Miss him yet, Australia?

With a decade of hindsight, what do people think of John Howard's legacy? Aside from the whole "HE TOOK MUH GUNS!" thing, which is kind of its own entire issue...

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he dj'd like a mad cunt

Well you are not wrong about that.

>tfw no surplus gf

>got rid of muh guns
>work choices

Mark Lathem should have got in 2004, both to get rid of that balding faggot and to stop the Labor party from becoming so cucked.

pretty good overall, but he pissed off the 60 iq tradies and shit with work choices.

New Guard when? We need to reclaim Newtown and Melbourne

We have a new on what feels like every second day.

Worst PM ever. Got lucky because he was in office during a once in a lifetime mining boom, but instead of using the money to invest in the future, he used it to give tax cuts and gibs to boomers who kept voting him in.

Watching him get BTFO in his own seat on election night 2007 was the greatest moment of my life.


Overall he's been our best PM in the last 20 years, which isn't saying an awful lot

How did we end up on such a shitty timeline lads?

Gotta agree man, very fucking overrated

Rudd was waaaayy better.

>Overall he's been our best PM in the last 20 years

No, that was Hawke. Followed by Keating. Everyone after Keating has been shit tier, especially Howard.

>What is the 'Apology'

>Last 20 years

Kek, I just realised that both Hawke and Keating left office more than 20 years ago. Christ, I feel old.

In that case Rudd and Gillard were better, anyway.

How is Keating seen these days? He doesn't seem to be mentioned much anymore.

He sucked Bush's cock so hard it was an embarrassment to the whole Country
Fuck him

I'm too young (1990)

But he's at least remembered to have been competent

He was the king of banter. Totally dominated the opposition during parliamentary debates.


^The best thing about Johny, he left an economic shithole

He's well spoken. But he is largely responsible for the scourge that is neoliberalism and was a big supporter of multiculturalism. So no, fuck him.

Keating brought in the 18c discrimination act the dog

We'll have a trump-like victory with a massive cultural overhaul once the cucked uni students begin to realise the importance of traditional values

pissed all the mining boom money away in gib me dats

He is the ultimate classical liberal leader. He stayed true to his ideology throughout his tenure (except for muh guns but I think that was sus and out of his control) and we did see some significant progress as a result of his dedication. All leaders to follow Howard have been floppy on policy and just act by the polls.

I wish the nationals and closet-nazis had cucked him into being stricter on the Chinese though because now we're in for a shitstorm.

Surprised that anyone could defend Rudd/Gillard, let alone praise them in this thread.


have had multiple over40 migrant parasites tell me john howard was their favorite

I wonder why

Big problem with Howard was he was a big spender, introduced huge amounts of middle class welfare which Australia can no longer afford.

created the "entitlement" society where every working and middle class bogan believes they are entitled to free money from the Govt, just for being sack of shit they are. Furthermore, back in 2000 he was really struggling for ideas on how to kickstart an economy that had most of its manufacturing jobs offshored to China, so what does the cunt do??? He introduces the first home buyers bonus and that's where we're at today, where in my lifetime, I cannot afford a house in the city I grew up in.

Faggot. Who even votes for a manlet in the first place?

Nup. 1996 was basically when this country turned to shit. But Labor wouldn't have been much different.

Boomers loved him he made them rich.

We'll afford it til there are no white families left

Very good point. I remember when those people knew their place. They were much happier and more likeable too.

He was cruel to One Nation all throughout his PMship and his Minister for Immigration (Amanda Vanstone) is responsible for all of the Sudanese refugees we now have.

Have we had a single anti-immigration PM (or even just a low immigration PM) in the last 50 years?

>Sup Forums suddenly hates Howard

What happened?

To Howard's credit he stopped the importation of the Sudanese circa 2006-2007 when the cunts started to get out of control in Melbourne, not sure what's happened since then.

No cunt.
He's why we lost our pensions and NOK medical in the services, Telstra became an even bigger shit show and why we are stuck with a GST that Harvey 'The only I and the other wealthy old jew fucks should have access to buying shit for cheap from overseas cock goblin' Norman lobbies to raise.

>Paul Keating

THAT is who Australia fucking misses you nigger.

He's now a pro China shill unfortunately.
He was one of the great statesman in his prime years tho.

Dey tuk ur gunz

Fuck off cunt. He got two years of the mining boom you fucking numpty it started in 2005

Johnny brought in the GST too, which taxes the average cunt even more than they already are

No he wasn't cunt fuck off

>Biggest neoliberals in history
Honestly you cunts are fucking retarded. Anything you say about Howard applies a hundredfold to keating. Keating sold off a shittonne of stuff as well

There was a ribbit brigade a couple weeks back, probably that

One of the architects of globalism, a true traitor.

Keatings the one who got rid of the pensions you complete and utter moron

t. President of the ANU Young Liberals

>miss him
Not one moment. The guy was a lousy stooge who bribed the electorate instead of governing with merit while riding the work of the Hawke-Keating era.

best prime minister

Prove me wrong.

Protip: you cant

Friendlyjordies pls go

Terrible PM who sold out vital infrastructure and fucked us over for decades to come.

You're a tripfag, so that's proof enough.

Australian politics are a bit of a joke.

Check out this guy IRL shit posting on Tony Abbot.


Thanks for admitting you can't prove me wrong user

I live for Labshit tears

>globalist shill gun-grabber with no respect for the federal system who poorly emulated Thatcher and opened the floodgates to '''''''skilled''''''' migration
muh surplus is literally the only reason you can give to like him

>"once off" Family tax benefits
>muh Deputy Sherif Man of Steel

Nigger please the guy had little imagination.

I miss this cunt. he was too smart for Australia

Hawke-Keating government
>Economic reform included the floating of the Australian dollar, deregulation of the financial system, dismantling of the tariff system, privatised state sector industries, ended subsidisation of loss-making industries, and the sale of the state-owned Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

That's not Howard lads, that's Paul Keating.
>inb4 but muh banter ecks dee ecks dee
Globalist fucking shill to the point where he makes old mate John look like a nationalist