What can be done to cut down on leftypol shitposting?

Do mods still exist?


and here's another one

It's not leftypol. I used to support Drumpf but now I realize he is a bigot and a failure. I wish I voted Hillary!

Seriously, we can't let him get his hands on the nuclear #cruzmissile codes

Report and ignore it. Anything that isn't politically related or low tier bait just report and move on.

photoshop the images into good reaction images and then use them normally. Thats what i do.

They are raiding at the ass hours of the morning to make it look like they have more control than they do. Most of Sup Forums is asleep.

if mods and admins were here Sup Forums wouldn't be here.

Time of the hugbox is over. From this day to your IP-based online court and irl execution date, you will be reminded of your country traitor -status every hour

I voted Hillary

Real men were with her. Only little man babies voted Drumpf because they're scared of brown people and daddy grumpf said he'll make them go away.

At least the man children are starting to hit puberty now and realise she was the right choice all along

>Brit flag

You are aware there is a 'flag system' right?

wow, they are not saying drumpf anymore, they are evolving though my filter.

Get Reddit to leave. It's literally come to the point now where people who aren't affiliated with the Reddit folks who have infested this board now side with shills.

Nothing, it's just trolling at this point so it's best to ignore or strike back with go to sleep meme

Just filter "BTFO" and "Drumpf" and don't respond to the 5% of shill posts that make it through the filter.

yes they do and they'll delete your thread, just like they deleted the threads you mentionned
your thread has no political point, at all
stop sprading more cancer on Sup Forums

What can be done? you can be a man and admit you were wrong.



FUUG why are finns and nordic countries such good shitposters while at the same time able to enter into political discussion when english isnt even their first language? are they really the master race?

Same senpai :-) i voted for hilldawg.

Dlumffftards btfo'd to infinity, how will he ever recover the nuclear codes???

Snownigger masterrace runs Sup Forums

There's no CTR/Crew/Shareblue here.
Just anons larping for (you)s
Sup Forums hears about these groups then starts trolling it self and the gullible take the bait fueling it further.

Kinda pathetic really.

Trump is god emperor he will fight the courts and continue to drain the swamp.

My brother told me if I had regretted supporting Trump, I was confused.

Isn't he doing fucking great? Much better than expected.

What is the /leftypol/ arguments against his reign?

Today was the darkest day of Trump's presidency. What do you expect?

>Only little man babies voted Drumpf because they're scared of brown people and daddy grumpf

???? projecting much

stop replying to bait posts, hide threads and teach newshits how to sage.

I as an Australian Citizen proudly voted for Madam Hillary Clinton!

Go see the news, user! Get out of your hugbox! Trump is done! Impeachment is not a question of if but a question of when! And he has noone to blame for it other than his own idiocy (and of his voters)

maybe have some actually working moderation that can actually delete threads with nigger dicks etc

not sure if baiting or legit shill

At least they reinforce the idea that the left is all out of ideas
It kind of reminds me of the zebra with his intestines falling out after the crocodile attack thinking all's good, but not knowing it's mortally wounded

nice echo chamber

yeah, people could quit posting in them for one

Not scared of brown people. I fear no one. I dont like them and I dont want them in my community. Now fuck off

It isn't that bad in comparison to the pre election mass influx.

At the moment leftypol is being raided so they decided to all shit post here as revenge.

What I presume is happening is leftypol is being raided by bots designed by a liberal group in order to instigate shit posting on pol and to disrupt the board.

Simple yet effective way.

There are a lot of people posing as bad shills to increase the perception of shilling. What could be more amusing to an ahead of the curve edgelord, and also help the god emperor?

Reality bites.

as an austrian i too proudly voted for hilöary!

communism is the dumbest ideology on planet earth

I can't believe they actually believe this

the working class already consumes 99% of consumer goods

there's literally no benefit to socialism at all

marxism is a delusional religion


canada is going to become a communist state before america does haha

>hidden threads 84

Post election pol is highly aggressive cancer

Not if based free market/nationalist Maxime Bernier gets elected.

Why can't those nigger spammers be perma banned?


They're bots. Add the ROBOT9001 filter and everything should be normal again. The problem is that some people, normally new, think that obvious jokes are shills, like