What would be the idealistic society according to you? Get a little more creative than just saying "no niggers...

What would be the idealistic society according to you? Get a little more creative than just saying "no niggers, kikes and mudslimes".

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I wonder how long until someone says that some frog god believes that the lunasluts live in a perfect society.

No humans.

European only
No women, only manly men and feminine guys (twinks or sissies)


A games-based society: sports and board games and esports the like. No more heavy-handed race-mixing (or anti-race-mixing) propaganda. Let migratory patterns happen naturally.

Space elevator for cheap power, more automation. Comfortable social pressure to take care of your mind and body. More meditation.

>What would be the idealistic society according to you?
A society based on the Victorian-era.

Warhammer 40k.

Intellectual democracy the likes Socrates would be proud.

no socialists

an ethnic homogenous society with democratic institutions but with a strong monarch who can veto bad practices that would harm the people (like mass immigration). a modern and progressive mind (in terms of economic en technological progress) but never abandon traditions. a strong workers attidude. A de jure equality between man and woman but strong gender roles.


wich is basicly "no niggers, kikes and mudslimes"

One where the people are disciplined idealists who prioritize their health and well-being. Capitalism doesn't work because we don't have this, socialism doesn't work because we don't have this, democracy doesn't work because we don't have this, meritocracy doesn't work because we don't have this.

We need a physically, genetically, and mentally fit and armed populace not with a right to speech but a DUTY to speech, anyone ago doesn't speak out against injustice is endangering everyone else. The people don't have a right to self defense, they have a DUTY to own firearms and use them to correct injustice. The dictator must fear the people because they can swiftly remove and replace him.

Racism and the entire concept of race must be completely abandoned. It's senseless and I can't comprehend how someone be could be so stupid that they think race is real. People talk about a "black" or "African" race but there is no unified skull structure across Africa. If you define race by skull structure, then there are at least 10 races of Africans. If you define the race by skin color, then South Indians are black instead of Caucasian. It's absolutely mindless. There is no such thing as race.

My idealistic society?

A society where everyone is free to do as they please as long as it doesn't damage anyone else.

Of course, that means (in my opinion) there should be no government because all government does is hurt people.

Private companies would provide us all we need and we would choose to support only those we wanted to instead of being taxed for services we don't use.

That's right, my ideal society is an Anarcho-Capitalist society.

A world without jews.


alpharius+omegon, the og murder mystery ruiners

Your government already taxes you for roads to be built and maintained.

feudal japan

Society where niggers, kikes and mudslimes don't act like niggers, kikes and mudslimes.

God bless you Sir.

no niggers, kikes and mudslimes

>wich is basicly "no niggers, kikes and mudslimes"

= paradise

United totalitarian state.

>What would be the idealistic society according to you?
A society made up of me and a bunch of qt 2D anime girls.

Robots giving us enough neetbucks to shitpost 24/7

no jews

That weak people get sorted out again and stop breeding because of natural selection. This alone would fix everything



one in which these paranoias we've developed would disappear and we would feel free to be happy, outgoing, playful and even cheerful again.

> as long as it doesn't damage anyone else.
and who is gonna stop them if they do?

Private police.

so mercs. holy heck sounds horrible.


No anime

1. Population: Asians and Whites. Aboriginals live peacefully on their reserve, their interaction with the rest of us being cultural demonstrations, kinda like Black Creek Pioneer Village, but with Aboriginals, on their reserves.

2. Low density Canada - everyone can CHOOSE to live in a house or in a building.

3. No Foreign Food Dependency, we farm our own, imports are for taste and luxury, never a dependence.

4. Cradle to Grave Welfare - this will work with a resource rich area where people are industrious and practice family planning: Guranteed Minimum Income, Housing (like Singapore's Housing and Development Board), free post-secondary school, not just degrees and diploma, but any classes of interest, music, language, STEM outside of anyone's core programming should be available - this will create well-rounded populace capable of adapting to changing economy and coming up with creative solutions.

5. Child Friendly Working Hours - children need both parents to be involved.

6. Women supported in their choice of motherhood and/or career.

7. Frankly, with delayed retirement age, I think young people should be given financial support to have and raise children in their early twenties, and then they can work on their careers. Age 20 to 40: Both parents only work part-time, raise children till the children are mid-teens. Age 40 to 65 Full time career, Age 65 part-time / volunteering. Age 85+ Free Recreational Drugs provided by Government

8. Four Day Work Weeks should be the norm, and there should be two shifts of workers so government, banks, libraries, etc, can fully operate seven days a week, and workers of one four day shift should have one day overlap with the other four day shift so there is smooth transistion.

I belive in a world where every decision you make is decided by a giant supercomputer, everyone's is . Who you marry , what you eat, what your job is, everything.

Politics is no longer a thing and neither is war.
Everybody dies at the age of 65 and everything is optimised.

Genetic deseases will be bred out, all will be equal , all will be content


Automated Christian space fascism, where if you can't find a job because of automation you are conscripted into the military to wage a holy crusade against degeneracies like transhumanism, Islam, and communism.

Progressive utilitarian consequential transhuman/posthuman meritocratic technocracy empire.

>those buzzwords tho :^)

cyberpunk dystopia, on the eve of AI taking everything over.

No humans, only robots : robots = pure, cold mechanical efficiency. a perfect society would have no humans, the society wich got closer to perfection is nazi Germany, but it was made up of humans, and that was the problem.

>Germans are human

I can't be grateful enough for having been born only 50% German and not 100%. Germans are fucking awkward autists.

A world where i have a friend.

you must contact the oracle
download mumble
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port 9000
tell them Knife Man sent you

is... is this an open invitation?

no niggers, kikes and mudslimes. Pre-WWI like morality, culture and arts.


what about asians? otherwise sounds good

>Knife Man
I'm not gonna be your scrap goat you dumb assassin.

Rome and pinochet's chile combined.

I come from /u/ and what is this?

wait inside of the hannah hideout for processing

may take a prolonged period of time

be careful of howlar and malphas

A sharia state

Good post

Two sisters. There's no sick and degenerate relationship between them.


This except Abos and some African tribes.

Scientific, militaristic, traditional morality and art.
Extreme knowledge worshiping.
Eugenics optimized for intelligence, health and strength.
Full automation.
Celebrities would be scientists, philosophers, mathematicians, generals, great painters and musicians.
A.I assisted decision on all levels.
Monthly cyber warfare game for training.
All serve on the military on some level.
Food/Energy self-sustainable.

Aim for all individuals is to give a valuable addition to the collective knowledge pool.

Organization and cleanliness complex.

Rapid tech changes desired, and a push for putting high end tech on the streets with managed risk, always.

Capitalized communism.

The elected state officials should only focus on foreign affairs while the municipals settlements should govern themselves while money is distributed equally inside the towns.
Towns can decide to be 100% homogenized and so on.
You can only live in a town you were accepted into.

Cities should be abolished as they are a hotbed for crime and degeneracy.

a society where there is no rules , imagine how that would be

literally perfect

Literally shit. Societies should aim to reinforce and guarantee our continued existence trough the ages, improve human condition of existence and continue our investigation of reality.

Fuck freedom niggu, we need ascension and transcendence.

This is naive as fuck, even more than communism.

What's with people and their naive thinking?

>that sounds horrible
what, do you hate freedom or something?

Forced HRT for all males above 25 and below 18, forced conscription for males aged 18-25. Those who make more than 100k USD (Worth in the currency of my country) are barred from having to take HRT or being conscripted.


Oh, it is possible. If they do not follow the laws, they get the boot. Plain and simple, if you want to live in our society, follow the laws to assure the society keeps running properly, if you can't do that, then get the fuck out.

everyone would be cute anime girls and we would all fuck each other for eternity

the end

Imagine Steve marketing the Apple Death Squad
An ideal society needs a workforce