My mother's white, my dad has slightly darker skin...

My mother's white, my dad has slightly darker skin. My family are all either Serbs or Croats so as I've considered myself white and a slav pretty much all my life. Noone in my family is religious. As I got older my skin simply refused to pale back, even though I stayed inside and played vidya most of my youth. It didn't bother me in the slightest until the muslims started stirring up shit all over the world, causing racial tensions to rise. People are starting to shun the dickheads, including myself. However, because of my skin tone I've been confused for a gipsy, indian, arabian... If all this sandniggery keeps escalating it won't be long before people start thinking I'm gonna blow myself up when they see me on the street.
I can't even speak out againt the muslim fucks and be taken seriously because of my skin skin tone.
What do, Sup Forums?
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Bleach your skin

>What do, Sup Forums?

Stop making bait threads on Sup Forums, silly hrvat. Being a gypsy or arab isn't about skin color anyway. They also have deformed heads and body shapes and horrible obnoxious personalities. You can smell and hear them before you see them, just being tanned won't make a gypsy.

Are you bosniak OP?


slavshits aren't white anyway

>I can't even speak out againt the muslim fucks and be taken seriously because of my skin skin tone.

You should become the new brown Milo Yiannopoulos.

Kys and make room.

>My family are all either Serbs or Croats
sounds to me more Serb than Croat
sorry to say but you got turkish gene from serbian side

t. urban cretin

Gypo detected

Vidya turns you into a nigger.

Nope. Born in Croatia, lived here all my life. It's alright here, I've maybe seen non-white people here around a dozen times. Minimal amounts of cuckery

who is serbian in your family? im telling you its from serbian side and where are they frome im talking 200+ years ago

>tfw people are giving me shit for a large beard

Actually my mother's side of the family are Serbs. All white.

At least we don't behead women and blow ourselves up in airports.

Is the OP this guy with the cro flag who is opening cuck threads?

Use skin lightener

Kek I'm Croatian diaspora, my father is a shitskin Dalmatian but my mother was pale with green eyes from Zagreb, I'm super pale myself, feel bad for you lmao

>My mother's white
>my dad has slightly darker skin
>I've considered myself white
>I've been confused for a gipsy, indian, arabian

There are two possibilites, you are lying about your fathers skin tone or he was 'cucked'.

women often use most of their time in building or under some kind of shadow

and men, supposelty to be more animalistic and use their time outside.

the slightly darker skinned man feels like he is outsider? look at the female counter part and you might see her to be as light skinned as your own mother

you know if you live in shitskin area if the women have dark skin compared to what you consider as "white"


Sorry mate, I don't care about what you are saying, but I mean that you have great taste. I immediately clicked on it because of that fantastic white woman's picture. Do you have a name or something for this lady?

There aren't many shitskins here at all. In general I've only seen black people here just as many times as muslims, which is 2 or 3 times. The only exception are sweaty, oily Albanians, you'll unfortunately find them if in Cro.

Nope, sorry

come here i'll take care of you

this, also become fag if you aren't already

ahaha, your'e a Paki!


bleach your genes*

Whiter genes always prevail in the end.

learn to speak mud and penetrate their filthy ranks, spying for your homeland.

you're mother needs to be gassed

I actually thought about doing that. Don't feel like ever touching the Kuran or having sand in my asscrack tho, so I'll pass.

You don't know what you're missing, Ivan

i know a Croatian girl that looks kinda brown too, just happens m8, she's still white and pretty. Maybe you have gypo genes

I hear Croats look a lot like North Indians, dunno if that's true. People usually confuse me for a Russian (had someone randomly come up to me and speak Russian) or a Med, while I'm just an Anglo-Indian

croats are not white
swarthy turkoslavs


If I brought one of those darkies home my family would disown me

Thats what happens when us Croats stay out in the sun for too long. Instead of getting sunburnt you look like a brownie for the rest of the year.



Judging by the photo, your mother has a hot ass.

How long have you been photographing your mothers ass?

lol jesus christ. they look like one of those disgusting slags that use tanning beds to excess and up with leathery skin by age 35

I have major Croat blood and I'm as pale as can be.

>bone-white skin
>brown eyes and jet black hair / facial hair
>not considered white on Sup Forums

>jet black hair
turk roach.
im a serb and even i have brown hair

if you asking, you aint passin.

>bringing shame to my country you shitskin
at leas admit that u are a refugee

Its balkan nigger genes. I originate from down there, my skin is pale as fuck but my brother on the other hand is darker and could be mistaken as an arab or gypo even though he has a european looking face.

Nobody apart from gypos (who are indian) look like any indian

Nu father is croat (true croat from bosnia unlike magyar and Italian rapebabies in rh) and both his parents had black hair

How white am i Sup Forums?


t. abbo emustein

Allahu akbar brother

I'd be more worried about those stumpy fingers desu

>slightly darker skin
>My family are all either Serbs or Croats
>either Serbs or Croats
You're a Serb broh

Leotards are a miracle of the universe.

There's a difference in race between gypsies and arabs. It's not just skin color.

Nadam se da ti ćeš se ubiti uskoro, vuk

>I'd be more worried about those stumpy fingers
Better to strangle gyppos with my dear pajeet

That is how Gypsies look here.Fuck our gypsies are lighter then Horvats.

>not Christian

Brotha? S'dat yous?
Shieeet dawg

>My family are all either Serbs or Croats,my mothers white father dark skinned

So basically the Serb part are not actually Rascian Serbs but shitskin Greeks/vlachs, Serbs from Duclea or your Croat sides are shitskin dinarid niggers from Dalamtia.

It's ok OP,you are not white but that's basically whole Serbia and the South half of Croatia.Just stay out of the white part of Croatia and you are good.

>vlachs are not white
Nigguh you w0t

I'd just shut myself in my room and play vidya for another 20 years and wouldn't have the problem of interacting with other people, but I've got a job and go to uni. So yeah, I'm staying where I am and it's gonna be like this for a couple more years for sure. Fuk ye

What if your gypsies are the product of local super pale degenerates.

t. čefur

That picture is actually a 2B cosplay. :^)

>I can't even speak out againt the muslim fucks and be taken seriously because of my skin skin tone.

False, if anything, if you're a minority, gay, brown, a woman, etc. your opinion carries more weight. (((They))) can't dismiss you as a white devil alt right nazi if you're a redpilled nigger.

Go public, get into politics or something, do soothing admirable of notoriety and do us proud. Maybe start a youtube channel, get popular, and start dropping redpills.

>Sexy Russian accent
>Military grade offensive hardware
>Hates sandniggers
>Matching blue Adidas suit
What a fucking god desu.

That means you mixed with your gypos


They're sluts from Dalmacija who spent way too much time in the sun / tanning bed

>I've considered myself white and a slav
>white and a slav

Daily reminder, if your nipples arent pink you're not white

No, you are a nigger. It has always been known that South east Europeans are darker. I've had an Ukrainian gym teacher who had darker skin, but clearly an Ukrainian. You are pure nigger if someone would mistake you for mudslime.

post the source

Start being vocal against Muslims and you will be left alone. Wear a refugees not welcome t-shirt

dont talk shit about albanian blockheads