hmmmmm, what did the english language mean by this?

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A outdated and wholly inaccurate term from a time when it was supposed that all Europeans originated in the caucuses, which we know now is not true.

Anyone got any pictures of Asian girl and White making out? I can't even find them standing next to each other on google image, the only one I got is this:

What does it mean, user?

Caucus Asian.

A Cauck from the Asian sphere.

The Caucasus /ˈkɔːkəsəs/ or Caucasia /kɔːˈkeJʒə/ is a region at the border of Europe and Asia, situated between the Black and the Caspian seas.

whites originated from west-asian neanderthals and race mixed with Iranians. That's the modern European.


So It's true all CracKKKars b cuckolds n shit?

No, I was memeing.


"Those who cuck asians"

This is what they meant. 2017 and white ppl still dont know how they got here. Pathetic.

I wish. Is this the truest form of love?

Some Russian guy went to the cauceses and saw the scragly men and bearded women and that they were the most beautiful people on Earth. So he created the term 'Caucasian' to classify white people so they'd be grouped together with those mountain jihadis

It means stop being a racist you dumb alt right fuck

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Many Asians in America are conservative

Then why did they overwhelmingly vote Democrat?

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what is futureama?

Asians are just Caucasians without the cock

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Asians are just Caucasians without the cuck.


What what the English language trying to get into me noggin by this?

So the intensity of the Iranians and the discipline of the WEST('Merica!)-Asians to redirect that energy into something productive. No wonder the Jews fear the Whites

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Caucasians come from Asia



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Cock Asian. Term is a micro aggression to insult the chinese about their little wieners.

Neolithic farmers received most of their DNA from the Caucasus. That doesn't mean that the DNA stayed there. It spread mostly to Europe and North Africa. And then the DNA in the Caucasus got admixed with Middle Eastern DNA so Armenians, Georgians and Azerbaijanis would all be mixed with something else by now.

Where are these coming from? I've seen like 4 different variants so far. I need to collect them all, like pokemon.

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What does it mean Sup Forums?

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all i could find is this

This is fucking hilarious. lol, thanks.

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They meant whites are Asians who have penises that extend outside of the body.

It's short for caucasus asian

Anybody got the libcap x natsoc image? It's my fav!!!

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>truest form of love
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How does Sup Forums view racemixing with East Asians? I rrealize that the vast majority of the attractive ones have had some degree of plastic surgery, but those who are primarily of Yayoi descent look 18 when they're in their 30s.

I mean, any answer you get is going to be subjective. Some dudes are ok with it. Some aren't because they're purists. Basically, it depends on what YOU want. Do you want to have children? Because there may be a situation where you only can with an Asian woman. It doesn't mean you're going to have an Elliot Rodger. It just means that that's what your lineage is supposed to do to pass on. Some guys are going to marry beautiful blonde white women. Some guys aren't. As long as you pass that Y-DNA on and raise that kid right I don't think you have much to worry about. Your son, if you raise him right, could marry some hot blonde chick and BAM you're lineage is right back there in the white gene pool, passing on Euro genes like a boss. It depends. I would say this, don't discount a girl just because she's Asian. Analyze her on her individual benefits. If she's up to your moral standards, then wife her and have some babies with her.


But... I'm white. Also, kids kind of suck, and pleasure is good. So... yeah I'm right. Thanks for helping me clear that up.

30~40% of asians identify as republican. not hard to figure out why.

>that little cuck-monkey crying in the corner

Good sir, would you kindly tell me where you got that image?
SauceNao, tinyEye and Google Image search couldn't find it. I'd appreciate the answer.
Thank you.


Boku wa ohimesama ni narenai

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