschen killed (75 acording to regime, could be more)
>regime propaganda journalist says that everything is under control on live TV white mortar shellings are heard few meters nearby and the streets shown are totaly deserted
>rebels destroy the fortifications and retreat to ambush the regime there later (because no more fortifications, easy to retake)
>regime in panic because it's Damascus, the capital
>regime takes the bait
>regime rushes into the area
>regime thinks it's a victory
>regime propaganda shills cheer on twitter, /sg/
>1 day later



Oh, you are awake. How`s your day?

The air moves with the earth at the same speed

Good morning guys.
Here's to another great day!

Its nice to have a shill here as sort of /sg/ pet. Makes me smile

Probably one of the better comics related to Syria ever made

Intel on last hunt sent to Ivan?

Morning! How`s situation in Greece? Will you invade Turkey when civil war starts there?

Apparently it is just waiting game. Is that a new hunt from yesterday or the one from couple of days back?

>Reuters Exclusive: Syrian Kurdish YPG aims to expand force to over 100,000

Well lets see how that goes

Does anyone here have horrible diseases or problems as well? I'd like to hope I'm not the only one. These gains give me strength.

Wow, those guys really want to appear strong to scare Erdog. Do they even have resources to support 100.000 strong force? I mean money, food, equipment, ammunition, lodging, fuel, logistics, etc. 100.000 is a huge number for such a small territory controlled by a quazi-state. I bet most of them will be NDF-tier farmers who wage war for three days a week and they come back home to tend to their fields or something like that.

not good

>current day kurd niggers call themselves Aryans..

i took a look at his twitter, nothing so far

I liked Onur more (nohomo). He was my favorite /sg/ pet, who got regulary beaten but would always come back, until he got fed up with it. I miss Onur

Why so?

Yeah, Onur was more fun.

SAA Gains

jobar and hazeh will fall

>Tiger forces captured Jafr Mansur and Kharayih Diham in east aleppo

>Tiger forces captured Jafr Mansur and Kharayih Diham in east aleppo

Im so done with East Ghouta green shit on the map


If I understand it correctly the plan is to make every "citizen" of Rojava go trough a combat training and have them ready when needed.

I remember reading somewhere that they already have above 100k troops, it's just that they have only mobilized those 60k. Maybe that's because they didn't have enough guns and ammo back then or something.


66 SAA dead and around 90 Rebels dead

the earth ALLEGEDLY rotates at 1,040 mph according to google. maybe that sand nigger has a point

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Thanks man. Great insight into the disgusting propaganda made up by western media.

And then what?
Let's just assume that Ghouta falls tomorrow and all the armed terrorists are dead. Then you got thousands of sympathisers who were either too weak, or too important to fight for the Jihadists running around in Damascus freely.
Of course you can just Mukhabarat them and send them to Sednaja, but that might spark fury in the international community even more.
Ghouta is the kind of city/are you'd exterminate in Total War.


Why can't Muslims into doggos?

Think youre really exaggerating this to be honest.
Most people just want to live their lives

If the rebelshits offered them some sort of amazing life and they turned rich, prosperous then they would miss the rebels
But the rebels cant and dont provide jack shit, so returning to government control can in terms of quality of daily life at the very least be the same if not an improvement because of being able to trade/travel/get supplies etc.

Sure more hardcore symphatizers would exist but indeed as you already sorta point out the real diehards would be militants anyway.

Right, it's a good question. When the airplane takes off in the direction opposite to earth rotation in the initial condition the plane and earth both rotate at 1040 mph. The plane then start to accelerate opposite the rotational speed, where it gains a speed say 200 mph at take off. Even then, the plane's net speed is 1040 mph - 200 mph = 840 mph into the direction of earth rotation. And when the plane enters flight it maintains that net speed of 840 mph in the rotational direction regardless of what its speed is relative to earth surface. We don't feel our current velocity, in the same sense as we feel acceleration, since acceleration is tied with force contrary to velocity. Hope this clarifies.

>Most people just want to live their lives
If what our Syrianons said is true, then you are underestimating Douma a lot. There's a reason why Thirsty wants that area glased.
Once more brothers and fathers die, their family will become radicalised as well, not in all cases, but in enough.
The current solution is in Damas best interest, except if the radicals would ask to be bussed to Idlib with their families, but that won't happen, Ghouta is way too important to give it up.

I see what you mean and I do recall Thirsty saying that. of course you do have a point, certain anti-government sentiments can definitely exist among a part of the people there and it can complicate things after a recapture of the area, lead to some guerilla attacks etc

Im just saying theres another angle to look at, many people just want to life their lives I bet

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>The cats sometimes even sit on his back taking a ride through the garden. cute stuff.
The /sg/ demands photos!

Story on the pic? Couldn't find it in the previous bread

>Something something uncleanness something something Jibreel cannot give you prophesy if there is dog nearby
Basically among other mental problems, Mohammed had cynophobia.

You are underestimating how much shabbiha likes pillaging.

>still thinking that /sg/ or ivan can call airstrikes

Bolandi please, how many times am i going to tell you about this?

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>my girlfriend's ex is trying to pressure us to let him see more his son that he didn't care about since his birth
Shit, sorry to hear it.

>maghrebis gfs son
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>day after day and /sg/ shitheads are still taking all my b8s

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You won't be able to maskirovka us, now we know your secret.

Why do all these Syrians in all of these exeution videos look like some sort of badass Jesus?

>Literally my gf's son
Are you trolling us user?


Let the kid see his bio, might see how great he has it with you all, our on the flip, how much of a shit you are


Since most of you guys probably already know that white helmets are terrorist sympathizers and only act like good people in front of cameras, aswell as having their headquarters shared with Al-Nusra front, this probably won't be a surprise to you, but still interesting:

Al-Qaeda in Syria praises white helmets: youtube.com/watch?v=lvTAi0MXY6w