I just like sucking dicks why does that make me a bad person?

I just like sucking dicks why does that make me a bad person?

because you're trying to get attention from it to so you can get your rocks off on flaunting and attempting to spread your degeneracy.


it's not my fault i was born this way

No one cares about you and the dicks you suck.

cause australian isp bann

You're not sweetie.

It's ok. God. Being cuddled is the best.

Being gay is a choice. I used to be gay until I coped with the fact that I was only gay because my older brother touched me inappropriately at an extremely early age.

you weren't a bad person until you demanded attention from us for your actions.

We all have fucked up fetishes, yours just happens to be a little to degenerate. Try to find something on the straight side of things you like. Maybe start with pegging and work from there. We need all the white babies we can get.

What the fuck does this have to do with politics?

You need to be shocked


That specific word used incorrectly really annoys me.

never said you were
you're just a faggot
but this is just fucking wrong

Are you cute

because republicans demonize us gay people as if we are doing something wrong

we love just like you do, we are not hurting anybody

story time?

Because God says you will burn in hell

Obama was doing it

You are hurting yourself and white society

Your sin cries out to heaven and demands punishment

You are a beta male and a terrible role model

just wondering as an outsider, what is the correlation with being sexually abused when young and being gay
I totally believe it, I just want to hear an explanation from someone who's self aware and had it happen to them

It makes you a low tier bait thread.


get the clamps

The question is how DO you suck them dicks?

i was not sexually abused by anyone

i had a normal life, but i always liked boys


I start by licking the tip of the penis, then I put my mouth up to the head and swirl my tongue around the head several times. This usually gets boys hard. Then I put the penis as far into my mouth as I can and start sucking as I move my lips up and down. At the same time I wrap my finger around the penis and start moving my hand up and down while I am sucking. This usually makes them cum into my mouth, which is what I like.

>if you think Muslims are trying to take over the world you're JIDF now

Is this post the logical conclusion to Sup Forums?

Why do you fags always conflate distain of your over sexualization with your "gayness"

> I just like sucking dicks why does that make me a bad person?
If you made it the center of your identity that you loved sucking pussy then i would look down on you also. Same with getting frisky in public. It applied to everyone.

Just...stop being a fag and get real.

Post lips

It's bullshit. I've never been molested and I'm gay. Same with most homos I know and know them well enough that they would have opened up to me or it would have become a topic of conversation at some point. Yet pol will believe stories about a few random gays casually telling strangers that they've been molested as kids as proof that it's some kind of universal causality. lol

it makes you weak and submissive, not 'bad' so much as 'irresponsible' and 'worthless to our cause'.

Unless you are a girl you should probably KYS

No it doesnt.

it doesn't
homosexuality is not immoral.
Ignore all the fashfags rambling about degeneracy, all they have is opinion.

How does it feel that you aren't allowed to donate blood in Denmark, because the State doesn't want homo-blood?

some one should throw you off a roof