Was he, dare I say it, /ourguy/?

Was he, dare I say it, /ourguy/?

Was he, dare I say it, /ourthinman/?

Was he, dare I say, /ourautist/?


marx was right about everything, but solved nothing.

you're going to trigger them japan, his knowledge is actually useful for them but they will never know, they read too little.

99.9% of americans don't even comprehend what communism is, they just consider the bogeyman

>giving all of the power to government and centralizing it is good

Hello there former soviet man.


i heard "he didn't like going to work on monday so he wrote a book called 'im lazy and the government should take care of me'"

Death is a desirable alternative to Communism

Do you think the glorious CCCP is coming back?

Was he, dare I say it, /ourmankerr/?

He was wrong and he knew it after the marginal revolution, thats why he stooped publishing his work, it was completely debunked.

No, I like my language.
And I don't want everybody to become more drunkard than they are now. Also I'd like to not be sent to a labor camp for not completely agreeing with the government, also I don't want to give away my house and live in a shitty apartment i worked my ass to get out of

I actually legit thought soviets liked to shill all the republics inside the union by promoting their identity to divide and conquer, or did this only apply to central asian republics and ukraine?
I knew russian empire liked to russianize but not ussr.


all commies and commie thoughts deserve Damnatio memoriae

Yes. Carlos Marx is the greatest of the Marx brothers. Very Sup Forums sense of humor.

why would they want division inside their own country?

easier to control, both the primary state and the 'oppositions', play republics against eachother, make them think they are working for themselves and their own betterment, appear more 'democratic'. It's essentially how Stalin achieved his power.


i think these republics would only work together to work against the CCCR.

Because all of these republics wanted independence


well all those republic didn't exist before soviet union, they could have just kept it as russia. And before you say
>they weren't actually republics
what the fuck was the point of them in the first place? why create the boundaries and make other languages official in those regions?
Also, if they weren't actually republics in a union, by what right did they have to secede from 'Russia' then? I'm not talking even talking about those who wanted to go (baltics and georgia) but the central asian shitholes that only milked russia and memes like ukr/belarus.

Marx was occasionally such mass of autistic screeching that he'd have to explain why even his own writing was kinda retarded.

>Literally the first shitposter

Yeah, he seems like (((yourguy)))

The first shitposters were the Romans. There's hundreds of shitpost all over random walls in what I think was Pompeii. I don't know the exact locations or group of people but some /his/fag will post something probably while I go to work and support these lazy faggot NEET Commies.