Whats your thoughts on crimea?


let Mummy deal with them.

I would't like living there since it is so isolated. Fuck the bridge over Kerch Strait. Connect with Donbass and have a land route.

Natalia is local. She's Crimean.

that's why she should deal with them. God-Epress of Croatia, obviously.

Russian land fucked by Stalin and jews

Crimea used to be a part of Russia and now is part of Russia again. Crimea has always been ours. Long live Russia.

Bring back the Tsar


ahaha, delet this

Useless land grab without purging the local jewry and tatars. The Russian Federation acting against the Russian interests as usual

The perfect example of imigration beeing used as a weapon in the 21th century.

not only is that vulgar and not something mummy would do, but its a shit shop too.

Belongs to Russia.
HATO tears flow.

at least it was funny

Is Russian, always will be Russian. Need to remove Tatars though.

she is ugly

need all churkas remove


Putin's regime will end soon.

When are you going to take Crimea back Petro?

She is a disgusting bootlicker. When you hear her talk or read shit she writes on the interwebz your iq drops.

I know that there was no way Putin gonna give Crimean to "new ukraine and her friends". Yeah okay he did it. Just shut the fuck up about it and stop organizing fake celebrations like if anyone gives a fuck about this stupid piece of land.

Part of Russia.

Mummy is there. We

sala nacii

one of the nicest places in russia



It's been Russian soil since you conquered it from the Khanate and dispersed them to the winds.

That said, Ukraine should be a part of Russia as well. Hell, it's where Russia started.

All I know is that it has a river
Somebody wrote a song about it